Introduction to the Mobile Web - Webinar by Blue Tangerine Solutions


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This webinar by Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine Solutions, introduces small and medium businesses to the mobile Web. Greg explains what a mobile Web site is, how it is different from a traditional Web site, discusses the .mobi domain and gives some tips and resources for getting started creating your first mobile Web site.

For the full recorded presentation, including audio, please visit <a href=&quot;;&gt;</a&gt; and click on the View Past Webinars link.

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Introduction to the Mobile Web - Webinar by Blue Tangerine Solutions

  1. 1. ON THE MOVE: IS YOUR SITE READY TO MOVE GO MOBILE? HOW AND WHY TO REACH MOBILE WEB USERS February 28, 2008 Greg Bray, President, Blue Tangerine Solutions
  2. 2. What is the Mobile Web? The Mobile Web refers to the World Wide Web as accessed from mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and other portable gadgets connected to a public network. -d f definition courtesy of Wikipedia f Wk d For full recorded presentation, visit
  3. 3. What is .mobi? .mobi is the new top level domain name designated for the mobile web. Do you need it? It is not required. You can use any domain or subdomain that you want. - OK y py - OK Should consider protecting company names and p g py trademarks by registering applicable names. For full recorded presentation, visit
  4. 4. Why should y care? y you Currently16% of U.S. wireless users access the Web on those devices at least once a month, according to Jupiter Research. p Gartner expects $11 billion in global revenue from ads on mobile devices by 2011, up from less than y p $1 billion a year now. - Business Week, Dec. 13, 2007 For full recorded presentation, visit
  5. 5. Mobile Site Examples p http://bmw mobi For full recorded presentation, visit
  6. 6. Mobile Opportunities for You pp Provide information to your customers. Great to also provide phone related, branded material, such as ringtones, wallpapers, games, etc. eCommerce – still difficult, but coming quickly. Advertising on other mobile sites to promote your business. Need a mobile site to send them to. Internal applications – used by company employees. py For full recorded presentation, visit
  7. 7. Types of Mobile Users yp Repetitive user - someone checking for the same piece of information over and over again, like checking the same stock quotes or weather. g q Bored users - have time on their hands. People on p trains or waiting in airports or sitting in cafes. Urgent users - looking to find something specific fast, like a location, a phone number, or directions. For full recorded presentation, visit
  8. 8. The Challenges g Wide variety of browser technologies Usability features (keyboards, stylus, number keypad, touch screens, etc.) Screen sizes Slower bandwidth Inconsistent client side scripting Many users paying for bandwidth based on usage M i f b d id h b d For full recorded presentation, visit
  9. 9. Best Practices Keep it Simple! Put the information for the Urgent User group first. Phone numbers directions etc numbers, directions, etc. Break up longer articles into several pages with a “Next” link at the bottom. Next bottom Input forms are OK, but should minimize typing requirements. requirements Use check boxes, drop down lists, etc. Avoid large file downloads, such as PDF documents. downloads documents For full recorded presentation, visit
  10. 10. Demo of sites For full recorded presentation, visit
  11. 11. Mobile Email Email is the “killer app” on mobile devices right now. killer app When sending highly formatted, HTML marketing emails, y must test to ensure they are readable on a , you y mobile device. Often images are not displayed, and complicated layouts do not work. Ensure that links can be selected if images are missing. Be sure to include phone numbers to respond to email promotions. For full recorded presentation, visit
  12. 12. Next Steps to Get Started p Register .mobi domains for your important company names and trademarks. Put a simple mobile site up to provide the basic information such as contact information, directions, , , etc. for your customers Begin to include considerations for the Mobile Web in your marketing and IT strategy planning. For full recorded presentation, visit
  13. 13. Resources Browser Emulators Mobile site validator Mobile development community For full recorded presentation, visit
  14. 14. Special Offer p For the first 7 customers who respond before March 15, 2008, Blue Tangerine Solutions will create a basic mobile site, including: First year registration of a .mobi domain name y g Home page About us page Contact page Directions page Only $695 plus $20 per month hosting Email or call Marie at 321-309-6900 x305 For full recorded presentation, visit