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Free SEO and PPC Audit for Moving Permits


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In-depth look into Moving Permits from an SEO and PPC perspective. From an SEO audit perspective, I used SEMRush, Screaming Frog, and JavaScript tools. From the PPC audit perspective, I reviewed their account, but did not share their exact screenshots in this review.

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Free SEO and PPC Audit for Moving Permits

  1. 1. Free SEO / PPC Audit for Moving Permits BY: GREG KRISTAN
  2. 2. About Greg • 8+ years of SEO / PPC Experience • The Owner of TM Blast since April 2017 • Frequent Speaker at Events in Boston around SEO • Outside of Work, I live with my fiancé and our two-year-old Shiba Inu in Boston, MA.
  3. 3. TM Blast’s SEO Plan for Clients Technical Audits → Making sure Google and Bing can understand and crawl your website efficiently Technical Fixes → Fixing any technical issues that restrict Google / Bing from crawling and understanding your site Keyword Competitor Research → Expand the net of keyword optimizations for a client Content + Links + Implementation → Updating the content on the page / looking for backlink opportunities Review Results → Each month, you (client) will receive a monthly report going over every optimization and the results
  4. 4. SEO Summary for the Site • 1.8k organic keywords rank for your website that drives in about 751 organic monthly visits • 64 unique domains have 8.8k backlinks to your website
  5. 5. Top Ranking Keywords Driving Traffic to Your Site Each Month
  6. 6. Technical SEO Audit + Fixes
  7. 7. Technical Opportunities • Robots.txt file is a 404 error. Google / Bing come here first to crawl a website, • robots.txt • Site takes 6.5 seconds to load. Some issues include • Leverage browser caching • Optimize images • Minify JavaScript / CSS • Meta Name Keywords are excessive and serve no ranking purpose. H1 Tag, Title Tag, and Description are weak on the homepage too
  8. 8. Technical Opportunities: JavaScript vs HTML • Google / Bing have a delay on crawling and rendering JavaScript for websites • From an SEO perspective, JavaScript can cause issues with how Google and Bing crawl and understand a page, so be careful
  9. 9. Technical Opportunities: Don’t Use Text in an Image since Google / Bing Can’t Understand It. Notice how Searching for this Phrase Yields no Exact Results
  10. 10. Technical Opportunities: Google Analytics • Currently not tracking any goals in Google Analytics. Consider setting up a thank you page after someone purchases a permit and use that as a goal to measure conversions
  11. 11. Competitor Research
  12. 12. Competitor SEO Keyword Overlap + Gap • owns more keyword market share when you compare it to your website • Moving Permits should review the overlaps to look for common keywords and ranking improvement opportunities
  13. 13. Example Competitor SEO Keyword Gap Analysis • The keyword Boston Parking Permit is a common phrase for both sites with over 1.6k searches each month • This keyword for your site is currently on page 5 of Google, so let’s see what we can do to improve its SEO
  14. 14. Content + Links + Implementation
  15. 15. Homepage Ranks on Page 5 of Google for this Keyword: 1.6k Monthly Searches • Getting to an A score can move you to page 1 of Google • Consider adding these terms to the homepage if they make sense • Residential parking permit, Massachusetts, parking clerk, visitor parking, sticker, Boston parking, and more
  16. 16. Links • Missing local information on places like Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Bing and more • Centralizing your locations, phone numbers, hours, and website URL’s can increase referral traffic and organic ranks
  17. 17. SEO Recommendations at a High Level Install Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and create a profile in SEMRush for daily SEO Tracking if not done already Early fixes include fixing the 404 error on the robots.txt file / add Goals to Google Analytics Optimize for key themes like Boston Parking Permit Perform competitor research for keyword gap analysis and backlink building opportunities. Also update social listings to give Google / Bing more signals to rank your content higher Work together on a cohesive SEO keyword strategy each month to optimize for the right keywords for the business.
  18. 18. TM Blast PPC Workflow Timeline New AdWords Structure Gathered Data / New Negative Keywords Ad Copy Testing A/B Tests Day of Week Bid Adjustments In-Market Audiences Build Brand and Non-Brand Campaigns Then Split the Campaigns by Exact, Broad Match Modifier, and or Phrase Match Run Daily SQR (Search Query Reports) to see what keywords show up for the BMM Campaigns. Any irrelevant terms would be added to the negative KW list Test Expanded Text Ads along with Different Headline Messaging for CTR% and Conversions Measuring After Weeks of Gathering PPC Data, opt out of low performing days Due to Cost, High CPA’s, and Low Conversions opt into in- market Audiences Based on Google’s AI Data Continue to Make Bid Adjustments to Increase Conversions
  19. 19. New AdWords Structure AdWords Account Ad Group 1 Ad Group 2 Ad Group 1 Ad Group 2 Brand Non-Brand Exact Match Broad Match Modifier The AdWords structure is broken out by brand and non-brand queries. Breaking out brand and non-brand allows more control on spend. After the breakout, you have Exact and Broad Match Modifier campaigns campaigns.
  20. 20. Gather Data / New Negative Keywords • Running Broad Match Modifier can open your ads to irrelevant searches and or unnecessary spend. To combat this issue, you must run daily SQR’s (Search Query Reports) to find irrelevant search terms and block them from triggering your ads in the future. • Overtime, your ads will receive a higher CTR% due to the keywords being close to 100% of what your audience is looking for in Google. Having a higher CTR% can improve your quality score which lowers overall cost-per-click.
  21. 21. Ad Copy Testing (Top Result Has a Higher CTR, More Conversions, Higher Conversion Rate, and Lower CPA) REDACTED
  22. 22. Day of Week Optimization Example (Exclude these Days via No Conversions) REDACTED
  23. 23. In-Market Audiences Once You See What Audiences Convert, You Can Bid More Aggressive for their Click in the Future REDACTED
  24. 24. Your Current PPC Account Structure One Goal Tracking (Active – SB to MB) recording 2 conversions. Need to understand what this Goal is and if a new goal is necessary No Negative Keywords Added which Means Wasted Ad Spend Different Match Types Under 1 Campaign and No Ad Extensions Running leaves opportunity on the table No In-Market Audiences set up. In-Market Audiences are interested in your service, so set this up! Work together on a cohesive PPC keyword strategy via goals, goal tracking, target CPA, ROAS, and More.
  25. 25. Examples of My Work and Results
  26. 26. SEO Case Studies for TM Blast TM Blast Organic Traffic up 116% and Conversions up 287% YoY Conversions are anyone filling out the contact form on my website
  27. 27. SEO Case Studies for Client Grew my Client’s Organic Ranking Keywords and Organic Traffic since November 2018 This is my longest active client with over a year now working together I also manage their Google / Bing Ads
  28. 28. SEO Case Studies for Client Helped grow a specefic part of a website from zero organic traffic in September to now 38k in monthly organic traffic
  29. 29. SEO Case Studies for The Stadium Reviews Personal project, The Stadium Reviews, continues to grow in ranking keywords and traffic since being established in March 2019 This website is about baseball stadiums and parking for the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL
  30. 30. PPC MoM Case Study for Client Create a new account structure, negative keywords, day of week bid adjustments, A/B ad copy testing, and in- marketing audience profiling to deliver their best month in paid search marketing