Introduction to Google Drive & Safe Assign


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A presentation to explain the features of Google Drive, in particular how to open an account, and how to use Google Docs. Additional content is included on adding documents to SafeAssign and checking the plagiarism reports. NOTE: Slide 3 should have a link to:

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Introduction to Google Drive & Safe Assign

  1. 1. Introduction to Google Drive and Google Docs
  2. 2. Workshop Content • • • • • • • • • Benefits of using Google Drive Basic features of keyboards Getting a Google account Entering and editing text in Google Docs Saving as Word or PDF files Collaborating and sharing text Uploading to learnJCU SafeAssign Other Drive applications Other Google applications
  3. 3. Benefits of Using Google Drive
  4. 4. Main Features & Benefits • • • • • • • • • Upload most files and store them online. Get 15GB of free storage. Convert files to Google format, save storage space and make them editable. Work with others on the same document. Download Docs as Word or PDF files. Drive is free and always up-to-date. It includes spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It works on iPads, phones & computers. It is always synched & ‘in the cloud’.
  5. 5. Tab
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Upload files and folders Folder
  8. 8. To Upload a file: Select ‘upload’ then ‘files’. Choose the required file from your computer. Select ‘convert’ to Google Docs format. Start upload.
  9. 9. Search Options within Drive
  10. 10. Other Drive Applications
  11. 11. Using Google Drive on an iPad iOS 5 or later • Open and view your files and Google Docs in the following formats: • Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings • All Microsoft Office formats • TXT and PDF files • Images (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF) • Movies (MOV, AVI, MP4) • Edit Google documents; rename your files • Use other apps to open unsupported file types stored in Drive • Share something from your Google Drive with other people • Star something for easy access • Make files available to view offline
  12. 12. Other Google Applications with your Google Account
  13. 13. Places to Find Further Assistance with Drive You can find more assistance by going to the following places: ● learnJCU English Club Community page (copy of this presentation) ● Google in Education Training and Certification Center at ● How To Organize Your Research With The Power Of Google Drive at ● Keyboard Shortcuts for PC and Mac Computers at
  14. 14. LearnJCU How to submit an assignment to SafeAssign
  15. 15. Enter LearnJCU • Go to: • Enter your jc number and password
  16. 16. Select your subject
  17. 17. Select your assignment • Go to Assessment • Click on the assignment you wish to submit Submit a DRAFT first for plagiarism checking.
  18. 18. Uploading your assignment
  19. 19. Uploading your assignment •Click the “agree” box •Select “Submit”
  20. 20. Confirmation
  21. 21. Checking the report •Click “View/Complete
  22. 22. Viewing the plagiarism report •Click “SA Report”
  23. 23. Viewing the plagiarism report Viewing the plagiarism report
  24. 24. Understanding the report
  25. 25. Submit the Final Version • Go to Assessment • Click ‘View/Complete’ for the paper you wish to submit. Then upload your final version and press ‘Submit’.
  26. 26. this is a shortexample off the problems students hav when typing assignment .They dont alway know when he is makin amistakes .If the teachers finds them theywill help the sutdnt, but if he doesn’t,thenthey want no.
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