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Nov 2009 Innovalab

An experimental social design lab for enterprise methodologies.

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Nov 2009 Innovalab

  1. 2. in·no·va·tion: n . 1. origination: the act or process of inventing or introducing something new 2. new idea or method: a new invention or way of doing something 3. process: purposeful social creativity to align new systems
  2. 3. To realize the individual's and society's highest potential…
  3. 4. W A Living Lab actively present in society.
  4. 5. W We guide transformation…
  5. 6. W W aligning innovative processes in teams and organizations.
  6. 7. W W W W W Experimenting with Serious Games to think, act, play and sense… W W
  7. 8. W W W W W reflection on innovation principles, W
  8. 9. H tested techniques, H H H H
  9. 10. W W W W and transformation tools while… W W
  10. 11. I C ! i D C facilitating inspiration, discovery, and collaboration… D *
  11. 12. W H W Y in half-day, weekly, monthly and year long sessions…
  12. 13. W W W aboard a boat, in Greater Bilbao, and worldwide… W
  13. 14. H H to develop new ideas and products, H H
  14. 15. W W W W new social processes,
  15. 16. W W … new partnerships for growth and development. W W W W
  16. 17. W W H W W W We jazz Innovation Heroes into emergence…
  17. 18. … we must immersive in a prototyping experience.
  18. 19. Denok Inn Looking toward the Future Denok Inn Lab design I mmersion Creation Development Partners Operations Residence Impact Objectives Who How Where Overview immersion discovery evoke sensations interactive roleplaying transform mindsets new ways of knowing insight dialogue successful cases studies sensitize explore opportunities incite an innovation attitude syntony social fiction horizon potential futures challenges to humanity emergent design path open learning sytems empathy sector environment community development
  19. 20. new ways of doing new ways of knowing innovation New ideas aligning values/value Alpha state Serious games New services many to many (Cooperative) New strategies design & development constructive activities New partnerships prototyping many to one (policy change) one to many (instructive) one to one (self-actualization) enterprise New consortiums How InnovaLab´s innovation cycle supports the Denokinn Lab System Denokinn transforming the human/group/organization/region to reach its highest potential roleplaying Evolutionary social design New products New social and business models INTERGRAL FIELD FabLab AppLab InnovaLab
  20. 23. Innovating strategies… Carlos Fernandez President [email_address] Greg Rivera, Ph.D. Director [email_address] Movíl +34 68 573 1273 Emerging innovation fully… Contact us for a demo...