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Redacted SEO Report Month 3 with 221% Growth


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Client has grown 221% in organic SEO traffic. In this report, I will share what has been worked on, insight into Google and Bing, and a summary of next steps that myself and my client need to work on for month 4. This report is heavily redacted, so the name and keywords have been redacted

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Redacted SEO Report Month 3 with 221% Growth

  1. 1. Everything Completed During Month 3 15 Jan. 2019 Content refresh via Google ranking opportunities for the Homepage, Video, and Audio content 21 Jan. 2019 External Link built from REDACTED back to REDACTED 22 Jan. 2019 Content expansion on the homepage for target keywords 22 Jan. 2019 Image ALT tags added to give Google and Bing more understanding on the images that are on REDACTED 30 Jan. 2019 In-person meeting along with Greg and drafting a blog post around “Redacted” 7 Feb. 2019 Fixed the resume form fill box error
  2. 2. 221% Increase In Free Clicks to Website • If we compare August against January (31 days vs 31 days), we grew organic traffic by 221% • REDACTED drove 80 organic visits in August and increased that to 257 in the month of January
  3. 3. 367% Increase in Bing Traffic • Since November 8th, 2018, TM Blast has been working in Bing Webmaster Tools to allow Bing to understand REDACTED’s content. • By allowing Bing’s bot to better understand the website and keywords, we are driving almost 400% more visits from this search engine.
  4. 4. 540% Increase in Total Ranking Organic Keywords • On November 7th, 2018, REDACTED only ranked for 25 keywords • As of 2-8,2019, REDACTED now ranks for 160 keywords • To move these keywords closer to page 1 of Google, REDACTED will need to create long form content that covers the topics that Greg sent over.
  5. 5. 3 Months of SEO Keyword Rankings Chart • Since TM Blast took over on November 8th, 2018, we have been growing our organic keyword rankings and moving them closer to page 1 of Google. • To help move these terms to page one of Google, please look at the final slide for recommendations. REDACTED Keywords
  6. 6. Growth in Non-Brand Clicks and Impressions • Non-brand keywords are words that don’t include Mulberry in them. • 3 months ago, REDACTED only ranked keywords with their name. • Clicks and impressions for some of these words are included in the next slide.
  7. 7. Non-Brand Keywords That Drove Clicks • Below are a sample of non- brand keywords that drove visitors to REDACTED. • Before November 8th, 2018, REDACTED only ranked for keywords that included their name in them, so we are opening up the website to new users in a Google Search As a note, Google Search Console uses sampled data, so there are more clicks than reported.
  8. 8. Summary of Month 3 Month three built off the foundation developed during the first two months of SEO work. REDACTED is now on page 2 for many high search volume keywords, but getting to page 1 will increase overall traffic to the website. Overall, we saw a 221% increase in organic traffic from before and after we began working together. Long form content will be needed during month four to push these keywords onto page 1 of Google.
  9. 9. Month Four Plan Continue to audit the website for any technical errors that exist or become present Finish the blog post “REDACTED” for REDACTED to review Continue to optimize the homepage, audio to text, and video to text, FA&, and any additional content. We need more pictures on our site. Image optimization will help boost organic rankings In Person Meeting during month four Discuss a copy writer to write long form blog content for REDACTED