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Increase Office 365 User Adoption using the APP LAUNCHER


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This presentation explains how to configure the Office 365 APP LAUNCHER which is the primary navigation tool to navigate Office 365. Once configured correctly it will improve the end user navigation experience and can help increase end user adoption by promoting your end user training solution.

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Increase Office 365 User Adoption using the APP LAUNCHER

  1. 1. Increase Office 365 User Adoption Using the APP LAUNCHER Greg FREE tool to customize your company app tiles Faster Office 365 Integration PART 1
  2. 2. Greg About Me Greg Gignac Office 365 and SharePoint Integration Specialist I love working with companies of all sizes and skill levels to leverage and utilize the “out of the box” features of Office 365 and SharePoint Founder of Priority SharePoint Comfortable working with the “C suite”, project teams and one on one with business users CERTIFICATIONS MY WORK Extensive experience building SharePoint intranets and Office 365 integrations Committed to teaching best practices and skills to make clients self reliant Dedicated commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. AIIM – Association for Information and Image Management • SharePoint Specialist - Enterprise Content Management • SharePoint Specialist - SharePoint for Collaboration • ECM Practitioner • BPM Practitioner • Information Organization & Access Practitioner MICROSOFT • Microsoft Office Specialist - Office 365 • Microsoft Office Specialist SharePoint 2010 • Office 365 Sales Specialist • Microsoft Partner • Certified Technical Trainer • Master Certified – IS/IT Project Management • Master Certified – Business Analysis • Master Certified – ROI Methodology Former Professional Pilot
  3. 3. This Presentation includes: Faster Office 365 Integration • A detailed explanation of the Office 365 APP LAUNCHER for end users and admins • A FREE TOOL to design and customize your APP TILES with 4000 templates • 10 IDEAS on how you can use the APP LAUNCHER to increase user adoption • A YouTube explainer video of the APP LAUNCHER • APP LAUNCHER DO’S • APP LAUNCHER DON’T’S
  4. 4. Faster Office 365 Integration Navigating Office 365 Navigating Office 365 Office 365 includes more features and solutions than just SharePoint How do end users access all these great new features?
  5. 5. Faster Office 365 Integration The APP LAUNCHER is the primary navigation tool in Office 365 Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER The APP LAUNCHER is the “launching point” to all the features included in your Office 365 environment, custom tiles, and installable applications available from the Office Store.
  6. 6. By default, the APP LAUNCHER will display the features and office products included with Office 365 or “APPS” With a proper introduction and a little configuration, it can have a big impact on your user adoption and navigation experience. Faster Office 365 Integration Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER
  7. 7. “Houston, we have a user adoption solution.” THE APP LAUNCHER CAN MAKE NAVIGATION EASIER & FASTER FOR END USERS The App launcher is located in the top left corner in Office 365 and it can be customized by end users to show specific apps and the order they are presented . With administrative access, the app launcher can be configured to globally display specific custom tiles, icons or images. Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  8. 8. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO TO SEE HOW IT FUNCTIONS Introduction to the Office 365 App Launcher Video Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration Click the image to play
  9. 9. APP LAUNCHER – Introduction 1. Make sure you introduce the APP LAUNCHER to everyone and explain that it is the primary navigation method to all the major areas and features of Office 365. 2. Include the video in this slide deck as part of your introduction. 3. Explain the features and how it works because if configured properly, it can save your end users time. 4. Work with your admin to configure it and add quick links and custom tile images. 5. Take the time to figure out which custom links can help the most users. Making basic navigation in Office 365 faster and easier is a simple way to increase user adoption and usage on Day 1. DO’s Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER
  10. 10. APP LAUNCHER – What is it? 1. Don’t assume that your end users will understand what the app launcher is or will even intuitively select or click on it. 2. Don’t forget to explain the features and how it works and that everyone has the ability to customize which tiles are viewable in their app launcher. 3. Don’t forget to train your users that up to 3 apps can be pinned to the nav bar for even faster navigation to the most accessed apps. DON’T’S Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  11. 11. APP LAUNCHER – END USER PERSPECTIVE & KEY FEATURES 1. The main app interface can be configured to display only the programs (apps) that you would like visible. Hover over the app (tile) and 3 dots appear in the top right corner allowing you to unpin the app from the App Launcher. 2. From the App Launcher you can also drag and drop your apps to the position you would like them presented. 3. In the bottom left corner will be an icon labelled “My Apps”. This is the backstage view of all your apps and from here you can pin or unpin apps. 4. From the “My Apps” interface you are also presented with the ability to pin up to 3 apps to the nav bar which is accessible by hovering over the top right corner where a new choice is visible allowing you to “pin to nav bar”. In this example of the nav bar, I have pinned (displayed) Delve, Sites and my Admin app. Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  12. 12. APP LAUNCHER – UNDERSTANDING CUSTOM APP TILES In Office 365, you also have the ability to add custom app tiles and images to the App Launcher that are viewable by everyone. These custom apps and images are added via an administrative interface. Now that you have seen how end users can navigate Office 365 with the App Launcher, let’s make it even easier with custom app tiles Why customize app tiles? Customizing apps allows you to present your custom app tiles and images that link to specific destinations you would like to promote or provide easier navigation. Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  13. 13. APP LAUNCHER – FREE TOOL TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR APP TILES • I recommend using the 128 x 128 pixel size • Simply export the app tile when finished configuring and save Here is a free tool from Syncfusion that allows you to design and build custom metro style icons from a library of over 4000 templates. Here are a few examples: Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  14. 14. APP LAUNCHER – ADMIN INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMIZING APP TILES 1. Select the Admin App from the APP LAUNCHER 2. From the Office 365 admin center select “COMPANY PROFILE” from the left hand navigation. Instructions: You will need: • The url of the uploaded image from within SharePoint • The url of the navigation link 3. From the left hand navigation select “Custom Tiles” 4. To create a custom tile select “+” Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  15. 15. 10 IDEAS TO INCREASE USER ADOPTION WITH THE APP LAUNCHER 1. Create a custom app tile that navigates to your training portal/solution 2. Create a custom app tile that navigates directly to your Intranet homepage for easier navigation 3. Add your help desk information as an app tile 4. Create a welcome to Office 365 portal and display it as an app tile. 5. Create an app tile that links to a company wide Yammer group 6. Create an app tile that links to a dedicated search solution 7. Create a dedicated app tile for the HR department 8. Create custom app tiles for internal / external accessed site collections 9. Promote important company videos as app tiles 10. Add custom app tiles for new and frequently accessed business solutions Increase User Adoption with the APP LAUNCHER Faster Office 365 Integration
  16. 16. Greg More ways to increase user adoption This is PART 1 of a 4 PART Series How to increase user adoption in Office 365 by configuring: • PART 1 - The APP LAUNCHER • PART 2 - PROMOTED SITES • PART 3 - The BANNER IMAGE and LINK • PART 4 - Office 365 Training Solution CASE STUDY Combine all 3 parts to promote your end user training solution and increase user adoption. CLICK HERE or visit GREAT TRAINING = INCREASED USER ADOPTION
  17. 17. Greg End User Training for Office 365 Learn all the Features of Office 365 by Video • Over 1500 training videos and growing • Less than 3 cents a day per end user • Installs in minutes • Maintenance free solution SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Video Portal for Office 365, Yammer, Office Online, Outlook for Office 365, Power BI, Project Online, Excel, OneNote, Word, Windows 8 Office 365 End User Video Training See an example of this training solution in PART 4
  18. 18. Greg Faster Office 365 Integration Thank You!