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Giles Insurance Case Study


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Giles Insurance Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY /MANAGED SERVICES /GILES INSURANCE BROKERS LTD / “InTechnology has supported our agility, reduced our costs and enabled us to be more efficient. There’s no doubtGiles Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the UK’s top ten independent in my mind that withinsurance brokers. It has a turnover of in excess of £70 million and InTechnology’s expertise,40 offices across the UK. Using InTechnology’s scalable managed we’ve improved the wayservices it is able to support its 60,000 customers and 1000 employees we do business.”with just a handful of in-house IT staff who can focus on business-critical operations. New offices and acquisitions can be brought onlinerapidly and cost-effectively.CHALLENGES /In 2002, having identified that areas of its IT system could be better delivered by a ManagedService Provider (MSP), Giles was looking for an experienced IT partner that would offer thetechnology and services to support its plans for significant future growth. Underlying thedecision was the need for the company to focus its efforts on its core business, not managingits technology. “We’re here to sell insurance. Everything we do must have that one primarygoal,” explains Richard Corner, Group Operations Director for Giles.In choosing a company to meet this demand, the challenges were to find an MSP capableof providing:• A scalable cost-effective IT infrastructure that would reduce overall IT costs• A simple model that would provide a straightforward migration path for acquisition that Richard Corner, could be used repeatedly, growing with the business without incurring massive cost Group Operations Director for Giles and complexity• A constantly monitored wide area network to support the speed of expansion• A cohesive solution that would free up resources currently spent on servicing multiple locations.Over the years, Giles’ IT and communications requirements have evolved. As new projects –such as managed archiving and the implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) throughout thebusiness – have arisen, Giles has turned to InTechnology.
  2. 2. HOW INTECHNOLOGY • Data centre colocation of Giles’ servers along with InTechnology’s data backupHELPED / and archiving services, ensuring 24/7 security of both company and clientInTechnology has consistently met information.every new challenge, offering the bestsolutions for Giles’ needs. Richard Corner • Fully hosted IP telephony, Unity, in allis able to concentrate on the effective offices, offering enhanced, efficiency-management of business information generating features such as top tenwhile InTechnology manages the number analysis and call monitoring.underlying technology. Richard Cornersays, “By placing our back-end operations BUSINESS BENEFITS /in the hands of an experienced MSP,we’ve aligned our IT with the rest of the The relationship with InTechnology hasbusiness. We remain in control at all brought Giles a wide range of businesstimes but InTechnology takes care of the benefits, reducing both capital andmanagement. However, we haveon-demand access to InTechnology’s pool operational expenditure and enabling the company to focus on its core business “InTechnology’sof highly skilled IT resource and so inmany ways InTechnology is effectively an activities. services have givenextension of our own IT department.” “We have full access to services that would us a massiveInTechnology provides Giles with a range have been far more costly to keep in-house and I don’t have the hassle of having to reduction in costs –of services: run a secure data centre or managing day-to-day back-end operations,” says we expect to make• A constantly monitored private MPLS network linking all branch offices to Richard Corner. significant annual each other and to the data centre in • Freed-up time and resource. Richard savings on IP InTechnology’s HQ. Corner and his team can concentrate on front-end IT activities that help the telephony alone.” company create competitive advantage Richard Corner, and maintain business agility. Group Operations Director for Giles INTECHNOLOGY • Rapid scalability. Extra capacity is SOLUTIONS / available as and when it is needed and once a new office is online its IT fit-out normally takes less than 24 hours. • Managed Network Service FUTURE / - Multiple Ethernet and DSL • Substantial cost savings. Costs are access circuits Summing up the partnership between predictable and the low cost-base has - Layered VPNS Giles and InTechnology, Richard Corner resulted in tangible savings, for example says, “InTechnology has taken us from our • Unity significant annual savings are expected early network requirements right up to the - Fully hosted IP telephony from VoIP implementation. present day. It has enabled us to really reap the benefits of Cloud computing and IP • Managed Backup Service • Significantly reduced internal resource. telephony and I’m sure we shall continue - Protection of 5 TB of A small, highly effective, cost-efficient IT to benefit from InTechnology’s expertise business-critical data team supports the company’s commercially and technically well into 1000 employees. • Managed Archive Service the future.” • 24 /7 expert support. InTechnology’s • Colocation Service experienced support team is available - Multiple colocated racks in the around the clock, 365 days a year. data centre • Multiple Internet connections To learn more about how we could help you, call 0800 983 2522 or email CS/110301