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How to Align your SEO Expectations with Reality


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Organic search can be one of the most profitable channels to help grow your business with traffic, leads, and revenue. Having proper expectations with SEO will ultimately make your reality more successful. Some elements to remember is that SEO takes time, don't dismiss Bing, don't overlook low search volume topics, and so much more!

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How to Align your SEO Expectations with Reality

  1. 1. How to Better Align Your SEO Expectations with Reality By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Don’t Act Like Tom Before jumping into a SEO contract or the practice yourself, you should first become familiar with the process. Having your expectations line up with reality will ultimately make you success
  3. 3. Here are My Tips to Align Your Expectations with Reality
  4. 4. Expectation -> I Want My SEO Results to Look like this Every Month!
  5. 5. Reality -> Months of Hard Work With Little Growth Was Needed First
  6. 6. Expectation → Having Great Content Means I’ll Rank in Google!
  7. 7. Reality → A Plethora of Factors go into Proper SEO, So Just Having Great Content Won’t Cut it in 2018 and Beyond!
  8. 8. Expectation → I’ll Buy an Exact Match Domain Because I Heard it’ll Rank Better it Google!
  9. 9. Reality → Google Has Been Reducing the Weight Signal for Exact Match Domains for Years, so Focus on Building Quality Content Instead of Buying a Specefic Domain to Grow Your SEO
  10. 10. Expectation: This Topic Has Zero Searches Per Month, So Let’s Pass on Optimizing for It
  11. 11. Reality -> My 2nd Largest Organic Traffic Page that Brought in a Big Lead for TM Blast
  12. 12. Expectation → Google / Bing Use Backlinks from Websites as a Ranking Factor, so I’ll just Pay People to Link out to Me to Rank Faster
  13. 13. Reality → Google and Bing Specifically State Not to Buy Links to Help Your SEO. If You Are Caught, You’ll Lose Most / All of Your Organic Traffic
  14. 14. Expectation: I Don’t Know Anybody Who uses Bing, So Why Would I Bother Optimizing for It?
  15. 15. Reality -> Bing Drives 1/3 of TM Blast’s Organic Traffic in 2018 b/c I Optimize for It
  16. 16. Expectation → I Heard that Paid Ads at the Top of Google Generate More Clicks, So Why Should I Bother with Organic Listings?
  17. 17. Reality → Organic Results Continue to Receive the Lion’s Share of Clicks Compared to Paid Listings in 2018
  18. 18. Conclusion + Questions