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SEO and WordPress Tips

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SEO and WordPress Tips

  1. 1. SEO and WordPress By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Allow Me to Introduce Myself • My name is Greg Kristan • I’ve been working in the SEO space since 2011 • Outside of SEO, I enjoy cycling and traveling to different ballparks. I also live with my gf and out 1 year old dog
  3. 3. How Can SEO Help my WordPress Site?
  4. 4. More Traffic and Business for TM Blast +185% Traffic YoY +350% Leads YoY +200% Revenue YoY
  5. 5. Let’s Begin With the Technical Tips
  6. 6. Get Google Search Console • Google Search Console will tell you how Google is viewing your site • You will see the keywords people search for to find your site, crawl errors, testing sections, and much more!
  7. 7. Get Bing Webmaster Tools • Bing Webmaster Tools will tell you how Bing is viewing your site • You will see the keywords people search for to find your site, crawl errors, testing sections, and much more!
  8. 8. Robots.txt File • Generally the first place Google / Bing will visit when coming to your site • An optimized robots.txt file can tell Google / Bing where they should and should not look on your website • A robots.txt file can destroy a website if not done appropriately
  9. 9. Robots.txt File Tester Will Tell you If Google Can Crawl a Page or Not • Red means that Google will no longer be able to view a particular page path • As a note, you can write in the rule you would like to test to see what would happen if you went live with the changes
  10. 10. Run a Test • To confirm if your URL’s are blocked, you can use these two commands to the right • If you see URL’s in either index, you will need to manually NOINDEX those pages, fetch the changes, and then Disallow the paths in the robots.txt file
  11. 11. XML Sitemap • Putting a direct link to your XML sitemap in your robots.txt file is optimal because Google and Bing generally start there each time they visit your site • Bing has said on the record that they ignore sites with more than 1% dirt in their sitemaps, so you should only have 2xx status URL’s • Dirt can be 301 redirect chains, 404 errors, 500 status codes, and more.
  12. 12. How to Crawl Your XML Sitemap for Dirt • Use Screaming Frog and paste in the sitemap URL for their bot to crawl • Ideally, you should only see status 2xx for every URL which is the case on TM Blast
  13. 13. Google Search Console (Submit Your Sitemap)
  14. 14. Bing Webmaster Tools (Submit Your Sitemap)
  15. 15. For Every New Page You Create, Fetch • You should get in the habit of fetching that page/s in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools • Fetching these pages will get those pages into Google and Bing’s queue for crawling and indexing
  16. 16. If You Use Yoast on Your WordPress Site • In the future, you can rely on the WordPress plugin to send the signals to Google and Bing when new pages have been created and need to be indexed
  17. 17. WordPress Plugins that Help SEO
  18. 18. To Make Edits to the Header and Footer Easily If you need to add code to your site easily, you can use this plugin and save your developer’s time
  19. 19. To 301 Redirect Content Quickly I use the Redirects plugin
  20. 20. To Help Optimize Title Tags, Meta Name Descriptions, and Canonical Tags Yoast Plugin Handles this Well
  21. 21. To Shrink Images To shrink image size, I like to use the Smush plugin
  22. 22. Let’s Carry on with the SEO *Secret Sauce* Tips
  23. 23. Case Study: Moving Keyword From Position 9 to Position 1 in Google Redacted Redacted Redacted
  24. 24. Case Study: Traffic Increase by +1050% for Keyword Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted
  25. 25. SEO Steps Taken Built out the robots.txt file Built an XML sitemap to put into the robots.txt file. Created Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools Created canonical tags for the preferred URL version of the page Removed all Meta Name Keywords Reviewed Google AdWords Search Query Report to see the actual search terms driving performance Update the title tag to lead off with *primary keyword* Updated Header Tags on the Page to Include *primary* and *secondary* keywords Optimized ALT tags by renaming the file and updating the ALT Tag
  26. 26. Visual Timeline of SEO Optimizations
  27. 27. Bonus Tip (I use SEMRush to Analyze Content) • Finding semantic keywords to use on a page is a core ranking signal for Google and Bing • By analyzing the content that is on the page, I can see additional words to use on the page Redacted Redacted Redacted
  28. 28. Bonus Tip (I use SEMRush to visualize market share from Top Competitors) • Using the gap analysis report, I can see the keywords my client’s competitors are ranking for, so I can evolve my SEO strategy to go after more keywords that I never thought before. Redacted
  29. 29. Extra SEO Tips
  30. 30. Instant Data with Search Volume, CPC, and Competition Directly in Google
  31. 31. Answer the Public
  32. 32. Answer the Public Content Ideas to Blog About
  33. 33. Final SEO Tip (Low Search Volume Topics)
  34. 34. All of these Queries have 10 Searches Per Month
  35. 35. Let’s take that Second Query and Put it into Google
  36. 36. Top Organic Listing • There is an answer box for this query in Google, so Google uses this for voice search answers • When you put this ranking URL directly into SEMrush, you will something that will blow your mind
  37. 37. Top Ranking Page Drives 27k Organic Visits Monthly
  38. 38. Best and Vitamin Keywords in Aggregate for Ranking Page. Take the Top Listing and Put that in Answer the Public
  39. 39. Covering a Topic Could Cover Thousands of Additional Searches with *Low* Volume
  40. 40. Enough Said