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English Mrs Ide


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woo english thing

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English Mrs Ide

  1. 1. What attitude is presented in the extract? The attitude in the extract is confrontational towards the villain as Brody is suggested to have ‘growled suddenly’ this dehumanises Brody and makes him seem like an animal. ‘Brody said tightly’ shows that he is on edge and aggressive towards Marlowe. This implies Brody has something to hide and is guilty.
  2. 2. Use of imagery <ul><li>In this extract a lot of imagery is used for example Agnes is described as having ‘silvery nails’ this suggests a hardness and could be a metaphor for the danger surrounding her. ‘cigarette was jiggling like a doll on a coiled spring’ it takes away from Brody being taken seriously as a villain and it shows Marlowe as ridiculing him. ‘a doll’ compares it too a child’s toy and shows the control Marlowe has over the situation. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Does it contribute to the themes of the novel as a whole? <ul><li>Marlowe is interrogating Brody in this extract as he is asking him lots of questions, this fits in with the themes of the novel as it is typical of detective fiction. Agnes is presented as a femme fatale in this extract, ‘I admired the long line of her thighs,’ </li></ul>