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The Value of SEO by the Numbers


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Search Engine Optimization can save you tremendous amounts of money while driving high quality traffic and leads to your business. SEO saves me about $13k each month due to the terms that I rank for.

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The Value of SEO by the Numbers

  1. 1. The Value of SEO by the Numbers By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. What Would a 300% Increase In Traffic Do For Your Website Business?
  3. 3. TM Blast Traffic Up Over 300% from November 2017
  4. 4. Let’s Go Over a Search Results Page Quickly
  5. 5. Keyword Someone Searches For Paid Ads (PPC Ads) that show based on the keyword search. The Advertiser Pays Google if Someone Clicks on This Local 3 Map Pack. These listings take IP address, search term, personalization, and more into consideration. You can optimize your Google my Business listing to get here. You can get a PPC ad in here too. Organic listings that are achieved through SEO. The advertiser does not pay for these clicks
  6. 6. People Choose Organic Listings Over Paid Results
  7. 7. Organic Traffic Value for TM Blast SEMRush finds that I’m on pace for 2.5k organic visits in August 2018. If I had to pay for this traffic, I would have to pay about $13.2k to drive 2.5k visits to my site.
  8. 8. That Means I’m Saving $13k each Month Because of SEO!
  9. 9. Organic Ranking Keywords for TM Blast
  10. 10. Organic Leads Make Up More Than 50% of Total Leads in 2018
  11. 11. Does TM Blast Focus on Bing?
  12. 12. Bing Makes up ~35% of Organic Traffic for TM Blast
  13. 13. Bing Has Been Growing All Year for TM Blast
  14. 14. It’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Not GEO!
  15. 15. What Would this Cost if I Only Paid for Clicks?
  16. 16. In AdWords (PPC), I Need to Spend around ~$12 to Drive Clicks
  17. 17. Google AdWords Data for TM Blast AVG. Cost per Click comes out to ~$10, so I’m slightly better than average Google AdWords is a Great Channel, but it’s Expensive!
  18. 18. What’s the Cost Per Lead in SEO and PPC? • SEO → Organic does not cost me ANYTHING for leads. 50% of leads come through this channel • Google AdWords → Paid search marketing costs TM Blast around $250 for a lead
  19. 19. Should I use Google Ads with SEO?
  20. 20. The Answer is Yes! You want to have as much real estate on Google as you can. The green star is the organic listing under 2 Google Ads.
  21. 21. But Ranking Organically Allows Me to Save Money!
  22. 22. Ranking Organically in Google
  23. 23. Ranking Organically in Bing
  24. 24. Which Means Savings of $13k Each Month
  25. 25. That’s a Reason to Celebrate!
  26. 26. What Would a 300% Increase In Traffic Do For Your Website Business?
  27. 27. Conclusion SEO takes time to see results. SEO can create months / years of results based on the work that you do. Paid ads stop sending traffic to your site the moment you pause them. Paid ads are a great choice for a business, but expect to pay a lot of money. SEO traffic for TM Blast is worth close to $13k in savings. Using Paid Ads along with SEO means you own more real estate which increases the chance of a click, lead, and revenue for your business!