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SEO Case Study: Increasing Leads by 32% YoY


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The Knights of Columbus of Council 85 were interested in driving more people to rent their hall through organic search. I was able to drive 32% more organic leads through a few various means of optimization. Some included map optimization, backlinks, Google my Business, and more. When you factor in referral, direct traffic, and phone leads, I was able to drive $100k in lead worth.

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SEO Case Study: Increasing Leads by 32% YoY

  1. 1. Case Study: 32% Increase in Leads only Using SEO By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. 45% More Organic Sessions YoY 32% More Form Fills for Hall Rentals YoY
  3. 3. 2 Years Working on the Knights of Columbus Westborough Site Driving Hall Rental Leads This case study compares my work in 2014 against what I did in 2013 I drove $75k of value in my first year and $100k my second year when you factor in Direct, Referral, Phone Calls, and Organic leads.
  4. 4. A Lead at a minimum was worth $300 In 2013, we did not have a dollar value tracking for most of the year in Google Analytics An organic (SEO) lead triggers when someone came from Google / Bing and filled out the form My strategy also included referral which resulted in 20% of our total leads
  5. 5. Referral, Direct, Organic, and Phone Calls brought In at a min $100k worth of leads my second year Year January February March April May June July August September October November December Total Total Lead Worth 2013 34 17 23 26 19 12 14 21 18 31 23 18 256 $76,800.00 2014 35 30 27 30 25 21 21 30 24 30 28 25 326 $97,800.00 27%
  6. 6. Who is Greg? • 7+ years in the SEO field • Worked at a digital marketing agency • Worked as an in-house SEO for a startup • Worked at Microsoft Bing • Owner of TM Blast
  7. 7. My Blueprint to a 32% Increase in Organic Leads Corrected Incorrect Business Listings on places like Google my Business 1 Find Great Places to Get Listed on to drive SEO value and referral leads 2 Be Found on Google and Bing Maps for relevant search terms 3
  8. 8. Used Moz Local to Correct Business Listings • Fixed the Following Problems across the Web • Incorrect Hours • Incorrect Phone Numbers • Broken Links • Incorrect Business Locations • Incomplete Business Locations
  9. 9. Add Pictures To Places like Google My Business
  10. 10. Hall Rental Participants Began Adding Their Own Pictures / Reviews after I Populated the Google my Business Listing
  11. 11. Reviews + Pictures Gave The Knights Credibility in Google
  12. 12. Got High Value Backlinks that Drove Referral Leads + SEO Value To our Site
  13. 13. Relevant Backlinks Helped Increased The Domain’s SEO Authority
  14. 14. A Strong Domain Allows the Knights to Organically Rank for terms like this • And we are listed on the other 3 listings, so we have a chance to drive business on the first 4 organic spots in Google
  15. 15. Which Allows us to Rank on Google Maps
  16. 16. And Rank on Bing Maps Too
  17. 17. Conclusion Before I worked on the Knights of Columbus site, there was no Google Analytics tracking In the 2 years I worked on the site, I was able to increase web hall rental leads from a few per month to almost one per day There was no media spend to acquire ANY leads, so all leads came without a cost through SEO work