Differentiation Power Point


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Differentiation Power Point

  1. 1. Sarah Greenwald 3rd Grade Dixfield Elementary School
  2. 2. Students will review their addition skills  Students will gain more practice with this  concept to better enhance their automatic recall of addition facts. To use a variety of activities to try and  accommodate all types of intelligences. Students will find this project engaging  Students will have FUN!! 
  3. 3. I have designed a choice board, which has a menu theme.  Students must select activities from the appetizer, entrée, a nd side dish parts of the menu.  Dessert activities are optional
  4. 4. All students must  order/complete the appetizer The appetizer is called  “Definition Delite” Students must look up  the word addition and write down the definition. Next, students must brainstorm other words that mean “to add”
  5. 5. Students needed to order one  Entrée from the menu. Particularly one that fit their taste buds. Entrées Included: Wordy Addition Plate:  Complete 5 addition problems then explain in words. Manipulative Steak Dinner:  Complete 5 addition problems using place value blocks Mystery Addend Plate:  Complete 5 addition problems that had missing addends