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Evolution of facebook privacy

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Evolution of facebook privacy

  1. EVOLUTION OF FACEBOOKPRIVACY! !Grégory Pouy! !! !@gregfromparis! ! LaMercatique !
  2. UNDERSTAND HOW FACEBOOK DID OPENPERSONAL DATA TO EVERYONE!At its beginning, Facebook was really a social network designed for handling your personal life. !Default parameters were set so that only you and your friends could see most of yourinformations.!These few slides will show you how throughout the year, Facebook did open everything toeveryone by default.!With the timeline in 2012, it also allow anybody to go down to your very first day on the socialnetwork not considering that you don’t behave the same in 2012 compare to 2005.!Thanks to for putting everything together.! LaMercatique !
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  9. MERCI! !Grégory Pouy! !! !+33 6 33 79 34 88! ! LaMercatique !