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  1. 1. Project Worksheet - Plagiarism and Research Paper ScavengerHuntInstructions: This worksheet project is intended for students interested in writing a researchpaper on how to avoid plagiarism and was created for my EDTECH 502-The Internet forEducators Class.There are five hunts and ten answers to search for to complete this worksheet. Answer allquestions using the information from the linked web sites and record your answers on thisworksheet.Hunts One-Four: the following questions using this worksheet:HuntOne:The Real Meaning of Plagiarism 1. There are many definitions of plagiarism, but what is the down-to-earth definition of plagiarism?plagiarism is the use of anothers original words or ideas as though they were your own. Any time you borrow from an original source and do not give proper credit.Hunt Two: Facts of Plagiarism 2. What are some of the factors attributed to someone who plagiarizes in their research paper? 1stAccording to a survey by the Psychological Record 36% of undergraduates have admitted to plagiarizing written material. 2ndA poll conducted by US News and World Reports found that 90% of students believe that cheaters are either never caught or have never been appropriately disciplined.Hunt Three: Sources Cited and Not Cited 3. What fact was discovered regarding students’ notion about plagiarizing their papers? A poll conducted by US News and World Report found that 90% of students believe that cheaters are either never caught or have never been appropriately disciplined. 4. What is the term for someone who uses their previous work in their new research paper?The self stealer 5. What is someone referred to who provides invalid data about their sources? The misinformer 6. If someone uses the necessary content of their source, but changes important information to disguise their source, it is known as what?The poor disguiseHunt Four: Citing Sources
  2. 2. 7. If your sources are of major significance to your ideas how should you cite the source? Identifying Sources in the Body of Your Paper, quoting material, listing referenceHuntFive: Plagiarism and Research PapereHow: How to Avoid Plagiarism in a Research Paper 1. What should you be careful to avoid when writing your research paper? When writing a research paper you should try to avoid accidental plagiarism. 2. What consequences could you encounter if you plagiarized in your research paper? In most states plagiarism is considered a misdemeanor and you can be charged up to $100 and $50,000 -- and up to one year in jail.Academic punishments are failure in the assignment and in rare cases failure of the course or expulsion. Institutional punishment would be getting fired from your job or not getting hired. 3. If your rewritten work is comparable to your source this is known as what?Paraphrase with caution