Effective Use of Technology in a Job Search by Greg David Laka of Laka and Company


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How to use technology in a job search to maximize results while reducing your time in the market significantly. What works and what does not. Learn the best practices of those that land in a much shorter amount of time, with less frustration and stress, while getting multiple offers.

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  • Thank you for the information. Resume keywords are way more important than resume formats. Because recruiters conduct keyword searches during the initial sourcing process in Applicant Tracking Systems. You're not found if your resume doesn't contain the exact keywords. But it's a pain to find those keywords from the job descriptions. I found the site Jobscan http://ow.ly/RmPcR that identify keywords for your. All you do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identify the most important keywords for you. It literally takes seconds and it so worth the copy and paste. Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan! I recommend it as well.
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Effective Use of Technology in a Job Search by Greg David Laka of Laka and Company

  1. 1. Effective use of technology in a job search Greg David, Gregory Laka & Company Copyright 2009
  2. 2. Use proven tools and techniques • 10% of job seekers who use proven tools and techniques significantly reduce the time, pain, frustration, and cost of a job search • They set themselves up to be more successful from the beginning • They are back to work 30-70% faster, and find the search to be more enjoyable
  3. 3. They use technology the right way • Don‟t abuse email by trying to use it as a means to have a conversation • If you need to go back and forth more than twice, you are misusing the technology • Ask people if they are “phone” or “email” people, and store that info in their contact management record • Professionally “brand” your phone number, voicemail, emails, signature, on line profiles, resume, cover letters, etc
  4. 4. They avoid making common mistakes • Don‟t email or call just to keep your name in front of them • “Train” those who answer the phone at home • “Professionally” record your phone greetings • Do not do mass emails CC‟ing everyone • Do not send bogus emails trying to sneak your way into an organization • No resume spamming
  5. 5. They spend money on their search • If you make 50K/100K annually, you are losing $4166/$8333 monthly. Those who spend money and do an effective search shave 1/3 to 1/2 off their job search timeline • Use resume distribution tools to penetrate all the proprietary databases of all the search firms that have jobs you fit. • Here is a link that can also give you a 10% discount if you use them: http://www.resumespider.com/?dcode=914902
  6. 6. They spend money on their search • Get a resume done professionally • Get a career coach • Read books on how to interview and how to interview others and read them (it is a science and you need to master the technology behind it) • Have examples of your work to leave behind • Use bluetooth technology to share your contact info • Learn: www.audible.com or www.spotify.com
  7. 7. They spend money on their search • Join employment organizations like Gray Hair Management (www.grayhairmanagement.com) • Join associations like AITP, SMA, SHRM, etc. • Invaluable events, websites, emails, member lists • Get to events that cost money. Make A+ contacts. B,C, D, and F players will be too cheap to go • Join a private club ( www.ulcc.org )
  9. 9. Before you do anything: • STRONGLY consider buying a new, reputable, well warranted computer • Think you can‟t afford it? Consider the loss of what is the center of your job search universe at the worst possible time • Purchase a USB based or better yet, online back up recovery system that backs up your system every 24 hours • Spend a little extra to have the most up to date software and get a durable business machine, not junk • Do research & buy a top PC/notebook
  10. 10. Before you do anything: • Order your backup cd‟s (most manufacturers do not have the OEM cd‟s included with your machine. You will have to order them----do it now! • Create recovery cd‟s immediately! This is critical! • Get virus software and avoid McAfee and Norton!
  11. 11. Before you do anything: • Do all of your MICROSOFT updates and keep rebooting and rebooting to insure you have the latest updates---do not rush this process • Download or order good utility software that you can find from your favorite software store or www.cnet.com • Proven software is Advanced SystemCare which you can get via www.cnet.com or System Mechanic (I like the professional edition)
  12. 12. Computer hardware & software • MICROSOFT has the best OS, app software, & browser for a job search. Apple doesn‟t • Get a phone with Internet access and email • Seconds and minutes count. Be reachable • Get a reliable cellular provider • Dropped calls or garbled calls will affect how others assess you when they call to screen or interview • Get call forwarding • Always be reachable (unless you are in an interview) • Buy the latest contact management software • This is the most important tech item to have • Goldmine and Act! Use one!
  13. 13. Benefits of Contact Management Software • • • • • • • More organized Higher accuracy Can do „campaigns‟ Automate emails Automate letters Automate cover letters Automate sending resumes • Easy follow up • Automate sending thank you notes • • • • • • Far superior planning Better strategy Can apply metrics You will use it again Be more productive Can custom design data gathered for your personal needs • Major competitive edge • Can be fun
  14. 14. Email and electronic communication • Only use Google‟s gmail for email if at all possible • Never use Yahoo, SBCglobal, Hotmail, AOL, Earthlink • Set up your PC so your full name is used in your Internet set up • Set up a business looking email address • i.e. greg.david@gmail.com or greg_david@gmail.com or greg.david.laka@gmail.com or gregory.david@gmail.com
  15. 15. A word of caution: • On resumes, in your email signature, on your vcard, in your stored contact information in your address book, and in your Outlook setup, NEVER add: • Middle name • Middle initial • Certification • Academic degree information • Title of any kind • Nickname • NEVER use initials for your first name (i.e. G.A. Smith) • If you do, you will make it more time consuming for someone to consider your credentials and to work with you, and you will significantly increase the number of times your info is not stored nor entered properly • Often, your info will just be deleted
  16. 16. Email and electronic communication • Only use MS OUTLOOK for managing your email • Allows you to use XOBNI which can be found at www.xobni.com -----terrific FREE software for a job search • Allows for PLAXO ( www.plaxo.com ) and LINKEDIN (www.linkedin.com) integration • Allows for GWABBIT ( www.gwabbit.com ) integration
  17. 17. Email and electronic communication • Use Newsle (www.newsle.com) to receive news alerts on those in your address book • Use MS OneNote or Evernote to (daily) store valuable articles or documents for you to use in your search when you want to reach out to someone or do a „campaign‟ • Use M8 ClipBoard to store all of your copy and paste “templates” that you use daily to automate responses and email to people/firms
  18. 18. Email and electronic communication • Use SimplyFile (www.simplyfile.com) to automate filing of emails in your Outlook. • Use LastPass ( www.lastpass.com ) to store logins and passwords for each site you use (especially for all of the corporate sites and tool sites you will be visiting regularly). • Use Social360 as a Chrome browser add on to be able to take people on LinkedIn and find them immediately on other social sites (search the Chrome web store at www.chrome.google.com )
  19. 19. Email and electronic communication • Do use the SIGNATURE from LINKEDIN to have a professional signature in your emails • Set it up to be included in each email including responses • Cover letter MUST be a separate document---never make cover letter part of resume document • ONLY use MS Word. Many ATS‟ cannot store ADOBE or PDF files
  20. 20. Email and electronic communication • When applying, never claim to be the perfect candidate ----you alienate the reader • Don‟t “choke the baby” by too much follow up • If you find the need to keep your name in front of a firm or person, you do not have enough activity and are casting your net too narrowly • Ask how to best follow up
  21. 21. Email and electronic communication • Get a good video cam and set up an account with www.skype.com to do video calls • Use formal and business like pictures on your LinkedIN and Facebook profile • Proofread ALL emails before sending them and don‟t just rely on spell check
  22. 22. Use MS Office Word 2007 www.microsoft.com
  23. 23. MS Word 2007 • Resumes will be compliant with 100% of the Applicant Tracking Systems on market • Increases likelihood your info is kept and saved • Will be able to read all corporate documentation sent to you with no delay • Put in keyword summary of skills in margins of resume in white font on white background to increase the number of times your resume appears in keyword search results • Save resume as firstname.lastname.doc
  24. 24. MS Word 2007 • Do NOT put your name, contact information on the header nor the footer when building your resume • Tailor each resume to each posting that you see to make it quick work of getting into the „yes‟ pile • Never put borders, pictures, shading, graphics, etc. into a resume
  25. 25. A word of caution when sending resume: • NEVER send an email with a link to your resume or to your personal website. NEVER send an email asking questions before you send your resume • If you do not want to be ruled out for being a general nuisance, which is what most screeners will see you as, just send the resume and let them sort it out • Committing any of the above sins, only accomplishes the following: It will make them work longer and harder to work with you, and cause them to endure more irritation and frustration. Not a good strategy for getting a “first date”. More often than not, I would suspect they will just delete your email
  26. 26. Adobe Acrobat • Write white papers that you can share on the Internet or attach to your Internet profiles • Perfect opportunity to share information with others • Enhance the perception of you as a Subject Matter Expert • Have others learn about you with no effort • Make sure it is proof read by others and it is well written • Incorporate eye catching graphics • Be consistent
  27. 27. XOBNI www.xobni.com
  28. 28. XOBNI will rock your world • • • • • • Instant & complete history of emails exchanged Puts a face with a name Access to contact info without searching for it Instant & complete history of all files exchanged Historic summary of all appointments Can immediately click to contact‟s LINKEDIN or Facebook or Twitter profile • Hoovers summary on contacts employer • See who you communicate with most • FREE*FREE*FREE
  29. 29. www.xobni.com
  30. 30. PLAXO www.plaxo.com
  31. 31. PLAXO is an amazing tool to: • Have your address book instantly updated whenever fellow users change info • Quickly find contacts within organizations • Share your contacts with others • Have more useful information, which is more accurate, without effort on your own • Remove duplicates from your address book • FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE
  32. 32. Social Media=Branding SME
  33. 33. Social Media Explained:
  34. 34. www.linkedin.com
  35. 35. LinkedIn: Common mistakes • • • • • • • • Avoid typos or inaccuracies Don‟t blindly link to anyone/everyone Keep your network contacts confidential Use external email for your known contacts (not inmail) to increase odds of/speed of response Do not use social or casual photos for profile Do not comment negatively to anyone ever Do not be sedentary---need to change and develop your profile daily/weekly FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE
  36. 36. LinkedIn profile: Creating your brand • • • • • • • • Make it real Make it complete Don‟t oversell, and don‟t exaggerate Make it warm and inviting Make an impact with figures and percentages Include groups, associations, networks Have all contact information available Build a network of diverse people (not just your profession)
  37. 37. LinkedIn: Recommendations • You need to have at least ten—20 is better • Recommendations need to be from people who are senior to you in the food chain and/or from heads of business units and/or customers • You should not write recommendations for everyone who writes one for you • They need to have substance • They need to be more than 1-2 sentences • Don‟t be afraid to ask for them • Have them edited if need be
  38. 38. LinkedIn: Join the right groups • • • • Joining the right groups is critical Regularly search for new groups Join in discussions and contribute positive info Avoid negative topics. Never share negative info even if it is true • Avoid connections from limited profile people • Become known as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) • Gain respect, give respect, be nice
  39. 39. LinkedIn: Rekindle relationships • Academic institutions • Prior places of employment • Charitable organizations • User groups • Associations
  40. 40. LinkedIn: Become an expert • • • • • Attend webinars on how to best use the tool Attend physical events on how to use the tool Share experiences with others Learn from others Become known as “a giver” as opposed to “a taker” • Put up PowerPoint presentations (MUST DO) • Offer guidance and support to others based on your knowledge and experience
  41. 41. Linkedin: Searching for info • • • • • • • • • More than searching for particular firms/people Search groups and discussions for info & jobs Search jobs area for posted jobs Search on job titles and companies to see where people have gone to work (very useful) Job search on firms you have worked for to see where people from those firms have gone to work Use LinkedIn in conjunction with doing a campaign based search to learn useful information to include in search campaign Search presentations Follow others Set up automated job search agents
  42. 42. LinkedIn: Be careful… • It can become a “time waster” so manage your time versus your return on time invested • Not everyone is a real person behind that profile • i.e. scams • i.e. corporations looking to harvest info for hiring • i.e. corporations looking to harvest info for marketing • i.e. competitive intelligence, business intelligence, industry intelligence mining
  43. 43. LinkedIn: Be careful… • Same applies to Twitter----no one wants to hear that you woke up, went to the bathroom, brushed your teeth, are sitting at the airport……DO NOT SHARE MEANINGLESS INFO WITH OTHERS • Don‟t recommend others to people unless they want you to---causes major irritation and obligates people to speak to them
  44. 44. The most valuable and misunderstood tool in a job search ESPECIALLY SINCE MOST DO NOT USE IT!
  45. 45. Twitter is simple to use! • Go to www.twitter.com and sign up • Create a profile that shows who you are • Share information with others by “tweeting” or sharing short blurbs of info • Others will begin to follow you • You can block anyone you wish from following • Use www.tinyurl.com to shrink long web addresses so you can tweet them • As you share, you will develop followers
  46. 46. Twitter is a great learning tool • To find open jobs, go to „Find People‟ and use keywords to find people and groups that tweet their openings • Following Subject Matter Experts will allow you to learn information, techniques, tools, and ideas that you can use in your search • Giving to others will develop a reciprocity rule with others more likely to help you if they feel you have been an asset to them
  47. 47. Tweet your way to a larger network • You can invite others to follow you • Take advantage of „suggested users‟ to link to noteworthy users of Twitter to help you learn, become more aware, and have useful information • Link your Twitter/LinkedIn and Twitter/Facebook updates • Link your Twitter and Myspace account • FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE
  48. 48. Facebook*MySpace*YouTube* • Most executives feel that Facebook, MySpace, YouTube is beneath them • Most executives feel that they are for kids • Most executives do not understand them • Most execs don‟t use them • This reinforces the belief that they are out of touch and they are often passed over for candidates who are more savvy
  49. 49. Facebook*MySpace*YouTube • Most firms that use these tools to hire never come into contact with qualified execs • Firms that use them often want to find more technical, more creative, more adaptable, more tech savvy candidates • Are you letting them know about you? • Are you using FB/G+/Pinterest/Twitter/MySpace/YouTube to create your brand? • Are you getting out of your comfort zone to create a new brand for you? • Are you demonstrating what they want?
  50. 50. Facebook*MySpace*YouTube • www.facebook.com Use it for branding and building a social network • www.MySpace.com Use it for branding and building a social and professional network • Use it for learning new things • www.YouTube.com Use it for branding and building a social and professional network • Use it for learning new things
  51. 51. Google+, Pinterest, Instagram • www.google.com Use G+ or Google+ for branding and building a social network • www.pinterest.com Use it for branding and building a social network • www.instagram.com Use it for branding and building a social network
  52. 52. Warning on social sites and the internet in general • If you opt to get on the Internet, you agree to be scrutinized by any and all for what you do • It is not just what you do, but what others do who are linked to you---you are guilty by association • This is true for all sites; none are exempt • You cannot hide or prevent others from seeing what you have out there, regardless of what you believe----make smart choices • NEVER write anything negative---even if it is true • Be careful what you write in any and all emails • They never die
  53. 53. Use INDEED to create a jobs robot • www.indeed.com
  54. 54. Use it as a time saver… • Create a large quantity of searches and save them so they are automatically sent to you via email daily • Allows you to respond before others • Allows you to save time not searching and put that time into other search activities • Increase the quantity of job leads and you can increase the quality of what you can choose from *****Also see www.linkup.com and www.simplyhired.com • FREE*FREE*FREE*FREE
  55. 55. Develop a blog and blog often • Find a free site like www.blogger.com • Develop an attention gathering name for your BLOG • Select a website template • Follow the online directions to create your first post---make it professional yet attention getting and write about something you are an expert at, that is of benefit to others • Go to your URL to see if it loads properly • URL is your site address
  56. 56. Develop a blog and blog often • Share your blogs URL with others through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc • Include the URL in all of your contact info on all sites, on your resume, and on your business card • Make sure you include it on your vcard in your phone so you can Bluetooth it to others
  57. 57. Use technology to brand you • Create presentations to email • Create presentations on cd‟s, dvd‟s, usb sticks to give • Create examples of work on cd‟s, dvd‟s, usb sticks to leave at an interview • Create examples of work on cd‟s, dvd‟s, usb sticks to use as part of a campaign based job search • Create virtual presentations to share with others on skills you are a Subject Matter Expert at • Volunteer your time to speak at events
  58. 58. Show your measured skills • • • • • • • • • www.brainbench.com (skills) (behavior) www.proveit.com (skills) www.testingroom.com (access to numerous) www.keirsey.com (temperment/Myers-Briggs) www.jobdiagnosis.com (career assessment) www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ (personality) www.whathalf.com (career assessment/aptitude) www.quintcareers.com (very valuable career site) www.wonderlic.com (skills) (behavior)
  59. 59. Traditional job boards overview • • • • www.monster.com www.dice.com www.hotjobs.com www.careerbuilder.com • www.ides.state.il.us • www.illinoisskillsmatch.com
  60. 60. Tier two job board market • • • • • • • • www.simplyhired.com www.netshare.com www.ritesite.com www.vault.com www.craigslist.com www.theladders.com www.latpro.com And many others found at www.internetinc.com/top100-job-site-niches-2009 Outstanding list of job engines
  61. 61. Other noteworthy websites • • • • • • • • • • www.worldwit.com www.techleaders.net www.yahoo.com (yahoo groups) www.vault.com www.aol.com (neighborhoods) www.msn.com (groups) www.quintcareers.com www.google.com (groups) www.ilworkinfo.com www.reCareered.com (GREAT INFO SITE)
  62. 62. Other noteworthy websites • www.positiveeconomicnews.com • A better way to get your news • • www.bls.gov (Bureau of Labor Statistics) • A better way to get employment information • www.info.com (searches Google, Yahoo, Ask, About) • www.bing.com • www.lycos.com
  63. 63. Which raises a good point that is timely… • Your “personal technology” MUST be to explore all options as Life or God determines will come to you • When we try to control a search, we limit what we stand to gain, and lengthen the time we are in search mode • We also use the opposite model that intelligent people use “on the job” ---we go from a narrow to a wide funnel
  64. 64. Successful decision making… …starts with a wide funnel! • Look at all options, interview for all roles, do not handcuff yourself and live with regrets later • Evaluate all----don‟t say „no‟ to anything until you have an offer • At work you would evaluate all options and over time, apply criteria to „whittle it down‟
  65. 65. You never know where your job offer will come from… …so to use the opposite approach you would use at work limits your positive outcome • Consider all locations • Consider all reasonable titles and scopes of responsibility • Consider all industries and organizations • The connections you make can well lead to job offers you would never be in a position to receive
  66. 66. The options will come from: • Connections with search firms that are favorable • Connections with employers that are favorable • Connections with hiring executives that are favorable • Jobs that you do not have to relocate for • Jobs that allow you to wait to relocate • Jobs that you might never have a chance at in your home market
  67. 67. The key to a successful job search… …is having more job options • The more you interview, the better you‟ll get • The better you get, the greater your chances at offers • The greater your chances at offers, the more offers you‟ll get • The more offers you get, the more selective you can be • Offers mean options
  68. 68. Greg David, President Gregory Laka & Company 708-620-8277 greg.david@laka.com www.laka.com