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Marketing to Millennials: A Social Approach for a Social-Savvy Generation


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Millennials are unique and fundamentally different than previous generations, especially when it comes to their views about brands and advertising. SocialChorus’ survey of over 500 millennials uncovered how they interact with brands.

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Marketing to Millennials: A Social Approach for a Social-Savvy Generation

  1. 1. Marketing to Millennials A Social Approach for a Social-Savvy Generation Gregory Shove @GregShove
  2. 2. Follow us @SocialChorus SocialChorus SocialChorus
  3. 3. About SocialChorus For brands people love
  4. 4. Most important consumer generation. EVER.
  5. 5. More spending power than any other generation In 5 years, the purchasing power of millennials is estimated to be
  6. 6. Uniquely different • Digital natives • Grew up in era of economic and social instability • Strong parental relationships
  7. 7. Millennials don’t trust your advertising
  8. 8. Perfecting the art of avoiding advertising
  9. 9. Millennials trust their friends
  10. 10. Millennials consider products if a friend recommends
  11. 11. Social engagement leads to sales
  12. 12. How to market to millennials?
  13. 13. Friend > Brand engagement
  14. 14. Collaborate • Bring millennials into the process • Nearly 50% want to advocate for your brand
  15. 15. Let them share their stories • Make it easy • Make it mobile • Make it fun
  16. 16. Fruttare
  17. 17. Be a brand they want to be associated with • Millennials won’t advocate for any brand – but they will advocate for a brand they love
  18. 18. Build long term relationships • Show millennials you care about them and they’ll care about you
  19. 19. Mine millennial data to improve marketing • When you know your customer, your marketing is better
  20. 20. Additional questions? Want to learn more? • #SocialChorusU Twitter Chat – Thursday, August 1st at 11am PT • Download the ebook – • Contact us –