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Free SEO Audit for Cycle Boat Boston


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Performed a free SEO audit for Cycle Boat Boston on 8-13-2019. In the audit, I review their technical health score, on page opportunities via content expansion, and additional keywords they should go after. The audit used Screaming Frog, Google Trends, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Keywords Everywhere to compile the data

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Free SEO Audit for Cycle Boat Boston

  1. 1. Free SEO Audit By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. About Greg • 8+ years of SEO / PPC Experience • The Owner of TM Blast since April 2017 • Frequent Speaker at Events in Boston / Cambridge around SEO • Outside of Work, My Goal is to Visit every MLB Park
  3. 3. TM Blast’s SEO Plan for Clients Technical Audits → Making sure Google and Bing can understand and crawl your website efficiently Technical Fixes → Fixing any technical issues that restrict Google / Bing from crawling and understanding your site Keyword Competitor Research → Expand the net of keyword optimizations for a client Content + Links + Implementation → Updating the content on the page / looking for backlink opportunities Review Results → Each month, you (client) will receive a monthly report going over every optimization and the results
  4. 4. SEO Summary for the Site • 52 organic keywords rank for your website that drives in about 68 visits each month • 3 unique domains have 31 backlinks to your website
  5. 5. Organic Ranking Keywords for the Site
  6. 6. Additional Ranking Keywords, but Not on Page 1 of Google • These are keywords you currently rank for in Google, but they are not on page 1. Optimizing for these words could drive more traffic to your site • The column (CPC) stands for the cost-per-click that it would cost you to run ad if someone clicked on your listing • Check out the next slide for “Boston Boat Tours” for a SERP example
  7. 7. The Keyword: Boston Boat Tours (searched 1.6k each month) 3 PPC (SEM) Ads at the Top bidding about $2 for a click 3 Organic Local Map Listings (Google my Business Listings. You can also get an Ad here) Organic Listings Below (SEO)
  8. 8. Technical SEO Audit + Fixes
  9. 9. Technical: SEO Score at a High Level The website has a 90% score which is fantastic, but there are areas to improve via the next slide
  10. 10. Technical SEO: Example Technical Fixes I would Perform • Missing the XML sitemap file link in the robots.txt space • Clean up 301 redirects in place for private bookings and cycleboat • Site takes about 3.17 seconds to load before a user can interact which is good, but to fully loads takes 11.41 seconds which is too long. • Reducing images sizes can help speed up the website
  11. 11. Competitor Research
  12. 12. Chicago Cycle Boats Drives 1.6k visitors to their site from Google
  13. 13. Chicago Cycle Boats Keywords
  14. 14. Boston Harbor Cruises Drives 1.2k searches to their Site for “Boston Boat” Queries
  15. 15. Content + Links + Implementation
  16. 16. Optimizing for Cycle Boat with On Page Content Changes A Strong B+ SEO score for "Cycle Boat" puts this website in great position to rank above other sites in Google. Adding more words like birthday parties, party boat, boat tours, and more can move this keyword that has hundreds of monthly searches to page 1 of Google Current keyword position for your site is page 4 of Google
  17. 17. Optimizing the Site for "Boston Boat Tour" as well would Drive More Traffic to the Website
  18. 18. Links - Local Listings Missing Placing Your Site on 3rd Party Sites will Drive Additional Trust Signals to Google
  19. 19. SEO Recommendations at a High Level Get the business listed on places like Google, Bing, and Foursquare to increase trust in search engines Install Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools on the website to track data along with health reports in Google / Bing Optimize the homepage for "cycle boat" and "Boston boat tours" by adding in more related words Decrease the size of images on the site to help improve the load time Work together on a cohesive SEO keyword strategy to optimize for the right keywords for the business.
  20. 20. SEO Case Studies for TM Blast TM Blast Organic Traffic up 116% and Conversions up 287% YoY Conversions are anyone filling out the contact form on my website
  21. 21. SEO Case Studies for TM Blast Helped grow a specefic part of a website from zero organic traffic in September to now 38k in monthly organic traffic
  22. 22. SEO Case Studies for TM Blast Grew a client’s total ranking keywords and traffic after taking over in November 2018
  23. 23. SEO Case Studies for TM Blast Personal project, The Stadium Reviews, continues to grow in ranking keywords and traffic since March 2019