Making the Most of Your Website Traffic


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Nia IT love making data do the work rather that us working for the information we need. So this is an example of how doing that not only makes your work easier but can also have financial benefits too.

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Making the Most of Your Website Traffic

  1. 1. Hi!Nia IT •Joomla Visitors – Leads in SugarCRM •Joomla Administrators – Users in SugarCRM
  2. 2. • There are a few Joomla to SugarCRM bridges out there. • Now, • I'm not in the business of dissing other peoples work, so I won't name any names,
  3. 3. but
  4. 4. • most of the bridges I found on where rubbish! • Maybe it’s not the programmers fault...
  5. 5. • It could be because SugarCRM, know that this sort of functionality… • A bridge between your Joomla CMS & SugarCRM is a necessity for serious CMS managers. • They know they can charge for the privilege of connecting your CMS site to your online CRM.
  6. 6. • So • They put blocks in place so other people cannot offer useful free bridges and instead charge for the use of their own bridge. • Now...
  7. 7. Before I continue,
  8. 8. • let me just do a quick jargon check here.
  9. 9. Content Management System • Joomla is a type of CMS. • CMS stands for • CMS's come in all different forms and guises
  10. 10. • With me so far? • if not, download my free ebook from • it has a geek-tionary included. - An excellent tool in the battle to understand geeks!
  11. 11. • Where was I? • Oh yes, CMS's • so with Joomla, your managed content is • articles, • pictures • and video's that you want displayed online.
  12. 12. • Joomla can also manage visitors to your site, so they can log in and see content made especially for them. • You can even set it up so that they can upload their own content on to your CMS.
  13. 13. So where does SugarCRM • come in? SugarCRM allows you to manage that interaction. And BUILD on those relationships making you seem known, then trusted allowing you to sell more, for more money to more people a with less effort. Well now you have these people signing in to see your content, you can tell them about super special paid content and you could be getting paid from these interactions. Problem is it’s a one time deal. You may want to market to them for your new products. How do you manage who is buying who is not and who is hanging out for free info? This is when you need a CRM
  14. 14. • All new people who sign up as a member • to your site • AUTOMATICALLY • become a lead in SugarCRM.
  15. 15. • Ok, • So now you are up to speed on the background I can now tell you that we have a working, bugfree, Super-Duper CMS to CRM bridge!
  16. 16. • And we can do the same for you! • It’s really simple • If you have a Joomla Site, and you have SugarCRM and you don’t have a reliable bridge. We‘ll build a bespoke one for you for • £80.00
  17. 17. • If you have a Joomla Site and DON’T have SugarCRM and would like us to install it. • No problem, we can do that too just • £40.00 for the install. • If you would like us to install SugarCRM AND build the bridge AND would like a bargain price thrown in....
  18. 18. • ..well of course you can! You can have both: • the install of SugarCRM £40.00 • and the NiaIT Bridge 80.00 • for a bargain basement, • friends and family price of £120.00
  19. 19. • If you are SERIOUS about making money online via your website and you don’t want the hassle of moving your Joomla Visitors to a separate CRM/Excel Sheet or database. • (and i know you are) • THIS IS FOR YOU!! • Just fill in the form below or if i am available just chat to me on the widget to the right
  20. 20. Go to: • If you are watching this on youtube, come on over to and get in touch. • So for the Joomla to SugarCRM Bridge • Or the FREE Geek-tionary • Greg Morris - Nia IT • Signing off • Thank you for your time.