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Transparency with my Clients and Audience


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From documenting every SEO / PPC change I perform on a client's website, to sharing results from my own site, I practice transparency. Here are ways I share results with my clients, my audience, and my own website.

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Transparency with my Clients and Audience

  1. 1. Transparency with My Clients and Audience By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. About Greg • 8+ years of SEO / PPC Experience • The Owner of TM Blast since April 2017 • Frequent SEO Speaker in Boston, MA • Outside of Work, I live with my fiancé and our two-year-old Shiba Inu in Boston, MA.
  3. 3. The Way I Work With Clients
  4. 4. Trust + Results = Happy Clients Documentation Results Trust
  5. 5. Every SEO / PPC Change is Recorded for Clients to See. There is No Mystery in What I Did Each Month or the Results
  6. 6. I Send Frequent Emails to My Clients Throughout the Month
  7. 7. My Clients Receives a Detailed Monthly SEO / SEM Report
  8. 8. +20% Increase in Total Ranking Keywords MoM (1.8k vs 1.5k) +97% Increase in Non-Brand Traffic MoM (1,900 vs 964) 69% Increase in AdWords Savings MoM ($38.7k vs $22.7k)
  9. 9. August PPC Summary Google Ads and Bing Ads • Clicks: 245 • Cost: $127.84 • CPC: $.46 • Conversions: 15 • CPA: $8.52 • Clicks: 1.82k • Cost: $2.26k • CPC: $1.25 • Conversions: 95 • CPA: $19.15 Conversion Data comes from Google Analytics Google Ads MoM Summary Clicks up: +14% Cost down: -19% CPC down: -26% Conversions up: +16% CPA down: -44% Bing Ads MoM Summary Clicks up: +45% Cost up: 16% CPC down: -20% Conversions up: +36% CPA down: -14%
  10. 10. Outside my Clients, I Share Results with the Community for Free
  11. 11. SlideShare and YouTube are My Go-to Places I Record and Create Free Content for the SEO / SEM Community to Consume via SlideShare and YouTube
  12. 12. Getting Messages from Other SEO Professionals Saying How I Helped via SlideShare
  13. 13. Creating Content on YouTube Discussing SEO Best Practices Too
  14. 14. And I Share Results from My Niche Website to Practice What I Preach
  15. 15. Organic Snapshot of My Niche Traffic Growth
  16. 16. Conclusion Transparency is core to TM Blast. The “T” in TM Blast stands for transparency, so it’s something I hold true for both my clients and my audience My goal is to deliver high-quality results for you and your business while removing the mystery behind SEO and PPC