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Gregory d sleeper profile

  1. 1. o Engineering is the professional art of organizing resources and applying science and materials in technical design areas for the benefit of society.Background, Skills,Values, & Project AssignmentsGreg SleeperMobile: 802-338-0108Principal Electrical Hardware& Systems Design Engineer
  2. 2. Background  Born and raised in Vermont • Grew up in the beautiful Champlain valley • Graduated from University of Vermont and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston  Years of engineering experience • Electrical, systems, software, quality, and test • Experience in commercial industry, military contracts, and academic medical research  Personal Values • Having a happy family • Integrity & honesty • Trustworthy & kind • Staying physically fit • Committed to a goal
  3. 3. Career ValuesExperience: To apply acquired knowledge in electrical engineering toward a challenging career in areas of product development, automation, control system design or test equipment.Growth: Stay current on the emergent technologies. Develop design solutions through teamwork, communication & continuous improvement.
  4. 4. Professional Attributes Goal oriented - Can be either self-directed or promote teamwork to meet company needs. Diligent - Able to maintain a work flow from managing parts procurement, PCB design & assembly, box design and assembly, cable harness design, mechanical fab, and build. Detailed - Develops quality products and validates performance & margins to include EMI, reliability, safety, FMEA, & parts stress. Passionate – Able to solve problems with a hands-on mentality and a desire for success.
  5. 5. Project Skills Leadership • Project leader on controls design for ammunition handling system. • Led product quality improvements on aircraft Rounds Limit Switches. • Provides organizational design direction to deliver a compliant product. Highly-motivated • Worked 60 plus hour weeks to get TOW test equipment integrated. • Provided management of project milestones to meet company goals. • Maintains and develops relationships with suppliers & manufacturers. Communicator • Excellent writing skills for component specs, test plans and test reports. • Excellent verbal skills for designs presented internally and to customer. • Works well with project design team, buyers, management and quality.
  6. 6. Engineering Design Skills Circuit design for analog and digital signals. Box assembly designs with military connectors. PCB design, component selection, and build. Cable harness sizing, system power analysis. Embedded digital servo motion control drives. Development of specs for sensors & motors. Budget, cost, schedule and quality conscious. Engineering Tool Set: • GD&T, MS Visual BASIC, MS Visio, MS Office, MS Project, Team Center. • Cadence OrCAD, PSpice, AutoCAD, C++, Agile, SDLC Methodology. • Understanding of NFPA, NEC, ANSI, IPC specs, Mil Specs, Lean, FMEA.
  7. 7. Project Assignment & ResultTask 1. Obsolescence - Rounds Limit Switches (RLS)Evaluated current specification drawings and existing designsto improve material selections and developed Pro-E designsfor assembly build-to-print drawings to meet environmentaland the part performance requirements for Warner RobinsAir Logistics Command. Performed product qualification byanalysis and verification by cycle test and fire test. Designednew mechanical 5 rounds reverse clearing hysteresis for A-10RLS. Also, completed new designs for F-16 and F-15 aircraft.
  8. 8. Project Assignment & ResultTask 2. Specification of Servo System ComponentsEvaluated mechanical dynamic loads of ammunition handlingcontrol systems to determine effects of system inertia andacceleration & speed requirements to meet time lines for thetest case scenarios. Optimized servo motor performance forsize and weight. Performance met gun firing timeline on theCrusader Self-propelled Howitzer and the ammo field supplymission of the Resupply Vehicle. Also, designed custom brakesand clutches for x-y-x ammunition supply shuttles and customtransmitter and receiver optical sensor pair to determine theammo position on the conveyors.
  9. 9. Project Assignment & ResultTask 3. JSF Aircraft Cables for Lockheed MartinDesigned aircraft military interface cables to meet customerrequirements for light-weight construction materials whilemeeting the high temperature specs, the functional electricalsystem performance, and the EMI test requirements. Cablesmet EMI under electrical system loads. Also, designed otherdynamic cables (based on my own method for isolating thecable components to allow independent movement) for theJSF 20mm Gatling guns to meet rigors of gun firing and recoil.
  10. 10. Project Assignment & ResultTask 4. Create EFV Software Test Plan & Test CasesBased on EFV turret system specifications for ammo handlingsystem, developed the software test plan and test cases forthe embedded control unit firmware to meet system leveland derived requirements.Validated the bench-top systemperformance using servo motor loads. System improvementsmade in incremental releases. Part of electrical project teamthat developed the electronic digital control unit, firmware,motors, cables, and test equipment for ammo feed system.The embedded control unit worked successfully on the EFV.
  11. 11. Project Assignment & ResultTask 5. Debugged and Repaired Test EquipmentPerformed troubleshooting on inoperable CIWS productiontest panel that was severely damaged during transportation.Rebuilt cables and also ruggedized the design.Verified signaltiming functionality with a digital storage scope. Performedvalidation to QC Acceptance Procedures. The test panel wasreturned for production verification of CIWS circuit cards.Also debugged AV-8B test set, with its case severely damagedfrom years of field use. Specified and quoted parts BOM forrepairs. Performed validation to QC Acceptance Procedures.