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Results After a PPC Account Creation


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Here is a brief case study of the results after re-building an account in Google AdWords. The cost per click improved within the account due to the new campaign and account structure. Goal tracking was not set up due to the limitation of the Weebly Website.

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Results After a PPC Account Creation

  1. 1. Google Ads Summary (12 Days) By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Before and After (12 days vs 12 days)
  3. 3. Summary of Account (12 days vs 12 days) • Cost Per Click Down 23% / and Click-Through Rate up 48% • Negative Keywords in place to remove ads from irrelevant auctions • Tightly built Ad Groups that match keyword, ad copy, ad extensions, and landing page results • Expanded Text Ads result in a higher CTR (Click-Through rate) • Quality Score 10/10 for multiple keywords means you pay the lowest amount of CPC • Demographic Targeting by age resulted in a Lead • You had one lead during the previous 12 days, but the CPA between the two are the following • Previous 12 Days → $304 CPA (cost per acquisition) • Current 12 Days → $263 CPA (cost per acquisition) • 13% savings in acquisition
  4. 4. High Quality Score for Keywords
  5. 5. What Do the Ads Look Like?
  6. 6. What Do the Ads Look Like?
  7. 7. Demographic Who Clicks + Converts
  8. 8. Your Ads Appear More Often Than Your Competitors
  9. 9. Next Steps As part of the review, I analyzed the search keywords report and added the following terms to the negative keyword list Pictures ($1.55) Free ($5.80) Sufi ($1.92) Zumba ($1.40) Rules ($2.00) In total, you spent a total of $12.67 on keyword searches that included these terms above. Moving forward, your ads will no longer serve for these words which means savings for your business.