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Local SEO Tips for Business Owners


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Local Search has never been more important than it is today. Making sure things like your phone number, website URL, hours of operations, reviews, and more all play a factor in ranking high for local search. In this presentation, I am going to share what links to go after to not only drive SEO power, but also conversions for your website. See how to optimize on page factors like your title tag, meta name description, ALT tags, your directions page, and so much more

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Local SEO Tips for Business Owners

  1. 1. Local SEO Tips for Business Owners By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Table of Contents Check and Fix Your Business Listing Errors 01 Find Great Places to Get Listed 02 Own the Map Listings 03 Optimize for on page Local SEO intent 04 Stats 05
  3. 3. Use Moz Local to Check Your Online Listings • Look out for • Incorrect Hours • Incorrect Phone Numbers • Broken Links • Incorrect Business Locations • Incomplete Business Locations • And More • Create • Listings
  4. 4. But More Importantly Will Drive Results (20% of leads come from Referral)
  5. 5. Add Pictures Early to Add Life to Our Listings
  6. 6. But Even Better When People Naturally Do that On their Own!
  7. 7. Which Adds Credibility in Search
  8. 8. Look for Places that Would Compliment Your Site (And Get a Link)
  9. 9. Which Helps Grow our Strength
  10. 10. Which Then Helps us Organically Rank for Non Brand Terms • And we have links on the other 3 organic listings back to our site, so we own the top 4 listings.
  11. 11. Which Allows us to Rank on Google Maps
  12. 12. And Rank on Bing Maps Too
  13. 13. On Page SEO Tips • Title  Include Town and State • Meta Name Description  Include more semantic variations of “party hall” • H1 Tag  Include State • Paragraph Content  Include relevant locations nearby • Images  Include ALT tags specifying location
  14. 14. Create Engagement on Key Pages with a Video
  15. 15. Directions Page • Consider having map locations from top cities and towns around your business • You can update this via Google Analytics GEO data to supply the best info for your audience
  16. 16. Owning the Brand Search Name
  17. 17. Massachusetts Accounts for ~ 75% of All Traffic)
  18. 18. Register Your Site with Google Search Console
  19. 19. 12% of all Revenue Comes From +
  20. 20. Register Your Site with Bing