The Greentree Legacy: Chapter 1


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The Greentree Legacy: Chapter 1

  1. 1. The Greentree LegacyChapter 1: Girl HuntHello! Welcome to my first ever published legacy! Enjoy, and please comment 
  2. 2. Matthew Greentree grinned at his mum as he walked into to his home.“How was your first day at school?” Carlie asked.“It was so much fun! This is my friend, Adam!” Matthewreplied, gesturing to the black-haired boy standing beside him. “Can wego on the computer? Adam wants to show me something.”“Ok, but don’t go on anything rude, or on any chat rooms.”“Yes, mum,” Matthew sighed.
  3. 3. “Go on the internet, and type in”Matthew slowly typed it into the address bar.
  4. 4. “Ok? Now read it!”
  5. 5. Matthew frowned as he read the text.“What’s so great about that?”
  6. 6. “Well, wouldn’t it be cool to try it!?”
  7. 7. Matthew read through it again.“Yeah... Yeah, it would!”He grinned at his friend.
  8. 8. Adam grinned back.This is just too easy, he though.
  9. 9. When Adam had gone home, Matthew went up to his mum and said:“When I’m older, I want to start a legacy!”“Great,” said his mum half-heartedly. That will never happen, shethought, laughing to herself.
  10. 10. However, true to his word, many years later, Matthew moved onto alawn to start his very own legacy.
  11. 11. “It’s just you an me now, legacy, you and me,” he said to no one inparticular.
  12. 12. He placed his few items on the lawn.
  13. 13. Matthew looked over at the houses across the street.“Life’s not fair, is it?”
  14. 14. “Hi, my name’s Matthew Greentree,” said Matthew to the post girl, whoarrived a few hours later.“Amy Jones,” she said.
  15. 15. “So...”“Look, there’ll be people your own age here in a few hours.”
  16. 16. “Bye then,” Matthew muttered.
  17. 17. Oops! I forgot to do stats!Matthew GreentreeFamilyHave 6 Grandchildren3/4/5/6/7Aquarius
  18. 18. “Hey there, I’m Sandy!”“I’m Matthew.”
  19. 19. “Erm.... You’re very pretty,” said Matthew, unsure how to start theconversation.“Oh my gosh! Do you actually think that?”
  20. 20. “Er... Yeah... Why?”“People never say that to me!”
  21. 21. “Oh.”“Hey, I’m going out tonight with some friend, wanna come?”“Well, I’m sort of... Busy...” Matthew lied.“Please? It will be fun, I promise!”“I really can’t...”
  22. 22. “Owwwh,” Sandy pouted, making her look like an ugly fish. “Well, I haveto go. Bye!”
  23. 23. Matthew sat down, glad that Sandy had finally left.
  24. 24. “Ah, so this is the newcomer?” said Brandi, as she, Sanjay and Benjaminwent to greet Matthew.
  25. 25. “Hi, I’m Ben.”“Matthew.”
  26. 26. “Matthew.”“Brandi.”
  27. 27. “Matthew.”“Hi Matthew I’m Sanjay!”
  28. 28. “Do you know any cute girls, Ben?”“Nope... But I know some cute boys!”“Er, no thanks...”
  29. 29. “Hello, my name’s Samantha.”“Matthew.”
  30. 30. “Can I call you Sam?”“Sure...”
  31. 31. “So, Sam, do you know any girls interested in settling down and starting afamily?”“Hmm... Well, I’m kind of new around here, but you could try goingout...”
  32. 32. “I could... But Sandy will probably be there,” said Matthew sadly. “I’llgo, but I’ll hope she’s not there.”“Haha, good luck!”
  33. 33. “Thanks!”“That’s ok!”
  34. 34. But when Matthew arrived at the community lot...
  35. 35. ...guess who was there?Matthew quickly got back in the cab and went somewhere else.
  36. 36. There he met Ivy, but she was a bit moody.
  37. 37. He also met Marisa Bendett, who was sweet, funny and kind.
  38. 38. “Do you like gnomes?”“Er... They’re alright, I guess...” said Matthew.
  39. 39. “You’re pretty, Marisa,” he said, and unlike with Sandy, he meant it.
  40. 40. “Do you want round my place at five tomorrow?”“Sure!”“Bye!”
  41. 41. The next day, Matthew promptly left for...
  42. 42. ...and returned from work.
  43. 43. “Er... Marisa... I want to tell you how I feel about you...”“Don’t worry, I think I feel the same way!”
  44. 44. “You do?”“Yeah,” said Marisa, “just friends!”“Well, actually...”
  45. 45. “Oh! That makes it easier for me!”“What?”
  46. 46. “Oh!” Matthew laughed. “Marisa, I can’t believe I never told you!”“Told me what?”“I’m a legacy!”“Really? Wow! I’ve always wanted to be in one of those!”
  47. 47. They hugged, and Matthew smiled. He couldn’t believe he finally was inlove with someone. He was happy.
  48. 48. Little did he know, Marisa felt exactly the same way.
  49. 49. “Marisa,” said Matthew, getting down onto one knee, “I love you with allmy heart, even though we only met last night.”
  50. 50. “Will you marry me?”Marisa squealed.
  51. 51. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!”
  52. 52. “Let’s get married now!” said Marisa.“Now?”“Yes, now!”“Ok...”
  53. 53. The next morning, Marisa ran to the loo to be sick.
  54. 54. Later, when they both returned from work (with promotions), Marisa gota makeover!
  55. 55. “Honey, you look beautiful.”
  56. 56. And that is the end of this chapter!