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SEO Report for Client with Success (Redacted Name)


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Here is a SEO report for a client showing the success MoM (month over month) via organic improvement. I've redacted the name of the client, but the numbers are from Google Search Console, SEMRush, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

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SEO Report for Client with Success (Redacted Name)

  1. 1. Check-In Month 2 By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Everything Completed During Month 2 Chamber of Commerce External Link Secured Content Expansion on Homepage, Audio to Text, Video to Text, and FAQ page Bing Webmaster Tools Technical Updates made on XML sitemap submission, URL parameters blocked, & crawl control Updated Core Page Title Tags + H1 tags to Get More Aggressive on Keyword Rank Positions Updated the Captcha Box for Contact form 7 after a WordPress Update Added DuckDuckGo to Google Analytics as an Organic Source
  3. 3. *Month 1 Report* (old report as a reminder)
  4. 4. Month 2 Report Update When we compare 3 months impressions vs previous 3 months impressions, REDACTED has grown +180% Clicks from Google that went to REDACTED during this time improved +44%
  5. 5. Non-Brand Queries are Starting to Drive Performance Now
  6. 6. Top 3 Organic Pages Driving Non-Brand Performance
  7. 7. Bing’s Performance for Month 2 vs Month 1 While Bing traffic will be less than Google, it’s important to improve all search engine performance for REDACTED
  8. 8. (Before) Greg took over on November 8th, 2018
  9. 9. Update on Total Organic Ranking Keywords Total Organic Ranking Keywords have Grown from 25 to 113 (+352%)
  10. 10. Overall Organic Performance for Ranking Keywords Since Greg took over on November 8th, REDACTED has seen a dramatic increase in total organic keywords ranking
  11. 11. Total Organic Keyword Performance Month 2 vs. Month 1
  12. 12. KW Winner: Cambridge Transcription on Page 1 of Google
  13. 13. Keyword Close to Page 1 of Google: (Transcription Website)
  14. 14. KW Growth: Transcription Services Online
  15. 15. Audio to Text Insight The last report had 1 click and 407 impressions. When you compare the results now, we are at 4 clicks at 1.7k in impressions Keywords continue to climb and rank for the audio to text page. Here are a sample of keywords that are beginning to rank.
  16. 16. Summary of Month 2 Month two builds off the foundation built during month 1. REDACTED is now on page 2 for many high search volume keywords. Continuous SEO content updates along with manually fetching Google and Bing to see the changes have resulted in more organic impressions and clicks to the domain. With the completion of month 2, we should see some traffic upticks in Google Analytics as new terms move to page 1 of Google and Bing.
  17. 17. Month Three Plan Audit the web to see places that talk about REDACTED, but do not link to the domain Publish written content for Video to Text Transcription Continue to optimize homepage, audio to text, and video to text content. Add pictures to Audio to Text and Video to Text Content In Person Meeting during month three Discuss blog post content for REDACTED