Residential Water System Cleaning, Maintenance and Calibration Service<br />
What we did at your home today<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
Software Update
System Disinfectant
Control & Timer Calibration
Pur-Gard System Cleaner
Recommendations & Observations</li></ul>System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
Software Update
System Disinfectant
Timer Calibration
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Residential Water System Disinfection, Cleaning, and Maintenance


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As the hardest working appliance in your home, your water improvement system requires periodic cleaning, maintenance and disinfection to ensure the best water quality and to maximize efficiency.


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Residential Water System Disinfection, Cleaning, and Maintenance

  1. 1. Residential Water System Cleaning, Maintenance and Calibration Service<br />
  2. 2. What we did at your home today<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  3. 3. Software Update
  4. 4. System Disinfectant
  5. 5. Control & Timer Calibration
  6. 6. Pur-Gard System Cleaner
  7. 7. Recommendations & Observations</li></ul>System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  8. 8. Software Update
  9. 9. System Disinfectant
  10. 10. Timer Calibration
  11. 11. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  12. 12. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Tests were performed for specific contaminants that will affect the quality of water in your home, as well as proper system operation.<br />Any changes in water chemistry or the appearance of “contaminants of concern” were noted by your technician.<br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  13. 13. Water Testing
  14. 14. Software Update
  15. 15. System Disinfectant
  16. 16. Timer Calibration
  17. 17. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  18. 18. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Your system firmware and EEPROM were updated today to the latest version that is compatible with your system. <br />These free software updates are applied directly to compatible systems, by interfacing with a specialized handheld programmer. <br />If your system was not compatible with the current technology, you were given a recommendation on cost-effective system upgrades to allow you to benefit from the latest technologies. <br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  19. 19. Software Update
  20. 20. Software Update
  21. 21. System Disinfectant
  22. 22. Timer Calibration
  23. 23. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  24. 24. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Your pressurized water system has been comprehensively cleaned and disinfected with a concentrated, environmentally friendly, EPA certified disinfectant that is highly effective against mold, mildew, bacteria, virus, and fungi. <br />Disinfection and sanitization has been performed according to the SP-5000 disinfection protocol. <br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  25. 25. Software Update
  26. 26. System Disinfectant
  27. 27. System Disinfectant
  28. 28. Timer Calibration
  29. 29. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  30. 30. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Armed with water testing results and a clear overview of the current status of your system, your technician recalibrated and adjusted your water treatment system to maximize efficiency, water quality and salt consumption to provide you with the water quality that you deserve.<br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  31. 31. Software Update
  32. 32. System Disinfectant
  33. 33. Timer Calibration
  34. 34. Timer Calibration
  35. 35. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  36. 36. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Pur-Gard keeps your water system operating at maximum performance levels between scheduled cleanings.<br />Pur-Gard minimizes bacterial growth, cleans and lubricates metallic moving parts, dissolves accumulated metals and minerals and cleans the pores of the media and/or membranes in your system. <br />Your Pur-Gard reservoir was filled to the correct level. Always check your Pur-Gard level when adding salt to your system to ensure that you have enough for proper operation.<br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  37. 37. Software Update
  38. 38. System Disinfectant
  39. 39. Timer Calibration
  40. 40. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  41. 41. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  42. 42. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Your technician made recommendations and observations on keeping your water quality at optimum levels as well as additional water quality options that can improve your lifestyle.<br />All water treatment equipment should be cleaned, maintained and disinfected on a periodic basis to ensure that it is performing properly. <br />For best results, your water treatment system should be maintained after processing 1,000,000 grains of compensated water hardness or at least every 12 months.<br />Your next maintenance appointment date is noted on your work order. <br />System Cleaning & Tune-up<br /><ul><li>Water Testing
  43. 43. Software Update
  44. 44. System Disinfectant
  45. 45. Timer Calibration
  46. 46. Pur-Gard Cleaner
  47. 47. Recommendations
  48. 48. Recommendations</li></li></ul><li>Thank You For Your Business<br />Visit us on the web:<br /><br /><br />or call us at:<br />(800) 454-3429<br />