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How to Perform SEO for a Dentist Client


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Dentist SEO is all about optimizing for local search in Google and Bing. You will see some tips using Google My Business, Embed Maps, Reverse SEO a competitor, Find Great Backlink Opportunities, and how voice search will play a more significant role.

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How to Perform SEO for a Dentist Client

  1. 1. Dentist SEO Tips By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Generic Term will be our Starting Point • Over 1k search interest • CPC saying $13 dollars to run into this auction • Competition Medium for organic rank
  3. 3. How Do we Get Listed Here? • Local Map Listings are immediately after paid search ads • You have to Register Your Local Business with Google my Business
  4. 4. These Results Change when You Move Your Mouse
  5. 5. Claim Your Google Listing! • Claim Your Google Listing will help your SEO! • You are just allowing a great opportunity to pass since you are not doing anything with this listing in Google.
  6. 6. Embed Your Google Map on Your Site
  7. 7. What Can we Learn from the Competition? This represents that 131 organic keywords brings in over 800 visits. They would need $2.9k per month to get that which is why SEO is so important
  8. 8. What are their Google Keywords?
  9. 9. Backlink Strategy
  10. 10. Moz Top Local Citations for Dental Services
  11. 11. This looks Familiar…
  12. 12. Getting Listed in this Second Spot Is Surging with Organic Traffic
  13. 13. What is our Competition Doing Right? • Having Content Specifically for Each of their Procedures • Having “How to Question” Articles
  14. 14. They Could do Better Though • While able to index, we lost out on real SEO value since we can’t customize the code on these pages • Things like H1 Tags, Title Tags, internal linking, and schema markup are all lost on this strategy
  15. 15. Continue to Answer these Popular Queries
  16. 16. Get Ideas from Places like Reddit
  17. 17. They Should Work on Semantic Search / Optimize Images Better
  18. 18. Use Google / Bing to Find Related Searches
  19. 19. Is Bing Really Worth the Time?
  20. 20. Bing powers more than 20% of desktop U.S Searches 79% 21%
  21. 21. List Your Business on Bing Maps
  22. 22. Register Your Site with Bing Webmaster Tools
  23. 23. Future of SEO?
  24. 24. Semantic Search will be Big • Use Related Searches in Google and Bing to build content • Use Places like Reddit to get ideas on what are rising questions in your field • Optimize for both Mobile and non screen activity
  25. 25. Voice Search Makes up 25% of Bing Search