Rockstart internship opportunities summer 2013


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Rockstart is the global brand for startups. We're building a one-stop infrastructure that builds on top of existing initiatives to bring the energy, urgency and visibility to quickly launch new and successful ventures. We do this not by isolation, but by having organizations work together based on passion and one common goal.

We're anchoring in Amsterdam with Rockstart Accelerator ('12 & '13 TNW Dutch Startup Award Winner for 'Best Investor'), Rockstart Spaces and Rockstart Answers.

Soon we're lauching in Eindhoven and we're looking to unlock more cities in 2013 and onwards.

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Rockstart internship opportunities summer 2013

  1. 1. is looking for kick-ass interns
  2. 2. why we’re doing thisThe Rockstart Manifesto
  3. 3. ...multimedia designerswe’re looking for
  4. 4. operations internswe’re looking for
  5. 5. & event planning internswe’re looking for
  6. 6. is thatyou?
  7. 7. what (1)Rockstart helps entrepreneurs to accelerate the growthof their venture in the first 1000 days of their existence.To do this, Rockstart provides a one-stop startupinfrastructure which builds on top of existing services andwhich brings the energy, urgency and visibilityto quickly launch new and successful ventures.
  8. 8. what (2)Rockstart Accelerator // Accelerator is the ‘Champions League’ of startups.It’s a 100-day intensive coaching program in which we provide 10ventures with € 15K cash, 100+ mentors and a great workplace.Our first class graduated in 2012. In Q1 2013, we started our secondclass and we’re looking to start our third in Q3 2013.
  9. 9. what (3)Rockstart Gigs // rockstart.comRockstart Gigs produces groundbreaking startup events.Rockstart Answers is the smart peer-2-peer Q&A game that uses livementor input to help answer burning startup questions.Rockstart Answers is currently ‘On Tour’, visiting 7 different cities inThe Netherlands in 2013.
  10. 10. what (4)Rockstart Spaces // rockstart.comRockstart Spaces offers startups a smashing place to work.With our inner-city location and continuous influx of investors andmentors, we offer entrepreneurs the essential startup infrastructurethat accelerates their business.In 2013, Rockstart Spaces operates a >700 m2 facility in Amsterdamand it’s looking to open a >1000 m2 facility in Eindhoven.
  11. 11. who (1)We require bright, resourceful individuals that wantto stimulate their personal growth by joining ouryoung, ambitious company.Applicants should be ready to work in a fast-paced and funenvironment, be quick on their feet with changing tasks,and a positive attitude is a must.
  12. 12. As our Design Intern, you should be studying /seeking experience in MEDIA PRODUCTION orMEDIA DESIGN.Duties include, but are not limited to:- Execute design tasks for current Rockstart media outlets- Provide input for Rockstart media strategy- Generate ideas for new, innovative media products- Maintain / update company websiteswho (2)Profile:Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro
  13. 13. As our Business Operations Intern, you should bestudying / seeking experience inBUSINESS MANAGEMENT (ADMINISTRATION).Duties include, but are not limited to:- Conduct desk research for Rockstart expansion strategy- Execute research tasks for corporate partnerships- Carry out support tasks to Rockstart Management Teamwho (3)Profile:Energetic, detailed jack-of-all-trades with business attitude
  14. 14. As our Event Intern, you should be studying / seekingexperience in EVENT PLANNING orCOMMUNITY BUILDING.Duties include, but are not limited to:- Carry out production tasks for Rockstart events- Provide input for new Rockstart event formats- Build and maintain relationships with entrepreneurial communitywho (4)Profile:Tireless, resourceful, fast individual that is willing to go the extra mile
  15. 15. Internship opportunities are open as of July 2013.Self-motivated applicants need only apply - for the rightperson, this can be a great jumping off point for otheropportunities at Rockstart or one of its subsidiaries.join usWe prefer full-time candidates.
  16. 16. join usSend your application letter, CV & portfolio (if you have one)before 1.6.2013 to | Vijzelgracht 79 | 1017 HG Amsterdam | The NetherlandsTell us why you want to work with us.
  17. 17. “Surround yourself with the best people”Alejandro Rigatuso, Founder Postcron (Argentina) Rockstart Class of 2012We love startups