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Dedicated to building, leveraging and delivering the services necessary for our clients to develop meaningful interaction with their audience, EmpactMedia possesses not only the knowledge to conceptualize and build brand equity in their business...but the experience needed to enhance and extend overall brand image in today’s changing economy.

It’s what we call marketing at the “Point of Empact”.

Call us today at 214-707-9334

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EmpactMedia - Agency Capabilities

  1. 1. EmpactMedia Capabilities EmpactMedia 1966 Fox Glen Drive Allen, TX 75013 214.707.9334 www.empactmedia.com
  2. 2. what is empactmedia?Empactmedia is a marketing company that guides companies through today’scomplex marketing and advertising environment. We possesses the knowledgeand experience to not only develop and nurture your brand, but also to help sortthrough all that information. We can help decide what’s relevant, use that to crafta meaningful and memorable message, then use our resources to apply it to theright customer.Based in Dallas, Texas, we specialize in helping small-to-mid-sized companiesdefine, and build their brand, and make sense of the overwhelming volume ofinformation that fills the marketing landscape. We then load knowledge, andexperience with the appropriate tools, and technology to deliver the rightmessage to the right target at the right time.Using a different scopeIn a time when many marketing companies are adopting a near-sighted view ofthe customer and trying to sell you the latest, untried “cool thing,” Empactmediasets our sights on a longer-range view of using the right tools, and tactics to dothe right thing for your brand. Using our own people in conjunction with a networkof experienced, professional, and dependable resources, we are able to provideour marketing partners the disciplines necessary to get the job done right.Connecting the dots between your brand and the customer
  3. 3. the empact team Greg Alban – President Michael Cartwright - Creative Director Roger McVey – Director of Multimedia Jon Kilburn – Director of Development Jessica Harry – Director of Social Marketing David Crawley – Director of Strategic Planning Paul Solomons – Media Director Over 100 combined years studying consumer behavior and growing brands
  4. 4. the empactmedia approach • Gain core insights into your business, competitors, end-user, etc. • Translate those insights into meaningful, memorable and motivating messages • Track results and incorporate key learnings
  5. 5. connecting the dots Talk to the end-user on their terms – Today’s consumer is like no other in history – more savvy, more aware and more able to tune out your message Meet the end-user at natural intersections – Today’s end-user is more mobile than ever – that means the brand has to weave its way into the very fabric of their lives Create meaningful, memorable & motivating experiences – Today’s end-user sees and hears more messages in a single day than most generations were exposed to in a year. Messages have to be smart, relevant and enlightening
  6. 6. a unique vision Connecting the dots between your brand and the consumer of your product • Right insight • Right place/intersection • Right behavioral change stimulators Desired Consumer Action
  7. 7. full-service offeringThe abbreviated list of what we do…Every problem is different and every solution is unique. We go above andbeyond the ordinary to find effective, efficient creative results. Offline Online •Brand Strategy •Digital Marketing Strategy •Media Planning •Website Architecture •Copywriting •Website Design •Brand Identity •Mobile App Development •Video Production •Content Writing •Radio Advertising •Videos •Outdoor Advertising •Web Banners •Direct Mail •Social Media Marketing (SMM) Marketing •Search Engine Optimization •Print Advertising (SEO) •Point of Sale (POS) •Search Engine Marketing (SEM) •Tradeshow •Blog Content Marketing •E-mail Marketing
  8. 8. our process
  9. 9. client experience
  10. 10. Work With a Vision
  11. 11. work with a visionadvertising
  12. 12. work with a visionadvertising
  13. 13. work with a visionadvertising
  14. 14. work with a visionpoint of sale
  15. 15. work with a visioncoupons
  16. 16. work with a visionsales promotion
  17. 17. work with a visiondigital marketing
  18. 18. work with a visiondigital marketing
  19. 19. work with a visiondigital marketing
  20. 20. work with a visionmobile app development
  21. 21. work with a vision outdoor advertising
  22. 22. work with a visionbrand repositioning
  23. 23. work with a visioncorporate communications
  24. 24. work with a visionpackaging
  25. 25. work with a visionlogos
  26. 26. work with a vision direct mail
  27. 27. work with a visiontrade shows
  28. 28. is empactmedia right for you? • Established in 2003 • Principals work directly with you • Big picture vision activated at the point-of-action • Unique breadth and depth of experience • Passion for your business
  29. 29. ask about empactmedia Lance Jensen – Valley Fresh Foods Dave Huddle – Maher Marketing Larry Jenkins - ethology Charlie Kujawa – Chung’s Foods
  30. 30. contact empactmedia For more information contact: Greg Alban EmpactMedia 1966 Fox Glen Drive Allen, TX 75013 ph. 214.707.9334 email grega@empactmedia.com