How To Find Wholesalers


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Describes how to find legitimate wholesalers who will provide you with products to sell on Ebay.

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How To Find Wholesalers

  1. 1. How To FindWholesalers
  2. 2. Thanks for downloading my ebook! I tried to make this ebook as shortas possible since Im sure you dont have a lot of time on your hands.Its only 8 pages long and shouldnt take more than 5 minutes to read.If you have any questions feel free to email me If you find this ebook useful pleaseshare it with somebody else.
  3. 3. Searching Google For WholesalersOne way to find wholesalers is to search Google, Yahoo and Bing.While this isnt the easiest way to go about this, it can produce results.I actually built up an entire directory of wholesale sources using thismethod but ended up selling it to somebody else. Unfortunately thenew owner took it down.Basically, all you have to do is type in the name of the product youresearching for with the words wholesale, wholesale distributor orsupplier. For example, if youre searching for video games you cansearch for “wholesale video game distributor” or “wholesale videogame supplier”.I just did that and found the supplier Sonic Games Inc.. They have aminimum purchase of $250 which is a good sign that they arelegitimate. Many true wholesalers will require you to purchase in bulkin order to get the wholesale price. Its very difficult to find wholesalersthat dont. Its even harder to find a true wholesaler thats willing todropship for you. At the end of this ebook Im going to reveal how youcan find these sources.Another type of wholesaler you might want to search for is known as aliquidator. Liquidators are basically companies that purchase excessinventory or inventory from stores that have gone out of business.Most liquidators require you to purchase by the pallet or truckload.Since shipping can be quite costly, it might be wise to search for aliquidator near you to avoid these extra costs.Searching for a liquidator is quite easy. Search for “wholesaleliquidator” in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Try to choose the liquidator thatsclosest to you. If there isnt a liquidator in your state or city, thenchoose the nearest state to save money on shipping.
  4. 4. If you plan on buying a truckload or more please be aware that manyliquidators are brokers as well. The truckloads theyre selling areactually being sold by a different liquidator. All theyre doing is selling itto you and tacking on $3,000 for a quick profit. If possible, try to goaround them by finding the actual source.Another thing I should mention about liquidators is that a lot of theliquidation merchandise out there are customer returns. Not brandnew or “first class”. If possible try to find first class merchandisebecause you dont want to purchase a bunch of pallets of brokengoods. Many people have succeeded selling customer returns but Ipersonally cant figure out a model that would work. Searching Online DirectoriesAnother easy way to find wholesalers is to search online directories.Believe it or not one of the best directories to find wholesale sourcesis Search “wholesale distributors” or “liquidators” for acomprehensive list. Many of these websites are listed in Google butits nice to have everything sorted out on one page.There are also many other wholesale directories that are worthmentioning. Here are a few of them: • • • • • http://www.wholesaleroom.comIf you want more all you have to do is search Dmoz for the words“wholesale directory”. When it comes to finding wholesale sourcesDmoz is probably the best free site in the world.
  5. 5. Ask The Manufacturer Of A ProductIn order for manufacturers to succeed, most have to deal withwholesale distributors which are basically middlemen who purchase inhuge bulk and resell to retailers. While they may be a middleman theydo offer true wholesale pricing since they purchase far more than whatyou want. When it comes to wholesale the more you purchase thelower your price.If you see a product you would like to resell, figure out whomanufactured the product and call them up. Tell whoever answers thephone that youre interested in reselling their products and would likethe names of some of their distributors. In some cases they might tellyou that they sell directly to retailers. If thats the case than youalready found the wholesale source. But if they do deal withdistributors, then they should give you their contact information.Finding a wholesale distributor is like finding hundreds of smallerwholesale sources at one time. Most distributors sell many differenttypes of products which means that if theyre willing to do businesswith you youll be able to resell any one of those products.Most legitimate distributors require you to have a BUSINESSLICENSE and TAX ID in the United States. If you dont live in theUnited States the rules could be slightly different. The reason why youneed a tax id is so that you wont have to pay sales tax on yourwholesale purchase. The government wants your business to succeedso not having to pay sales tax leaves you more room for profit.
  6. 6. Attending Local and Online Trade ShowsIf youre willing to leave your house in order to source for products toresell online then you might want to consider attending a local tradeshow or expo. If you live in the city then theres a good chance thatthere are several expos that are coming up in the near future. All youhave to do is search online for the date when they take place.If I wanted to search for a local expo, I would type in "Florida Expos"or "Florida Trade Shows" into Google which produces quite a fewresults. One such website is which alsohas a list of vendors who attend their events.Since theres no guarantee that youll be able to find products that youactually want to sell at a trade show, you might want to check outsome of the online trade shows or marketplaces so you dont end upwasting your time.The top online trade marketplace is Most people go tothis website to search for overseas suppliers, but there are quite a fewAmerican suppliers who list their products on this site.If you have thousands of dollars to spend on products then this isprobably the way to go. But if youre searching for a wholesaler thatsells in small bulk or is willing to dropship then trade shows ormarketplaces probably arent for you.
  7. 7. Join A Wholesale Membership SiteUnfortunately, finding some of the best wholesale sources is likesearching for a needle in a haystack. The only easy way to locatethese sources is to join a wholesale membership that hands you theworld on a silver platter. Most of these sites require a $100-$500investment which hundreds of thousands of people have gladly forkedup. If you want to start a serious business you need to know what allof your options are. Failure to do so could result in huge losses andmissed opportunities.The BEST website to join for finding THOUSANDS of legitimatewholesale sources is Worldwide Brands. All of these sources offertrue wholesale pricing and many have agreed to dropship for theircustomers. This means that you can get started IMMEDIATELY afterjoining. The cost of joining is $299 which is one paycheck for theaverage person. If you find the right source you can make that back ina week simply by selling on Ebay.If you cant afford Worldwide Brands a cheaper alternative would beSalehoo. For just $67 you get access to an invaluable database ofover 8,000 TRUE wholesale sources. If you dont have a lot of moneyto spare, my advice to you is to go along with Salehoo first. After youstart making money go ahead and use your profits to join both.
  8. 8. How To Find Customers For Your ProductsFinding customers for your products is quite simple. The easiest wayto sell products is on auction websites such as Ebay. There are alsoother Ebay alternatives you might want to consider and your own store is also another easy way to get started. Theeasiest way to startup an online shop is to use a free script such asosCommerce. This script is free. If you dont know how to set it upthen feel free to email me and Ill help you at NO COST.After you setup Oscommerce there are many designs for you tochoose from besides the default design. I personally dont like thedefault design so I would suggest you look here.If you have money to spare, then my suggestion is to hire the bestweb designer you can find to create you a custom Oscommercedesign. The first step to running a successful online store is to createa store that looks legitimate. If your website looks amateurish thenyoure destined to fail because nobody will trust you enough to make apurchase.Another thing you need to know how to do is to get your website to thetop of the search results. Many people do this by purchasing a domainname with the exact words that they want to go for. This is good SEO.If you dont know which keywords you should go for I can help you outwith that. I consider myself to be the “keyword king” and Ive neverfailed at finding the right keywords for my websites.Another way to sell products is through mail order which usuallyinvolves magazine advertising or direct mail pieces. There are plentyof books written on that subject.If you need ANY assistance with anything dont hesitate to email me.