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Classroom training


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Classroom training

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Meet Your Trainers….<br />Jenica<br />Alicia<br />Bryanna<br />Courtney<br />Tonya<br />Britney<br />Tell us a little about you….<br />Why do you want to be a Hooters girl?<br />Have you ever had any restaurant experience?<br />Jamie<br />Reeny<br />
  3. 3. Overview of Training Schedule<br />* All tests must be passed with a 90% or higher before being scheduled as a Hooters Girl. <br />
  4. 4. Hooters of Bakersfield<br />Have you heard, “All the world is a stage?” Well this is especially true of Hooters, where every employee is a part of the high energy camaraderie that keeps bringing our guests back again & again.<br />Your stage is the restaurant, and your audience, the guests. We are expecting a top performance with rave reviews. Our success is not built on spicy chicken wings alone; we need your help. So, how do you pull off an award winning performance? It’s easy! Just follow the information in this powerpoint and you should have no trouble at all. Oh yeah… have a lot of fun too!!!<br />
  5. 5. History of Hooters<br />In March 2001, Hooters of America, Inc. purchased the Hooters trademark, becoming the sole defining entity of the Hooters concept. Hooters of America, Inc now owns 95 restaurants as of October 2001 and even as we write, there are plans for more. Across the world, there are over 300 Hooters Restaurants, with continued growth in the US and international locations.<br />It was April 1, 1983 in Clearwater, Florida and on the corner of Gulf to Bay and Hampton, history was about to be made. Six fun loving businessmen with roots in the Midwest and with no experience in the food service business were opening doors to a restaurant with an owl logo, chicken wings as the featured item and girls in orange shorts. After frantically locating a friend to show them how to start the fryers, Hooters was off and crawling.<br />That crawl soon became a stride, and now, Hooters is running at full speed with restaurants opening throughout the Sunbelt, the Rockies, the Eastern Seaboard, the West Coast, and the Ohio Valley, as well in International Markets. This success pattern was accomplished under the guidance of Hooters of America, Inc. who recognized the amazing growth potential of the Hooters concept early on and secured the rights to expand the concept.<br />This “neighborhood restaurant: concept stresses great food, great service, a relaxed atmosphere and of course, the now famous Hooters Girls. These elements combine to make Hooters the place for all types of people: Celebrities, sports figures and anyone who enjoys food and FUN!<br />
  6. 6. Secrets to Success<br />Guests come to Hooters for an “Escape from Reality:… While the Hooters Girl is the key, there is a special environment that provides that sense of “Vacation”. The Hooters atmosphere is truly unique.<br />The Music<br /><ul><li>Classic 50’s 60’s & early 70’s with a strong emphasis on beach music.
  7. 7. Sound level should be loud enough to be part of the atmosphere and not background.</li></ul>The Atmosphere<br /><ul><li>Energized, Irreverent, Fun
  8. 8. Always something going on
  9. 9. Like a party – people laughing, talking, relaxed.</li></ul>The Building<br /><ul><li>Rustic beach theme – wood walls, tin roofing, bright lighting
  10. 10. Well maintained, clean and organized
  11. 11. Inside tables & chairs neatly arranged with condiments arranged to company specs.
  12. 12. Fixtures, fans, pictures, wall of shame should be cleaned daily.</li></ul>The Lighting<br /><ul><li>Christmas lights are trademark.
  13. 13. Lunch lighting should be brighter than dinner.
  14. 14. Dinner lighting should be just dim enough to take off the glare – not so dark to create a bar image.</li></ul>The Promotions<br /><ul><li>Always something exciting going on to grab our guests attention, even if it’s just you having fun.
  15. 15. TV should always be on sporting events.
  16. 16. Community involvement!
  17. 17. Keep displays updated.
  18. 18. “Wall of Shame”</li></li></ul><li>Secrets to Success<br />Hooters Hospitality<br /><ul><li>Totally unique experience
  19. 19. Exciting & friendly greeting from the Hooters Girl.
  20. 20. Table greeting is fast, personalized, and full of energy
  21. 21. Guest should be able to enter, eat and leave within 30 minutes if desired.
  22. 22. Guest should be made to feel special.
  23. 23. Women, the elderly, and children are all treated as priority guests.</li></li></ul><li>Secrets to Success<br />Great Food<br /><ul><li>Huge portions
  24. 24. Majority of the menu items can be entrees or appetizers
  25. 25. Overwhelming, eye-appealing presentation
  26. 26. All-American Menu Selection
  27. 27. World Famous Chicken Wings
  28. 28. Sandwiches, Seafood, Soups, Salads & Desserts
  29. 29. Great To Go Food Standards – Hot food hot, Cold food cold.</li></li></ul><li>Secrets to Success<br />The Hooters Girl<br /><ul><li>Glamorous, Outgoing, the All-American Cheerleader, Girl Next Door
  30. 30. The uniform should be to spec at all times – no one should be allowed to work if not in proper attire.
  31. 31. Always “on stage” and should always be “camera ready”
  32. 32. Always smiling, extremely friendly, and courteous.
  33. 33. Always appear to be having a great time.
  34. 34. Always identified by her name tag.
  35. 35. Extremely attentive to all guests, men, women, and children, and not just to regulars – remember, today’s unknown is tomorrow’s regular!</li></li></ul><li>Hooters Girl Image<br />Did you know that Hooters is “Show Business” Eat-er-tainment? Hooters girls uphold the Image and Glamour of the Celebrity Icons they have become. As a Hooters Girl, you look and act the part at all times. Glamour is the name of our game – You are the Movie Star and Hooters is the set.<br />Seriously, your appearance, how you look and act is as important to the guests as how they like our spicy chicken wings. If you don’t believe it, next time you’re in the restaurant, turn around. What do you see? Guests, right? Remember: not only do you see them…they see you too!<br />
  36. 36. Hooters Girl Uniform<br />Before we unveil the uniform standards, here’s some tips on how to carry yourself in the uniform…<br /><ul><li>Lip gloss does wonders for your look.
  37. 37. If you put your shorts in the dryer, they will turn peach and small.
  38. 38. Wipe your shoes down with cleaner each night, they’ll last longer!!!
  39. 39. When you come to work, you should look as done up and styled as you do when you’re going out on a first date with the hottest guy in town.
  40. 40. Watch out on leaning forward!!</li></li></ul><li>Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Must be clean and worn tucked in with a smooth fit and appearance.
  41. 41. No excess torso or midriff can hang over the top of the shorts and no rolls or lumpiness in the torso or midriff area is allowed.</li></ul>* Fold the hem of the tank top flat underneath the waistband of the shorts to prevent the edge from ‘rolling’ under the shorts.<br />Tank Top<br />
  42. 42. Hooters Girl Uniform<br />Hooters Crop Top is an optional top that is approved by management to be worn by those Hooters Girls who the crop top fits accordingly.<br />Crop Top<br />
  43. 43. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Must be sized to fit properly and have a smooth fit and appearance.
  44. 44. The shorts must be worn at hips and not pushed below.
  45. 45. They must not be worn too tightly causing them to wrinkle and scrunch.
  46. 46. The shorts must cover the butt completely and must not ride up causing the butt to show.
  47. 47. There should be a slight “V” shape in the line of the waistband of the shorts from hip to hip when worn correctly.</li></ul>Orange Shorts<br />
  48. 48. Hooters Girl Uniform<br />* Clear strap bras are a good choice to avoid bra straps from showing. Make sure your underwear is worn in line with your pantyhose and shorts waistband so you don’t have unsightly lines showing underneath your shorts.<br /><ul><li>Bras MUST be worn under the uniform.
  49. 49. Only skin tone bras.
  50. 50. Bras & underwear solid in color.
  51. 51. No patterns, lace, colors allowed.
  52. 52. T-Back style thong is recommended to avoid panty lines.
  53. 53. Bra/underwear should NEVER show.</li></ul>Undergarments<br />
  54. 54. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Must be worn anytime the uniform is worn.
  55. 55. Must be suntan or darker in color in accordance to your skin tone.
  56. 56. Must be sheer to waist with no pattern.
  57. 57. Must be worn in line with the waistband of the shorts.
  58. 58. Do not let the vertical line show.</li></ul>* If the pantyhose feels a bit too tight, try cutting a few ‘v’ slits in the top of the waistband being careful not to cut below the bottom seam!!!<br /><ul><li>If a rip occurs, get new pantyhose.
  59. 59. NEVER work the floor with rips!!!</li></ul>Pantyhose<br />
  60. 60. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Worn at the waistline of the shorts.
  61. 61. Only items permitted to be carried in pouch are straws, money holder, order pad, pen, sharpies, lip gloss, and mints.
  62. 62. No items such as Cigarettes, cell phones, etc. are allowed!
  63. 63. Must be clean, no pen stains or wing sauce stains.
  64. 64. Do not overflow with pens causing it to sag.</li></ul>* If worn properly the pouch creates the color pattern that you must allows follow. White on top, brown in middle and then orange. Orange and white should not touch!!!<br />Pouch<br />
  65. 65. Hooters Girl Uniform<br />Socks will be long enough to go up to your knees, but always remember to scrunch down.<br />Must be all white, thick, athletic scrunch style socks worn mid calf, not pulled up the knees!<br />Socks<br />
  66. 66. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Must be all white, leather or faux leather, ¾ high top, traditional athletic style tennis shoe.
  67. 67. Must be NONSLIP!!!
  68. 68. Must be bright and clean at all times and replaced if necessary.
  69. 69. Sketchers</li></ul>Sketchers Outlet<br />5951 Rosedale HighwayBakersfield, CA 93308<br />* Nonslip Work Shape Up Sketchers are also allowed!!!<br />Shoes<br />
  70. 70. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Approved engraved nametag must be worn at all times.
  71. 71. Left side of tank top, worn above the heart and not on the breast.
  72. 72. Proper names must be worn.</li></ul>Nametag<br />
  73. 73. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>With the exception of 1 small stud earring per lobe & 1 approved wedding/engagement/promise ring….
  74. 74. NO jewelry is to be worn with the uniform.
  75. 75. No necklaces, bracelets or watches.
  76. 76. No body piercings should be visible (belly rings should not show through tank).
  77. 77. Tongue piercings and visible spacers not allowed.
  78. 78. No buttons or pins that aren’t pre-appoved can be worn.</li></ul>Jewelry<br />
  79. 79. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Not allowed to show at anytime in the Hooters uniform.
  80. 80. Visible tattoos must be covered with opaque makeup that blends with skin tone.
  81. 81. No band aids, patches or stickers may be used to cover tattoos.</li></ul>Tattoos<br />
  82. 82. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Make up is NOT optional and must be worn.
  83. 83. Should look glamorous, and accentuate your skin tone, eyes, lips and cheeks.
  84. 84. Should not be too minimal.
  85. 85. Mascara must be black or brown.
  86. 86. False eyelashes are optional but if worn must look realistic.
  87. 87. No body glitter or glitter make up of any kind may be worn.
  88. 88. Look beautiful, don’t overdo it.</li></ul>Make Up<br />
  89. 89. Hooters Girl UniformMake Up Cont.<br />As Hooters Girls you must be Camera Ready at all times. Just like acting or modeling, the makeup you wear in your role as a Hooters Girl should be more than what you might wear to head off to school or the mall. The same holds true for models and celebrities.<br />Foundation<br /><ul><li>1st step to a beautiful face.
  90. 90. Learn to blend properly!
  91. 91. Use primer beforehand to help keep your base fresh & smooth.
  92. 92. Finish off with a light matte powder to keep shine to minimum.</li></ul>Bronzer & Highlighter<br /><ul><li>Can add dimension to your face & depth & highlights to your cheekbones, chin & brows.
  93. 93. Even a light amount applied to the apples of your cheeks will give fresh glow.</li></ul>Lip Color<br /><ul><li>Find shade that’s 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural color but stay away from overly dark, bright colors.
  94. 94. Clear gloss also works well.</li></ul>Eyes<br /><ul><li>You don’t need 6 shades of eye shadow & an inch of eyeliner.
  95. 95. Blending will give the best finish!
  96. 96. False eyelashes applied close to the lash line will make eyes pop.</li></ul>Brows<br /><ul><li>Keep them manicured and shaped!
  97. 97. Clear or colored brow gel can help to shape & highlight.</li></li></ul><li>Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Must be worn down & styled with a smooth, soft & tamed but glamorous appearance at all times.
  98. 98. No braiding in hair allowed. No scrunched, crimped, frizzy, up do, or ponytail styles allowed.
  99. 99. No extreme haircuts, styles or colors allowed. Hair color or highlights cannot be more than 2 shades darker in variance.
  100. 100. No hats, headbands, or hair accessories such as bobby pins or barrettes may be worn.
  101. 101. Hair extensions allowed if they look natural, blend with the hair and cannot be seen.</li></ul>* Rule of Thumb: No foreign objects allowed in hair!!!<br />Hair<br />
  102. 102. Hooters Girl Uniform<br /><ul><li>Nails must be well manicured and clean at all times.
  103. 103. No Colored nail polish is permitted.
  104. 104. ONLY traditional French or American manicures are allowed.
  105. 105. No colors, glitters, patterns, nudes, designs, studs, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS.</li></ul>French Manicure<br />American Manicure<br />Nails<br />
  106. 106. Hooters Girl Uniform<br />When entering & leaving the store, make sure that your uniform is completely covered. Unless you are working at a Hooters sponsored event, under no circumstances should the Hooters Girl Uniform be worn, nor should you be photographed or video taped in the uniform outside the store.<br />Proper Use of Hooters Uniform<br />
  107. 107. You Don’t know me…<br />You don’t know me,<br />Most of the places where I eat would never recognize me. I’m that nice average customer that never complains. I don’t mind waiting at the door while the host is chatting with a friend. I usually take the nearest empty seat and wait for a menu. After I have finished reading the whole paper, I usually get a menu along with a look from the waitress that says, “Where did you come from?” In spite of this I never ask for a manager. I never fuss. I just wait.<br />If I order a burger medium rare and I get it well done, I’ll be quiet and eat it. After all, you made me feel like it was a real bother to take my order anyway. I usually like two cups of coffee, but no one offered to refill my cup so I didn’t ask. I hate to be a bother.<br />If I see you sitting at another table of guys while you ignore that I even exist, I don’t make a fuss, I’ll just sit there and see how long it takes for you to come over. I never ask for more dressing. Most likely you didn’t care either when I decided that this would not be the place for me to take three of my customers for lunch tomorrow.<br />My answer to your lack of interest, attention and poor attitude is to go elsewhere. I can hurt you worse by not coming back, than telling your boss and getting you in trouble. I’ll just tell some of my friends instead. If you have many dissatisfied customers like me, we can ruin your business.<br />It’s amusing to me to watch you spend money for expensive advertising and promotions, remodeling and equipment to get customers back into your restaurant. I would be there right now if I had been treated with some simple courtesy and dignity. You wonder why your sales are not positive over the last years? Evidently, you made that decision by the way you treated your customers.<br />There is no need for me to sign this letter. You don’t know me. I didn’t complain. I just didn’t come back.<br />
  108. 108. Steps of Hooters Hospitality<br />All the time steps… Before, During, and After the guests’ dining experience!<br />5 Foot Rule<br />If you come within 5 ft. of a guest or make eye contact with them across the room SMILE!<br />Just by making eye contact and smiling, you may catch a potential problem or even strike up a conversation that makes the guest want to come and sit at your tables.<br />Where should you be when guests are walking in the door?<br />Where should you not be?<br />If you don’t have tables<br /><ul><li>Teamwork!! Help run food, walk around the restaurant to see if anyone needs drink refills.
  109. 109. Say Hi – Be the social butterfly!
  110. 110. Bring guests that walk into the door to your table.</li></ul>If you have tables<br /><ul><li>Spend time with your guests.
  111. 111. Tell jokes, make conversation.
  112. 112. Help them navigate the menu.
  113. 113. Clear trash, refresh drinks.</li></ul>Whether you have tables or not… Never ever ever.<br /><ul><li>Hang out in the front of the food window – it doesn’t make the food cook any faster!
  114. 114. Hen Parties. Don’t group up! Don’t discuss tips or personal life on the floor.
  115. 115. Park it at a regular’s table. Spend equal time with all guests.
  116. 116. Go in the back of the restaurant/ Stay hidden.
  117. 117. Have your back to your section – You should always have sight of your tables.</li></li></ul><li>Steps of Hooters Hospitality<br />8. Entertain your guests.<br />1. Take guests to the best table in the house… Yours of course!<br />9. Pick up food from the food window. <br />2. Greet your guest with personality, then take the drink order & suggest appetizers.<br />10. Deliver food to the table.<br />11. Quality follow up.<br />3. Deliver drinks.<br />12. Present the check.<br />4. Take food order.<br />5.Ring in the order. <br />6.Bring set ups to the table.<br />7. Secret Service.<br />
  118. 118. We Are....<br />GLAMOROUS, dressed or made up to be good looking in a high fashion manner; exciting and desirable, dazzling, beautiful. VIVACIOUS, Full of liveliness or energy; high spirited, bubbly, cheerful, vibrant. WHOLESOME, Beneficial to physical health by virtue of being fresh and natural; having a healthy, fit and clean appearance. SEXY, Appealing, sensual stimulating. BEAUTIFUL Pleasing and impressive to look at or listen to; lovely, attractive, good looking, gorgeous, stunning. FRIENDLY, affectionate and trusting; helpful, welcoming, approachable, kind.<br />