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Introductory presentation on GDR

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Gdr Intro

  1. 1. Courtesy of Bosch & Fjord Courtesy of ico Design Courtesy of HWKN
  2. 2. GDR is a world-renowned trend forecaster predicting ve years into the product, retail and hospitality future. We deliver essential insight into global best-in- market innovation set within the context of consumer trends. We aim to give con dence to senior decision-makers and global consumer brands about where to innovate, adapt, change and invest resources wisely in the future. Courtesy of FutureBrand &Butlins Courtesy of R/GA Courtesy of Tommy Li Design Courtesy of Blink Courtesy of Fitch
  3. 3. 01_ Trend reporting - What’s out there that’s relevant to your sector 02_Trend Analysis - What you need to do to stay ahead 03_Trend Translation - Short-listing your creative partners 04_Trend Immersion - Retail Safaris Courtesy of Vintage 55 Courtesy of Hemmingway Design Courtesy of SET Japan Courtesy of Wikitude
  4. 4. 01_Trend Reporting: Research is communicated to clients quarterly through impactful visual presentations which inspire action. Clients also receive four printed copies of the Global Innovation Report per year, featuring best in market retail, experiential, hospitality, technology, service, point of sale and packaging innovations. All visuals and project information are supplied directly by the designers, giving unique insight into the background and rationale of each project. 02_Trend Analysis: Expert interpretation of trends and their relevance to your business. Through interactive tailored seminars and workshops, GDR helps clients apply emerging trends and develop real-time concrete solutions for future stores, hotels, malls, products, communication strategies and services. Courtesy of Andy Tong Creations Courtesy Karimof Prada Courtesy Rashid Courtesy of Bokks
  5. 5. 03_Trend Translation Short-listing of world-class designers, architects and marketers. Reassurance that you’re considering benchmarked agencies with superb track records, as independently assessed by GDR and it’s clients over 17 years. 04_Trend Immersion Maximum e ciency and return on investment from retail safaris – GDR delivers insight on what’s new and relevant in key destinations. Courtesy of Butlins Courtesy of Icecreamists Courtesy of Budi Pradono Architects Courtesy of SET Japan Courtesy of Blink Courtesy of AMy Checker Box
  6. 6. 01_ LeMeridian - Tailored research and consultancy on attracting cultural creatives led to LM100 02_ Barclays - Consultancy for ‘bank of the future’ 03_Harrods - Consultancy input to Board provided stimulus for seasonal campaigns 04_Virgin Atlantic - Selection of agencies for lounges and in- ight 05_Moet Hennessy - Intelligence on new luxury markets & selection of creatives 06_O2 - Selecting architects for London’s premier conference venue - savings in 6 gures 07_McDonalds - Tailored research on kids & play aided development of McVillage
  7. 7. LM100 GDR input_Tailored report on attracting cultural creatives Dubai El Vendrell, Spain Barcelona
  8. 8. Barclays GDR input_Research and agency selection
  9. 9. Harrods HARRODS GDR input_Consultancy to Board
  10. 10. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse GDR input_Agency selection Photo: Richard Davies
  11. 11. Moet Hennessy GDR input_Introduction to creative partner
  12. 12. O2 GDR input_ Agency selection O2
  13. 13. McVillage GDR input_Tailored report on kids and play
  14. 14. “Flexibility, reliability and talent are di cult to nd in one proposition. Since 2004, GDR delivered insightful reports, accurate consultancy and a relationship management de nitely at the highest end of the trend research industry. Their performance rating at Philips Design is simply top.” Design Director, Trend Research, Philips Design “The GDR report is a designer's roadmap to leading edge design. Each issue lls me with envy, lust, pride and wrath.” Creative Director EMEA, NIKE Image Design "You are more than a catalogue or referral service. You are a cultural barometer, which if used correctly, enables a client to measure now and tomorrow." VP New Ideas, Global Creative Director, Coty Inc "When time is short and it seems like we haven't seen the outside world for days it is a refreshing respite from the day to see the GDR team. The opportunity to view design excellence across a diverse range of disciplines is invaluable. Whether it's creative, commercial or 'blue sky design' - we always nd the presentation inspirational, thought provoking and commercially relevant to our ongoing design strategy. Senior Designer, Marks & Spencer “The Crown Estate is engaged on a transformation of retailing in Regent Street.  GDR provide an invaluable service both with their quarterly presentations and reports as well as on speci c tailored projects.  GDR has made us think “out of the box”.  Head of Regent Street Portfolio The Crown Estate
  15. 15. For information about GDR: Dilke House Kate Ancketill, 1 Malet Street Founder and Managing Director London WC1E 7JN T +44 (0) 20 7580 5589 To arrange a meeting: F +44 (0) 20 7580 5576 I Follow us on twitter: To request GDR’s monthly Intelligence Brie ng by email: Courtesy of HWKN