Diary of a Monthly Income Plan


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How to create a monthly income plan using monthly dividend stocks, covered calls and protective puts.

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Diary of a Monthly Income Plan

  1. 1. Diary of aMonthlyIncomePlan
  2. 2. My Secret Plan 1.Monthly Income from Closed-end Funds (CEFs) 2.Dividends from High Quality Stocks 3.Sell Calls to create Premium Income on covered call trades 4.Repeat over & over each month (compounding)Tip: Compounding is greatest wealth builder - ever
  3. 3. Cash Is King Income Create _____ Monthly Income Streams from Monthly Dividends (u fill in blank) List of 400+ monthly dividend payers to choose from Buy CEFs at a discount (on sale)Tip: Create Perpetual monthly cash checks Get Income with monthly checks 4 life
  4. 4. Dividend Stocks For Income Only buy high quality dividend stocks Stock pays income to me Select from 5-star stocks Bonus if dividend grows over time Diversification works Tip: Always Yield for CASH - Duh
  5. 5. Sell Covered Calls for Monthly Income Sell calls against high quality stocks Collect premium for income Buy blanket puts to protect downside in volatile market Do this every 30 daysTip: Use Blanket Put for safety & Protection
  6. 6. Be Smart Like Einstein Compound cash over time Never lose big capital Find beach for retirement Drink responsiblyTip: Monthly Income is your retirement check.
  7. 7. Summary - endingMultiple Streams of Monthly Income1. Monthly Dividend Stocks & ETFs2. High Quality Dividend Stocks3. Sell Covered Calls for premium Income4. Use blanket puts for protection of capital and loss prevention5. Use LEAPs in place of stocks to leverage gains (sometimes)6. Reward self with something
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