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How Long Does SEO Take? A +311% Traffic Case Study


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SEO takes a lot of time to see results. Here is my case study where I have grown the organic channel by 311% by making a series of technical and traditional SEO changes.Each month in this presentation has one call out to showcase the mix between strategies.

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How Long Does SEO Take? A +311% Traffic Case Study

  1. 1. How Long Does SEO Take? +311% Traffic Success Story By: Greg Kristan Too Many People Quit Here Since SEO Takes Time! Too Many People Quit Here!
  2. 2. Care to See How a 311% Growth in Organic Traffic Happened?
  3. 3. 4 Months of Work With Little To Show
  4. 4. To Setup Six Straight Months of Growth
  5. 5. Organic Makes up Over 50% of Leads in 2018
  6. 6. Organic Traffic Worth Via SEMRush
  7. 7. Organic Ranking Keywords via SEMRush
  8. 8. TM Blast SEO Process • SEO is in constant motion • By focusing on technical fixes early, you set yourself up for success down the road • Researching competitors and keywords open “gap” opportunities
  9. 9. How Did I Improve the Organic Traffic for Six Straight Months?
  10. 10. Decreased Load Time by 55% in October
  11. 11. Fixed a 23% Error Crawl Rate with Google in November • Google experienced a 23% error rate when visiting my site. • Creating a cleaner path allowed Google to crawl more pages on my site which helped improve their organic keyword ranks.
  12. 12. Received a High Quality Link in November After I cleaned up the crawl error, I got featured in the Future of Everything around SEO
  13. 13. Changed the Sitemap File to Show less Pages in December Tested a smaller sitemap to see if Google and Bing crawl my main pages more often. Update: They Did ☺
  14. 14. Fixed a Google Technical Crawling Error in December This tells me Google is spending too much time trying to download a page and thus not able to crawl my main pages
  15. 15. Updated Keyword Theme Focus in December • Using Google Trends, I noticed that “SEO Marketing” has more interest compared to “SEO Consulting” • I began adding “SEO Marketing” to my website
  16. 16. Purchased SEMRush in January to Look for Semantic Keyword Opportunities
  17. 17. Leveraged Browser Caching in February
  18. 18. Used the Keyword Magic Tool in March to Look for Conversational Queries to Cover
  19. 19. Created In-Depth SEO Guides in April
  20. 20. Recorded new Videos in April using Wistia
  21. 21. Fixed Keyword Cannibalization issue in May
  22. 22. Used Screaming Frog and Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer to Fix Keyword Cannibalization in May
  23. 23. Recorded More Videos in June for YouTube and Website
  24. 24. Makes up 37% of Organic Traffic in 2018
  25. 25. What’s my Secret to Get more Traffic from
  26. 26. Bing Ads Intelligence for Keyword Research Bing Webmaster Tools for Technical Audits
  27. 27. Tools Referenced in this Presentation
  28. 28. Conclusion • Take notes on what you work on so you can reference them at a later time • Don’t get discouraged. SEO Takes Time! • Diversify your optimization with technical, traditional, and user optimizations • Don’t Dismiss Bing Traffic. • Pay for SEO tools if they fit your budget