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Importance of image management for companies


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Importance of image management for companies

  1. 1. Greeshma Thampi Image Consultant & Corporate Trainer
  2. 2.  ―First impression is the last impression‖ is an age old saying. Research proves that within seconds, people make observations and assumptions based on limited visual information and these first impressions can become one’s identity.  Image is all that an individual projects consciously or unconsciously—the way one looks, cares for, and carries oneself, personal style, poise, and presence.  It is part of who one is on the inside, and is a reflection of one’s personality, values, attitudes, interests, abilities, uniqueness, roles, and often goals. One’s image leads to perception which results in an impression in the minds of others.
  3. 3.  Each employee’s interaction with any person within and outside the organization is an opportunity to project your brand. We empower your employees to project the right image and inculcate the right professional behavior.  Employees are often regarded as the most influential brand ambassadors of an organization. Through our Image Management programs we develop “branded” employees who project a consistent image through their impactful and impressive interactions with other employees, clients, prospective employees and all other stakeholders.
  4. 4.  89% respondent in a recent survey feel dressing style has a long term impact on an individuals overall image*  Nearly 75% respondents felt well-dressed people are taken more seriously at the workplace*  Good looking people $230,000 more over a lifetime** *Source: Economic Times **Source: Research by Dr. Hamermesh
  5. 5. Corporate Image – Benefits  Premium Positioning  Command Premium Pricing  Larger Market Share  Attract Best Talent & Retention  Lower Attrition Costs  Favorable Media Coverage  Higher returns for investors  Preferred Buyer – Vendor equation Great Image adds Value to Every Stakeholder…
  6. 6. Employee Image – Benefits  Improved and Enhanced Employee Image  Better Team Work and Synergy  Higher Productivity  Increased Inter- personal Relationship  Bench Marks in Customer Delight  Projecting matchless Professionalism  Enhanced Employee Confidence  Pride in Association Assured professionalism at all touch points
  7. 7. To develop ―branded‖ employees who project a consistent image through their impactful and impressive interactions with other employees, customers, competitors and prospective employees. Offerings:  Corporate Dress Code  Corporate Etiquette  Corporate Grooming  Art of Effective Communication  Organization Branding
  8. 8.  Certified Image Consultant, MBA  VP -Membership at Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA)  Has successfully conducted corporate training programs for all levels of employees from Education, Banking & Finance, Media, Manufacturing and Consulting .  Has trained aspiring Image Consultants across the country as Trainer Faculty with Image Consulting Business Institute.  Consulted various clients on a one on one format.  Combining learning's from management education, professional experience and people skills, she encourages people to reach their potential through Image Management. Greeshma Thampi Chief Image Consultant & Director at Avancé Image Management
  9. 9. Name: Greeshma Thampi Hand Phone: 9820877497 Email: Website: Blog: