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Providing a Free SEO Audit to prospective clients is an excellent way to see if I can provide value to their business. I look at technical restrictions, on page elements, schema markup opportunities, load time, and much more. You should check out this presentation if you are curious what a free report would cover for you!

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  1. 1. SHP Financial Free SEO Audit By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. About Greg • 6 + Years in the SEO / PPC field • Received 2 Case Studies on Bing Ads for Paid Search Work • Drove 14% more sessions and 2 million more revenue for Clarks in organic search 2017 YoY • Outside of my professional work, I enjoy bicycling around Boston
  3. 3. Traffic Estimates (Using SEMRush)
  4. 4. Technical Review
  5. 5. Missing Sitemap in Robots.TXT
  6. 6. Meta Robots Tag Correct, But Opportunity Still Exists
  7. 7. NOINDEX these Thank You Pages + Robots.TXT Update
  8. 8. Retirement Terms
  9. 9. Unnecessary Sitemap Content
  10. 10. Ideal SEO Technical Fix • 1) NOINDEX all type of marketing pages to conserve and protect SEO authority • 2) Once out of the SERP, you want to block this path in the robots.txt file to prevent Google from wasting their crawl budget
  11. 11. Search Engines Waste Resources on This • A page like this technically exists even though it has zero content • We have to be cognitive that every URL path we create has value, or we split authority in a less than ideal way
  12. 12. Load Time (Replicating a New Visitor with Fast 3G)
  13. 13. Breakdown of Page Size and Load Time (Bing Might not Fully Cache after 125 KB)
  14. 14. Local Business Markup Opportunity
  15. 15. Need Clarification on What this Is
  16. 16. Traditional SEO Opportunities
  17. 17. Opportunity Exists Here
  18. 18. Content and Semantic Opportunity
  19. 19. Search Interest Opportunity
  20. 20. Content and Semantic Opportunity
  21. 21. Search Interest Opportunity
  22. 22. Keep an Eye Open on the SERP
  23. 23. Take Note that Competitors are placing Ads over Your Name
  24. 24. Takeaways Technical • Update robots.txt file to remove unnecessary crawl budget + add sitemap file • Remove and restrict unnecessary pages in the sitemap • Remove unnecessary pages from Google + Bing with a NOINDEX tag • Focus on creating a faster responsive website for mobile 01 Traditional SEO • Create a deep and semantic universe around “financial planning services” • Structed Data Markup opportunity for a local business location 02 Keep an Eye Open • Make sure you own the SERP for any Google / Bing type of search query 03