Distribution Media Task 3


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Distribution Media Task 3

  1. 1. Distribution Evaluation Task 3
  2. 2. Distributors • A film distributor is a company responsible for the marketing of a film. Some of the things they will do is set the release date of a film and the method by which a film is to be exhibited or made available to view.
  3. 3. 20th Century Fox • 20th century fox is one of the most world wide known distributors and production company out there. This company only take on movies which (what they think) will make the highest profit. They are very good at getting the movies name out there due to there wealth. Some of the films they have distributed are Avatar, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  4. 4. Vertigo Films • This company is an independent distributor. Unlike 20th Century Fox, Vertigo Films cant afford to spend mass amounts of money on distributing a film, so they distribute the smaller films. Due to there low amount of money, they want be able to advertise there films as much and probably wont be able to show them in all cinemas. Some of the films that they have distributed are films such as Sweeny and street dance.
  5. 5. Our Film • My groups film would more likely be distributed by a smaller such as Vertigo Films than some of the big ones. This is due to are film being low budget and being urban. A smaller distributer would more likely choose our film because its a low budget film which they can afford to distribute. A bigger company such as 20th Century Fox wouldn't bother with our film because it wouldn't make that much money compared to there other films that they could focus on.
  6. 6. Appeal • Our film is set in the UK, based around London. This would then appeal to the UK audience as they might be able to relate to the conditions they would be living in. It still may appeal to other audiences from different areas, but it properly wouldn't make as much of a profit than the main target audience. Also, all the main actors are at the age of 18 and under which would attract more of that age range to watch it.
  7. 7. The Market • There are many ways in which the movie could be brought to people attention. Some of the ways that it could be done is threw advertisement on the TV adds, or even on public websites. We could also have the main actors to go TV shows explain the film and the main bases of it to give people an idea on what's it about. The best time to release the our movie would be during the Easter holiday. The reason why not summer or winter is because that is when allot of the other big films come, which would cause our film to be overshadowed. The reason why during the holiday is because that is when some of our main audience (teenagers) are on holiday and have free time on there hands.
  8. 8. Self Distribution • Self distribution would give us the flexibility too choose how we promote our film, when we promote and just gives us control on how our movie is being distributed. However, we might struggle to actually do all the distributing by ourselves. We wouldn't have all the contacts that other distributers would have which could delay our film being shown and making things allot harder. There also might be the possibility of not doing the all the legal side very well and signing the rights away without meaning too.