Guide To Investing In Qnu Ps


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a Brief guide to QNUPS and how they can help your IHT and estate planning

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Guide To Investing In Qnu Ps

  1. 1. Guide To Investing In QNUPS
  2. 2. IntroductionAn increasing number of professionals of all nationalities have been moving and working abroad inthe last decade. Whether you are a young executive or a high net worth individual with a diversifiedportfolio of global assets, you will have specific financial requirements and objectives. Offshorefinancial products and services can help you achieve financial security and provide you with the qualityof life you require as an expatriate or international investor.Investing in international accounts is no longer the premise of the rich and famous; all expatriatesliving abroad may now enjoy flexibility, among other benefits, by investing their money overseas. Theoffshore financial industry has become more popular and financial institutions from around the worldhave entered the offshore market as a result of the high demand. There are now many providers thatoffer a broad range of services ranging from saving schemes to pension and retirement plans and wealthmanagement accounts to lump sum investment products.Over the years, deVere has developed strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading investmenthouses and insurance companies, all of which offer some of the most competitive products in themarketplace and a high level of protection for the investor.In this guide, we provide you with essential information on Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes(QNUPS). QNUPS is the latest tax efficient pension scheme for expatriates which was introducedin 2010. We will explain what they are, what benefits they have to you as an expat and why they areessential in planning for your beneficiaries upon your death.What are QNUPS?Pension schemes and effective retirement planning are essential for those who choose to relocate orretire abroad as financial independence is of paramount importance. Pensions which are frozen withinthe UK have been transferred into a QROPS schemes for the past few years, and now the introduction ofQNUPS promises another potential tax efficient way to enjoy your pension.Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS) were bought into force on 15 February 2010 byHMRC, creating further opportunities for British expatriates to become more tax efficient on local taxesand inheritance tax (IHT).QNUPS allow individuals to keep investing their money into the scheme after they have taken theirlump sum, for as long as they wish to. This defers from a QROPS where once you have taken the lumpsum you will receive an income from the fund that is left. Guide To Investing In QNUPS
  3. 3. Upon you death, the funds and assets you have left within a QNUPS become free of inheritance tax,allowing your beneficiaries to receive the money or possessions you wished them to receive. There is nomaximum age to which you are able to invest in to a QNUPS.What are the advantages of QNUPS forexpats?QNUPS hold great advantages to those who invest within them, including that the fund is immediatelyfree of inheritance tax and other local taxes that you could potentially have been liable for.Other advantages of QNUPS include: • There is no maximum age in which you can invest within the scheme • You do not need to receive income from employment to make a contribution • There is no maximum limit of what you can invest into the scheme • It is potentially very tax efficient and in most countries you are able to avoid local wealth taxes • QNUPS avoid local laws on death duty, meaning you are able to choose who inherits your money • Assets will grow free from tax • You can hold both a QNUPS and QROPS but no reporting responsibilities are held unless the QNUPS scheme holds assets from both.QNUPS and Inheritance Tax (IHT)Inheritance Tax is usually paid on somebody’s estate when they die. It will also include the gifts andtrusts made during that person’s lifetime. Typically, it is the executor or personal representative’sresponsibility to pay inheritance tax using funds from the deceased’s estate.Usually inheritance tax is only due if the deceased’s estate is worth £325,000 or more, or £650,000for married couples or those in civil partnerships. The estate includes houses, possessions, money andinvestments. The rate of IHT will depend on the type of investments and assets you hold and the countryyou lived in when you died, but can be as much as 40%.However, if you were to invest within a QNUPS these assets become immediately free of inheritance taxif you are living overseas, as well as other death duty charges which may be applicable in the countryyou live in. This will make the heartache of losing a loved one easier for your family as they will nothave to face potentially heavy taxes.Pension and retirement solution with aQNUPSQNUPS could potentially hold a valuable solution for your pension when moving abroad. It is importantthat you remain financially independent and are able to pass on your wealth as you wish. A QNUPSscheme allows you to do just this.At the deVere Group, our consultants work with some of the leading investment houses and insuranceproviders. All our employees have been trained to provide the best advice and are familiar with the localknowledge and requirements of the region you live in/may relocate to. We can advise on the differentoptions that may help you maximise your wealth in order for you to look forward to a more securefinancial future.If you would like to speak to a financial consultant about QNUPS, please contact us advice we provide is free and without obligation. Guide To Investing In QNUPS
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