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Summary of Book: The Experience Design BLUEPRINT by Greg Olson

Author bio, contact details, book description and where to buy the book, The Experience Design BLUEPRINT: Recipes for Creating Happier Customers and Healthier Organizations.

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Summary of Book: The Experience Design BLUEPRINT by Greg Olson

  1. 1. Book Description Why are we surrounded by so many broken experiences? Have our organizations become so complex and our roles so specialized that the audiences we serve must hopelessly suffer through our collective shortcomings? No matter what your role or title is, happier customers and a healthier organization should be front and center in what you do. But, chances are, your conversations are all wrong and your mental models are anemic. In this practitioners guide, Greg Olson reveals new mental models like the Promise Delivery System and the 3 Psychological Zones along with real world examples and recipes that can be applied immediately to your situation. Using a common experience of renting a car, Greg shows us how to design new or improve existing experiences, step by step, helping us all to tap our inner designer and have better conversations along the way. He shows us how to build more responsive organizations whether we're trying to capitalize on new opportunities like more connected ice cream, serve pizza to the President of the United States, or invent and popularize a new women’s sport. You’ll learn how to more effectively navigate your own organization, the business landscape, and customer ecosystem, so that the benefits of your great ideas can be felt by others. Discover how to ensure your organization remains relevant and stays connected to those it serves. available on The models in the Experience Design BLUEPRINT are equally relevant to organizations of all types and sizes including start-up entrepreneurs, nonprofits, for-profits, and government. No Kindle? No Problem! free Kindle Reader App for: Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Browser
  2. 2. Content Highlights Section 1: Making the Invisible Visible Section 2: Making a Bigger Imprint Chapter 1: What Makes an Experience? Chapter 2: Making the Customer Come Alive Chapter 3: Who is in the Sandbox? Chapter 4: Modeling the Customer Journey Chapter 5: The Rental Car Journey Chapter 6: Aiming for Remarkable, Unbroken, and Generous Design When Bad Design Kills Metrics that Matter Generous Design Chapter 7: Improving the Journey Filters Remove Unwanted Information Lenses Provide Focus for Design 4 Action Levers Chapter 8: Promise Delivery System Pivot on the Audience Customer Insights and Validation Navigating Trends and Changes The Curse of the Lumpy Snowball Chapter 9: The Neighborhood A Better Neighborhood Recipes for Being a Better Neighbor Chapter 10: Bees and Raccoons Pursuing the Shiny A Better Role Model Focus Focus or Hocus Pocus Chapter 11: Barriers to Innovation and Overcoming the Wall 4 Reasons We Don’t Move Forward Chapter 12: The Three Psychological Zones Chapter 13: Taking Flight The Featherless Crow Thinking Big and Excellence in Execution 3 Doors of Change Chapter 14: The World of Work has Changed The Great Misalignment Taking Action Chapter 15: From Argh to Aha! 56 recipes , 78 images, and 25 examples
  3. 3. About the Author Greg Olson is an author, speaker, business coach, and consultant. He is the managing director of Delightability LLC, and also serves as a volunteer board member for Oikocredit Northwest and as an advisory board member to Seattle University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Get in Touch +1 206.356.8811