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Free SEO Audit for EFSGA

EFSGA offers finanical planning services to it's clients out in Georgia. During the Free SEO Audit, I used SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, GT Metrix, Moz Local, and more for the analysis

If you would like a free SEO Audit, you can use this link

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Free SEO Audit for EFSGA

  1. 1. Free SEO Audit EFSGA By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. About Greg • 9+ years of SEO / PPC Experience • The Owner of TM Blast / The Stadium Reviews • Frequent Speaker at Events in Boston around SEO • Outside of Work, I live with my fiancé and our three-year-old Shiba Inu in Boston, MA.
  3. 3. TM Blast’s SEO Plan for Clients Technical Audits → Making sure Google and Bing can understand and crawl your website efficiently Technical Fixes → Fixing any technical issues that restrict Google / Bing from crawling and understanding your site Keyword Competitor Research → Expand the net of keyword optimizations for a client Content + Links + Implementation → Updating the content on the page / looking for backlink opportunities Review Results → Each month, you (client) will receive a monthly report going over every optimization and the results
  4. 4. SEO Summary for the Site Organic Search Traffic • 288 ranking keywords • 25 monthly Google visits Organic Traffic Trend • Website is seeing an uptick in traffic, but it’s still very small Backlinks • 12 referring domains • 33 total links
  5. 5. Top Ranking Keywords in Google
  6. 6. Top Organic Traffic by Page
  7. 7. Technical SEO Audit + Fixes
  8. 8. Technical Score 83% Audit Score / 88% SEO Score
  9. 9. SEO Technical Issues to Address Incorrect 302’s • There should only be one 200 URL and the rest should all 301 to that page Critical + Important Issues • Incorrect <head> tags confuse Google and Bing via crawling on 93 pages • Duplicate content across the site • H1 tags missing • Meta Name Keywords on every page looks like Spam
  10. 10. Additional SEO Technical Issue (Load Time) Load Time Concern • Website takes 7.3 seconds to load • Consider defer parsing of JavaScript • Serve smaller image file sizes to Google / Bing • And leverage browser caching in the HTACCESS file
  11. 11. Google Penalty Alert: Your Site Potentially Violates Google’s SEO Guideline for Mobile Pop-Ups
  12. 12. Competitor Research
  13. 13. Competitor Review from Client (Planner Search) Organic Search Traffic • 19k ranking keywords • 13k monthly Google visits Organic Traffic Trend • Consistent growth in Google SEO traffic Backlinks • 3.9k referring domains • 142k total links
  14. 14. Competitor Review from Client (Edward Jones) Organic Search Traffic • 119k ranking keywords • 770k monthly Google visits Organic Traffic Trend • Website see’s a consistent growth in organic traffic Backlinks • 16k referring domains • 5.3m total links
  15. 15. Your Direct Competitor Research Competitor Review • Lots of competition in this field (according to SEMRush) without one clear winner • Using this report can unlock new keyword opportunities to optimize for
  16. 16. Content + Links + Implementation
  17. 17. Example Optimization: Portfolio Income (1.6k Monthly Searches) • Current Google rank is on page 3 of Google and ranks for this URL to-safely-maximize-your-portfolio- income • To the right, you have a C+ SEO Score for your homepage via the written content. The highest score you can get is an A++ • Consider adding the following words to this page • Capital gains, real estate, passive income, earned income, mutual funds, limited partnership, income investment, types of income, dividend stocks, investment income, income portfolio, income steam, tax rate, investment portfolio, and more
  18. 18. Local Links To help with local SEO ranking, you should fix any incorrect or inconsistent listings on places like Bing + Facebook
  19. 19. SEO Recommendations at a High Level Install Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and create a profile in SEMrush for daily SEO Tracking if not done already 301 Redirect all incorrect variations of the site to one domain. Remove all Meta Name Keywords, Fix the <head> tag issues, and More. Also, you should remove the mobile pop up from firing on mobile devices Break out individual pages for each core service that you offer. For example, you should have a clear “Services” page on your site that lists all financial programs you offer like retirement and investment planning Update your local listings on places like Bing and Facebook Work together on a cohesive SEO keyword strategy each month for words around retirement, investment, planner, advisor, and more Review competitors like Edward Jones and Planner Search for “low-hanging” fruit keywords to optimize for
  20. 20. SEO Case Study: Growing the Traffic for a Redacted Website • Fixed all technical issues back in November 2018 – May 2019 • Grew the monthly traffic from 0 to 77k a month • Traffic continues to grow each month for this website
  21. 21. SEO Case Study: Grew the Organic Session Traffic 35% YoY • Client is in the Salesforce field • Fixed many technical errors early in 2019 • The traffic began to grow MoM due the non-brand keywords moving into page 1 of Google
  22. 22. SEO Case Study: The Stadium Reviews • Personal project by Greg Kristan • Goal is to rank for parking keywords in Google and drive affiliate commissions • Began building the site in late March 2019 • Grown the organic traffic each month
  23. 23. SEO Case Study: Client (Redacted their Name) • Longest active client via 16 months • Doubled their organic traffic since the start of the contact in December 2018 • Currently rank them as #1 in Google for their target keyword. CPC for that keyword is over $20 a click with thousands of searches
  24. 24. PPC Case Study: Increased Conversions and Lowered CPA • Lowered the CPA for a client from $23.25 in December to $9.89 in March in Google Ads • Increased Conversions from 166 in December to 875 in Google • Lowered the CPC from $3.73 to $2.09