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How Log File Analysis will Boost your SEO

Google had an error count of over 28% when they came to my website according to my site log files. Google Search Console would never show me this detail. I took my log files and saw what URL's were causing the issue and blocked them in the robots.txt file. Now Google's error rate is at 1%, and my keyword ranks improved!

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How Log File Analysis will Boost your SEO

  1. 1. How Log File Analysis will Boost your SEO By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. This Tells Me Nothing
  3. 3. This Tells Me Something
  4. 4. What Can We Learn from Google / Bing? Google has encountered 24% errors in their crawl. Bing has encountered less than 1% I need to get Google to Bing’s level
  5. 5. Experiment If we clean up Google’s crawl path, then we should see an increase in keyword ranks for Google search.
  6. 6. Identify Low Quality URL’s to Block
  7. 7. Block Certain Paths in the Robots.txt File
  8. 8. Monitor the Results Initially, Google had an error rate of over 28% during this previous time frame After blocking specific themes, I dropped the error rate to 1% Increased the amount of events by 42%
  9. 9. Look at Specific Events
  10. 10. Results That Tell a Story I saw an immediate jump in impressions after I blocked specific URL’s in the robots.txt file.
  11. 11. Terms that Improved
  12. 12. Terms that Improved
  13. 13. Terms that Improved
  14. 14. Something to Monitor • By blocking this path, I only receive a partial fetch and render status in Google Search Console. • This partial message is something I will monitor to see if this has an adverse effect in the long run for my website.
  15. 15. Conclusion • This data is a small sample size, but it is essential to monitor the data every day • You should review the log files each day to monitor that Google / Bing are looking at the most important pages on your site. • There are more factors than cleaning the crawl to see improvements, but this is something that could be the missing ingredient to boost your traffic/rankings