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Why you need video training for Office 365 and SharePoint


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5 Reasons - Why to Use Video Training for end users in Office 365 and SharePoint

10 Reasons Training Solutions are Failing in Office 365 and SharePoint

6 Features Your Office 365 and SharePoint video training should provide

10 Benefits of using Video Training in Office 365 and SharePoint

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Why you need video training for Office 365 and SharePoint

  1. 1. VIDEO TRAINING “Keeping up with change is hard, getting user adoption is harder” FOR END USERS . . 900/ f V'de° '5 inforrr? aCt)ion engagmg transmitted and to your repeatable brain is visual I 10 REASONS TRAINING SOLUTIONS ARE FAILING K 1 4 5
  2. 2. Training prvide to only select employees too expensive N0 Only tl3CI<l“9 providing OF initial measurement training solution is not easily accessible 6 FEATURES YOUR VIDEO TRAINING SOLUTION SHOULD I PROVIDE l s Searchable 1 Videos and I ‘Video Content I’ I , / / T T / V /7I5rofessionagIl*~{ . Maintenance _ Quality I‘ Easily Free Training _/ Accessmle 5 cyideo/ §, ‘b
  3. 3. 1 BENEFITS OF USING VIDEO TRAINING IN I OFFICE 365 AND SHAREPOINT K Increases user Increases platform adoption usage Pr0Vlde5 greater Most affordable ROI on your investment training 5o| ution Training solution lives NO Hardware in the cloud Users access their training in the same environment Training is available 24/7 Training is accessible Existing corporate by everyone media can be utilized X CLICK BELOW FOR AN EXAMPLE ‘ IIIDEO TRAINING
  4. 4. Less than 3 cents a day per end user ' PRIORITY SharePoint