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Free SEO Audits for Daily and Toups


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Free SEO Audit for Daily and Toups. Within the audit, I looked at the website from a technical, competitor, on-page, and off-page review. Some tools used to conduct the review included SItebulb, Screaming Frog, SEMRush, GT Metrix, ClearScope, and more.

Here is my website if you are looking for a Free SEO Audit

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Free SEO Audits for Daily and Toups

  1. 1. Free SEO Audit: Daily & Toups By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. About Greg • 8+ years of SEO / PPC Experience • The Owner of TM Blast • Frequent Speaker at Events in Boston around SEO • Outside of Work, I live with my fiancé and our two-year-old Shiba Inu in Boston, MA.
  3. 3. TM Blast’s SEO Plan for Clients Technical Audits → Making sure Google and Bing can understand and crawl your website efficiently Technical Fixes → Fixing any technical issues that restrict Google / Bing from crawling and understanding your site Keyword Competitor Research → Expand the net of keyword optimizations for a client Content + Links + Implementation → Updating the content on the page / looking for backlink opportunities Review Results → Each month, you (client) will receive a monthly report going over every optimization and the results
  4. 4. SEO Summary for the Site • 1k organic keywords rank for your website that drives in about 75 organic monthly visits • 81 unique domains have 718 backlinks to your website
  5. 5. Top Non-Brand Ranking Keywords in Google
  6. 6. Top Organic Traffic by Page
  7. 7. Technical SEO Audit + Fixes
  8. 8. Technical Score 89% Audit Score / 90% SEO Score
  9. 9. Technical Opportunities • A 90% score is very good from a technical aspect. See previous slide • Load time is under 3.5 seconds, so the site loads very quickly. See image to the right • Elements to fix to improve SEO • Missing XML sitemap in the robots.txt file • Duplicate H1 Tags • Missing ALT Tags • Broken Links on places like “Tax Law Services” on the homepage • And More
  10. 10. Competitor Research
  11. 11. Competitor SEO Keyword Estate Planning in Sarasota Florida • Out of 4 sites ranking on Google for “Estate Planning in Sarasota Florida” your site owns the market share for ranking for the most keywords including but not limited to “estate” words • While your site ranks for the most keywords, you only rank for 2 keywords that include “estate” in them. See next slide
  12. 12. Only 2 Keywords Rank on Your Site for Estate
  13. 13. Content + Links + Implementation
  14. 14. Example Optimization: Sarasota Estate Planning Attorney • This keyword does not rank in Google for your website, but yields 90 searches each month with an average CPC of $10 • Consider adding the following words to the page to help improve the SEO score • Sarasota • Real Estate • Board Certified • Powers of Attorney • Practice Areas • Estate Planning Lawyers • Legal Advice • Florida Bar • And More This should be the target page to rank which has a C- score
  15. 15. Example Optimization: Estate Planning • The root keyword yields 18k searches each month in the United States • Consider adding the following words to the page to help improve the SEO score • Life insurance • Real Estate • Estate Taxes • Minor Children • Living Trust • Retirement Accounts • IRA • Living Will • And More This should be the target page to rank which has a C+
  16. 16. Local Links • Your local listings appear to be listed correctly, so that is good!
  17. 17. SEO Recommendations at a High Level Install Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and create a profile in SEMRush for daily SEO Tracking if not done already Early fixes include adding the XML sitemap in the robots.txt file, removing duplicate H1 tags, fix broken links, and more. Optimize the Estate Planning Services Page ( to include more relevant terms. Look at slides 14 and 15 Expand the competitor landscape to look at more top- performing competitors to reverse engineer their content / links. Work together on a cohesive SEO keyword strategy each month to optimize for the right keywords for the business.
  18. 18. SEO Case Studies for TM Blast TM Blast Organic Traffic up 116% and Conversions up 287% YoY Conversions are anyone filling out the contact form on my website
  19. 19. SEO Case Studies for Client Grew my Client’s Organic Ranking Keywords and Organic Traffic since November 2018 I also manage their Google / Bing Ads for two other websites
  20. 20. SEO Case Studies for Client Helped grow a specefic part of a website from zero organic traffic in September to now 38k in monthly organic traffic
  21. 21. SEO Case Studies for The Stadium Reviews Personal project, The Stadium Reviews, continues to grow in ranking keywords and traffic since being established in March 2019 This website is about baseball stadiums and parking for the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL
  22. 22. PPC MoM Case Study for Client Create a new account structure, negative keywords, day of week bid adjustments, A/B ad copy testing, and in- marketing audience profiling to deliver their best month in paid search marketing