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This is a LinkedIn workshop that assumes the students already have a LinkedIn profile and a few connections

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  • I found this to be a very insightful presentation on how to use Linkedin. Thank you very much for sharing as it was exactly what I was looking for. Best Regards, Guy
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Linked In Slides 2009 02 24 B

  1. 1. Using The World’s Largest Business World s Network Effectively Use LinkedIn to find jobs, people and opportunities j ,p p pp recommended by their trusted contacts A ProMatch Networking Team Workshop
  2. 2. First Things • Set cell phones to vibrate (If it rings, then $10 to • Unclear Liquids and Food are Okay • There are no Dumb Questions ( (at least regarding LinkedIn) g g ) • Ask for 2+ volunteers to read the cartoons, take turns round- round robin. Don’t use your voice (have fun). 2
  3. 3. Introductions • Your name and elevator speech – Listen for others in your industry for group work Keep it to 60 • Level o e pe e ce with LinkedIn e e of experience t ed seconds! d! • Target compan(ies) for connection • Expectations from the Class 3
  4. 4. Workshop Objectives 1. Build your profile 2. Build 2 B ild your network t k 3. Search for jobs 3S hf j b 4. 4 Market yourself 4
  5. 5. Rapid-Labs: Time Box ~5 min or less 1. 1 Revise your Profile 2. Send an Invitation to Connect 3. Request Introduction 4. 4 Investigate Answers and Groups 5. Search Jobs and Contacts 6. LinkedIn Embedded Applications (Close laptop when finished) 5
  6. 6. Intro: LinkedIn Connections Coworkers Former coworkers Business partners p Clients Friends Classmates 6
  7. 7. Intro: Your Network • Your Network 3 3 2 3 • Detailed Profile Visible 1 – Di tl connected Directly td 1 1 2 • <=3 Connections away 3 – In your LinkedIn Groups • Not Your Network • You Can See only “Public” Profile – More than 3 steps away f from you – Not Connected at all 7
  8. 8. Intro: Build Your Network - Strategy • Whom should I invite? – Former Colleagues – Senior managers/executives for credibility – Credible recruiters with large networks – People who you know – Go for Quality, Not Quantity • A id Accepting Invitations from People You Don’t Know, Avoid A ti I it ti f P lY D ’t K unless introduced to them by a mutual acquaintance. • Groups – Associations – Alumni Associations, Networking Groups, etc. g p – Answer questions to demonstrate credibility & expertise – You may be more likely to get help, if you give it first 8
  9. 9. Intro: Ways to Get Linked Out on LinkedIn … or Things to AVOID 1. Use the 1 U th canned i it ti d invitations. ( (personalize it i t d) li instead) 2. Any time you see an interesting profile, invite them to connect. 3. Invite everyone from all your Yahoo! Groups and other discussion lists and forums. (be focused and purpose driven) 4. Ignore those silly contact settings. (turn off auto update for major rev.) 5. Answer as many questions as you possibly can in as many different topics as you can, even if you don’t know the answer. 6. Ask all your contacts for recommendations and offer them one in return - especially all those p p y don’t know. p y people you 7. Never talk to people, only msg. (build personal relationships) 9
  10. 10. Prepare for Lab 1: Editing Your Profile Edit Your Profile 1. Turn off Auto-Notification ff f 2. Compose Your “Headline” 3. Select Your “Primary Industry of Expertise” 4. 4 Edit Your Current and Past Positions 5. PSRs Go into “Summary” section 6. Experience GGoes into “Experience” section “ 7. Choose a Good Public Profile URL 8. Edit Your Public Profile 9. 9 View and Discuss Your Profile 10
  11. 11. 1. Turn Off Auto-Notification • Why and when to turn off? – If you are doing a series of major edits, you don’t want to edits pester your entire network with “Person X has changed their profile” 10 times in the afternoon p • Click on Accounts & Settings • Under “Privacy Settings” Click on “Profile and Status Updates” and Select “No, do not notify anyone…” p , yy 11
  12. 12. 2. Compose Your Headline • Your professional “headline”: 12
  13. 13. 3. Industry of Expertise What is your primary industry of expertise? 13
  14. 14. 4. Current and Past Positions Current and Past Positions 14
  15. 15. 5. PSRs (Summary) PSRs go into the “Summary” Section of Profile 15
  16. 16. 6. Experience Experience Goes Into the “Experience” Section 16
  17. 17. 7. Set Your Public Profile URL Choose a Logically Named URL Edit from web site created name to personalized one li d Was 17
  18. 18. 7. Set Your Public Profile URL Choose a Logically Named URL 18
  19. 19. 8. Edit Your Public Profile 19
  20. 20. 9. View Your Public Profile Non-LinkedIn Users and Users More than 3 Steps Away will See Only This Profile: y y 20
  21. 21. 9. View Your Complete Profile LinkedIn Users 3 or Fewer Steps Away will See This: 21
  22. 22. 10. Market Yourself – Recommendations • Include a testimonial from a former colleague in your profile • Crafted and approved by both parties • Considered of utmost importance by some recruiters p y • Often you can write the testimonial and simply have the other person approve it • “Scratch each other’s back” is less credible – minimize 22
  23. 23. LAB 1: Revise your Profile • Team up in small groups by • Success teams • I d t or vertical market (bi t h fi Industry ti l k t (biotech, financial, web) il b) • Related job title (i.e. marketing, tech, sales) – Help each other with LinkedIn & Networking • Review and revise your profile • About 5 minutes 23
  24. 24. Make Contact: Finding Connections • Get clients • Hire employees • Find sales leads • Reach business partners • Identify industry experts • Locate references • Type keywords that describe the person you are looking for: search by title, company, location etc. • Search and view profiles of people up to 3 degrees away from you (connected via other people) 24
  25. 25. Making Contact: remind people where you met 25
  26. 26. Make Contact: How • Invitations – You invite a LinkedIn Member to Join • Most LinkedIn Members can be Invited. Even for those whom you have no e-mail address • Introductions – Introductions are through your direct network – All connections in chain see all content — be careful – 5OOpen Introductions at a time on Free Account I t d ti t ti F A t • InMail (y (they claim 30 times better for response than a cold call) p ) – Direct Access to someone outside your network – Business Account is $25/month, 3 InMails / month • See the handout for all the features per account type 26
  27. 27. Invitations, Introductions • Go to Your LinkedIn Home Page • Click o My Co tacts C c on y Contacts • Send an Invitation (personalize it!) (p ) • Request an Introduction 27
  28. 28. Demo & Exercise: LinkedIn Home Page 28
  29. 29. My Connections 29
  30. 30. Send An Invitation • Search for the Person You Want to Invite • Usually No “Introduction” is Required • Some LinkedIn Users Require that you Know q y their E-Mail Address 30
  31. 31. Find by Name 31
  32. 32. Find by Keywords & Industry 32
  33. 33. Send an Invitation: How do you know them? Use LinkedIn to U Li k dI t FIND the connections & background. background The more personal the contact, the better. Sales people don’t stop at ONLY sending email email. They can call or visit! 33
  34. 34. Send an Invitation: Which to Choose? 34
  35. 35. Send Facilitator an Invitation 35
  36. 36. Send Invitation to Connect 36
  37. 37. LAB 2: Send an Invitation to Connect • Team up in small groups – By success teams or industry – Help each other with LinkedIn & Networking • Send one or more invitations to connect – Personalize them • About 5 minutes 37
  38. 38. Request an Introduction: Search for the Person 38
  39. 39. Request an Introduction: Connection 39
  40. 40. Request an Introduction via Connection 40
  41. 41. If You are Stuck at Getting Introduced, Try - Business Card Info • Get b i G t business card contact info d t ti f • Every new contact you add in – you get a contact out • Every contact error you report – you get a contact out • $5 for one contact, $25/month for 25 contacts, … 41
  42. 42. Jigsaw – find contacts 42
  43. 43. Spoke – Where Businesspeople ConnectSM 43
  44. 44. LAB 3: Request introduction Requests one or more introductions – Personalize them • Refresh them of your last conversations or activities • Tell them why you’re asking for the introduction – (AIR: Advice, Information, Referral) – THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE TO GET YOU HIRED • About 5 minutes 44
  45. 45. Expanding Your Network in Bulk 45
  46. 46. Expanding Your Network in Bulk 46
  47. 47. Expanding Your Network in Bulk 47
  48. 48. Expanding Your Network in Bulk 48
  49. 49. Answers 49
  50. 50. Answers • Ask Clear and Concise Questions to get Clear and Concise Answers • If long or complex, summarize in an opening sentence or two – to help the reader to quickly assess the broad issues • Describe how you “are not lazy” and have already tried to investigate the answer. Share any related web links. The answer h d b tt not be on Wiki di a FAQ or some had better t b Wikipedia, easy place. • Answer only questions to which you actually have a Coherent Answer based on Real Knowledge • Keep Politics, Religion, etc, out of Answers • (unless that is your profession) 50
  51. 51. Relevant Questions or Answers don’t Waste People’s Time 51
  52. 52. Groups 52
  53. 53. Groups 53
  54. 54. Groups • See the tabs and discussions 54
  55. 55. Groups – How do they help? • See the jobs tab for postings • Groups expand your networking links • You can ask questions or discuss within the group (industry) (i d t ) – seek out coaching kt hi • Local meetings and networking opportunities • Caution: can get MANY emails! See Appendix D on “Yahoo filters” to automatically route email to y folder • Creating a groups is quite easy – and free – Click the link on the top right of groups – Enter about a page of descriptive info & logos 55
  56. 56. Groups on other web sites – local networking ($12 / month to create) 56
  57. 57. Groups on other web sites – local networking 14 February 2008 LinkedIn, A ProMatch Networking Team Workshop 57
  58. 58. LAB 4: Investigate Answers or Groups • You choose what to investigate – LinkedIn • Expanding your network in bulk • Answers • Groups – Other networking websites for local groups • • • About 5 minutes 58
  59. 59. Demo & Exercise: Contacts & Jobs Contacts & Jobs – Find a Contact at a Target Company – Search for Jobs Posted on • LinkedIn • Simply Hired 59
  60. 60. Find Contacts at Target Companies 60
  61. 61. Find Contacts at Target Companies 61
  62. 62. Find Jobs 62
  63. 63. Find Jobs 63
  64. 64. LinkedIn Toolbars • Why - finds your contacts when you are on other job boards – you don’t have to search! don t • To install, click on link in footer navigation 64
  65. 65. LinkedIn Toolbars 65
  66. 66. LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar 66
  67. 67. LinkedIn Browser Toolbar 67
  68. 68. LAB 5: Search Jobs and Contacts • Find a Posted Job and Contacts – Optionally, install LinkedIn Browser Toolbar – Search for a posted j on LinkedIn database p job – Find Linked In contacts for the job at the company in question 68
  69. 69. Embedded Applications Customize Your LinkedIn Profile 69
  70. 70. Embedded Applications 70
  71. 71. Embedded Applications • Share interests • • Establish credibility 71
  72. 72. 72
  73. 73. LAB 6: Embedded Applications • Investigate choose some to install Investigate, 73
  74. 74. Ways to Use LinkedIn, Summary • Preparation for Interviews – Search for Profiles of Interviewers – Identify Informational Interview Candidates y • Find jobs listed only on LinkedIn • Get back in touch with colleagues • Connect to someone close to a Position Use LinkedIn to U Li k dI t FIND the connections & background. The more personal the contact, the better! 74
  75. 75. Evaluation Course Evaluation 75
  76. 76. Appendix Appendices A di A. Introduction Email B. Request to Forwarding Email C. InMail Example Content D. Yahoo email filters – route emails from groups t a folder to f ld 76
  77. 77. Appendix A: Introduction Email Dear John Doe, Jane Doeman referred me to you as a key thought leader for marketing programs in your company. She mentioned that you are looking for business development ideas in your new program. I am contacting you to explore some ideas that could be valuable to you and your team including, strengthening your market position, leveraging your products to new channels in Europe I have proven success in growing businesses such as yours with high recommendations from my working teams as you will see in my LinkedIn endorsements. I am motivated to put those skills to work for y p your company. py I would be happy to talk on the phone with you or one of your colleagues next week to discuss a potential collaboration. I can be easily reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks for your help and I look forward to adding value to your organization! XXX 77
  78. 78. Appendix B: Request to Forward Email Dear Jane, Great to hear from you again. Thanks for your kind offer to forward on introductions for me as I have done for you in the past. I have an introduction that I would like you to help me with which may also add to y p y the success of your projects. We talked weeks ago about one of your colleague’s need for someone colleague s to add fresh ideas to his marketing programs I would greatly appreciate if you could f ld tl it ld forward th f ll i message t d the following to John Doe this week. I believe that I could add value to his organization as well as yours by collaborating on the project. Best wishes, XXX 78
  79. 79. Appendix C: InMail Example Content Dear John Doe, I found your contact information on LinkedIn and I realized that we share several connections in common from the Marketing Association. It seems that you are an industry leader in the field and may be interested in the results of a new survey I have conducted. I am contacting you to share some ideas that could be valuable to you and your team, including strengthening your market position and leveraging your products to new channels in Europe. I have proven success in growing businesses such as yours with high recommendations from my working teams as y will see in my LinkedIn y g you y endorsements. I am motivated to put those skills to work for your company. I would be happy to talk on the phone with you or one of your colleagues next week to discuss a potential collaboration. I can b easily reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx. di t ti l ll b ti be il hd t Thanks for your help and I look forward to adding value to your organization! XXX 79
  80. 80. Appendix D: Filters in email Use when you belong to many groups, and you want to automatically route email t a t ti ll t il to specific folder 80
  81. 81. Appendix D: Filters in email