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Yammer activation guide


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This is a Yammer resource from the "Work like a Network" packet that can be downloaded from the Microsoft FastTrack resource site:

The Yammer resource packet is designed to help companies successfully launch and integrate Yammer. You can download the packet here;

Packet also includes:
Email Templates
Poster/Flyer Templates
Work like a network Training PowerPoint
Learning Path Scenario
Yammer Guidance

You can view my favorite Yammer Resources on this Pinterest board: Yammer Resources

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Yammer activation guide

  1. 1. A CTI VATION GUIDE We’ve prepared an online guide to the special administrative privileges available only to activated Yammer Enterprise customers (Yammer plans and pricing) like yourself. As a Yammer administrator, you now have access to a robust suite of tools, specially designed to help you configure and manage your network. You can enable and disable features, integrate Yammer with other enterprise applications, provision and de-provision users, monitor activity, export data, andmore. And this guide is only the beginning — as questions come up, feel free to jointhe Office 365 Network and post them on the Enterprise Social (Yammer) Help group. You can also check out the Yammer Support page for community forums and dedicated technical support. Use this guide to administer your network like a pro! Welcome to your Yammer network! We’re glad you’re here. Using Yammer is going to change the way your company gets work done (if it hasn’t already!), and you, as an admin, will be a huge part of helping your coworkers become comfortable with the wayYammer works. Use this guide to administer your network like apro!
  2. 2. • Configure features and applications • Customize your network with company branding • Create a usage policy • Create an external network • Monitor keywords • Protect your network • Export data • Track analytics • Set group privileges • Integrate applications • Learn about internal and external networks • View browser and system requirements • Adjust admin access privileges • Invite users • Invite external guests • Remove users • Block users • Sync Yammer with a company directory • Customize profile fields • Bulk update users Setting up your Yammer network Monitoring your Yammer data Additional Yammer features Yammer Security FAQ Yammer technical readiness checklist Use this checklist to make sure you are ready to support Yammer appropriately. How to administer your network like apro Managing your Yammer users NOW, LET’S GET THIS NETWORK STAR TED. Click a section name below for quick online access to the information you need. Find answers to frequently-asked Yammer questions.