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How Change Happens 09 15 09


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Musings - work in process

Published in: Business, Technology
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How Change Happens 09 15 09

  1. 1. Change How does CHANGE really happen? Society Individual Team Organization
  2. 2. It’s a linear journey and there are road signs + fear of pain and prospects of gain – only 7 steps, I thought there were 12
  3. 3. It’s all about physics (and psychology – thank you Mr. Deming) - play with the forces – Lewin Yoda was right
  4. 4. It’s about the refrigerator – unfreeze, change, refreeze Cryogenics too
  5. 5. Peer pressure and keeping up with the Jones From the civil war (and before) to 1954 (and beyond) Women jogging
  6. 6. Bring on the enabler – Doctor it hurts when I … then don’t … Can I borrow your watch
  7. 7. Imitation is … Where’s the cliff
  8. 8. First, awareness and then … I just do it that way – stop getting in my head
  9. 9. The importance of tension – as-is meets to-be and thanks for the gap – it’s all about crossing the bridge over the chasm (do you have to be a bridge builder first)
  10. 10. Compliance – aye, aye sir Sir, Sir is a subservient word surviving from the surly days of old Siberia, when certain serfs too servile to blaspheme their master, yet too ignorant to remember their lordship’s name or too lazy to pronounce it, circumvented the situation by surrogating the serviceable word Sir, by which I belatedly address a certain senior ceriped who correctly surmised that I was syrupy enough not to say Sir after each word I spoke to him, Sir!
  11. 11. Rewards (on the psychological side) – Napoleon and a piece of ribbon for your life and those of your comrades – why did he die on an island?
  12. 12. Tufts – The power of positive deviance in Viet Nam and elsewhere – Would you like to become a positive deviant?
  13. 13. Blue eyes are good … brown bad – off with the collar – Jane Elliott (Hitler and herds)
  14. 14. Economic theory of humans, organizations, nations – did Adam Smith, Keynes, and Friedman say it all – if so, what just happened
  15. 15. Leverage – Is there such a thing when it comes to changes – Archimedes rules?
  16. 16. Ready, fire, aim or just fire and see what happens – OUDA loop – iterate incrementally – Agile change Observe ,  Orient ,  Decide  and  Act – John Boyd
  17. 17. Bet on people more than strategy – find the team (but what about everyone else – the unteam)
  18. 18. Emergence and Complex Adaptive Systems – Norbert Weiner and before = The Tipping Point It’s the network stupid thanks for being a node
  19. 19. & Almost infinite