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Catalog 2010-2011


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Catalog 2010-2011

  1. 1. O F TRUST AND SINCERE IN THE HEARTS T AILORED-TO-THE-NEEDS A NYTHING IS POSSIBLE J UST-IN-TIME DELIVERY I NNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS H IGHLY EFFICIENT HI- JATO International Inc. Worldwide Supplies Since 1992 PRODUCTS GUIDE (2009-2011) Rural Fence Erosion Control Vineyard and Orchard Trellis Agricultural Hoop House Your reliable partner... Welcome!Were happy that you are interested in our products and thanks for your time to learn more about HI-JATO international.Hope this could be the good start of our mutual business relationship in future.We are a China-based company specializing in serving worldwide customers with manufacturing and sourcing servicesin China. .Overseas sourcing can be a daunting task: language barriers, cultural differences, physical distance, time difference andlack of a local presence are all significant hurdles to cross. We believe from now on, you have found the right partner!!At HI-JATO, we understand that we want to lower manufacturing costs to stay competitive in this age of globalizedbusiness, while not sacrificing product quality or supplier reliability. And thats where we come in. Our manufacturingexpertise and 10 more years of global business experience enable us to serve as your reliable supplier and help youmanage your China supply chain for good running of your business.Please follow the points below to learn more about what we offers:If you are encouraged and excited by what you see here and are interested in discussing with us further our capabilitiesand your needs, please contact us. We are eager to serve you in China!Sincerely Contact Us Now: info@hi-jato.comContact us for any of your interests without hesitation!
  2. 2. Our Focus Fence | Vineyard & Orchard Trellis | Agricultural Hoop House | Erosion ControlHI-JATO s focus is serving as the China supplier of custom metal and plas tic components and products for:FenceVineyard & Orchard TrellisAgricultural Hoop HouseErosion ControlOn the services side, we are experienced with innovative solutions to your special needs of the projects,ancillary products sourcing, quality inspection, export logistics and everything in between .While HI-JATO is always interested in considering projects that are outside of our current scope of work,there may be certain projects we may take our advantages. hj Quality Assurance ” When we received your first container, the smile on our faces could fit one full container...” ------- This is the comment from one of our customers when we carried out their first order to us. We believe quality is the life of our business, and t o satisfy customers is our first & foremost objective. When you receive containers from us, you will find a Q. C. label on each package, on which we put on our unique Q. C. tracking numbers for each shipment of your orders... It is not simply a number, Qual it y assurance Center but a whole process inspection on Q’ty and Quality by unit in our Q. C. center, where we have an Product Name: Sizes&Specifications: Packing Q’ty: experienced group taking care of each stage from raw materials to containers loading , Our chief Load Date: PO #: Quality Tracking Number: Remark: quality engineer has over 20 years of rich experience in the management of molding & production, I ! Beware of the coatings,sharp points or edges, always wear gloves! Quality track label Quality assurance Center hj Innovative Solutions ” Amazing! You get it done ...” ------- One of our customers comment on our Zn-tek coating solution to their needs of sectional coating on steel posts for highly corrosion resistance, but at low cost! “We want to have highly corrosion resistance coating just on the part of steel posts from 3” below the ground to 3” above the ground...” we all know that is the part which is easily get rusted... Our Zn-tek coating solution fix it up with a super-performance but low cost...Now our Zn-tek coating has a wide adoption on steel materials for rural fence, trellis, erosion control and agricultural hoop house... Zn TEK Cor ro si on Res ist anc e Sol ut ion to Ste el s for Agri cul tu ra l Appli cat ions We are not selling products ,but solutions and service... Tell us what you want and what you need, our team of Zn- Tek experts, engineers ... will work on it to your satisfactions.
  3. 3. Metal Posts“Y”shaped steel fence posts, also known as Au & Nz Type, are made of high carbon steel with high tensile strengthfor durability,and holes are punched with customized specifications. Coatings available: 1) Black bitumen vanish; 2)Hot dipped galvanizing or electric galvanizing; 3) Color paintings or any other coatings upon request for special applications. Specifications Package Length Unit Weight by Styles Pcs/pallet 30cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 45cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 60cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 90cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 135cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 150cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 165cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 180cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 210cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 400 240cm 1.58kg/m 1.90kg/m 2.04kg/m 200 Also Available: Safety Fence Posts Caps BLACK BITUMEN DIPPED HOT DIPPED GALVANIZEDOur stud T-posts are made of high carbon steel with excellent tensile strength .It comesout the feature of "Light yet Strong".To assure the stability in different soil types, oneor two spades can be reverted to each post. Weather resistant color painted & dried in ouroven heater. Coatings available: 1) Green Painting with white Top; 2)Hot dipped galvanizing or electric galvanizing; 3) Any other Color paintings or any other coatings upon request for special applications.
  4. 4. Specifications Length Unit Weight by Styles Spade Ultra Light Medium Heavy 3ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 4ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 6ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 6.5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 7ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 7.5ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without Spade 8ft 0.85lbs/ft 0.95lbs/ft 1.25lbs/ft 1.33lbs/ft With/Without SpadeStandard Package: 400pcs/pallet or 200pcs/pallet Also Available: Metal Caps for easier trellis and wire attach. T&L Posts are normally for DIY Garden or professional industry applications in Euro markets. Coating available: Size(MM) KG/M Length(M) 1) Green PVC coating; T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 0.75 2) Hot Dipped Galvanizing T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 1 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 1.2 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 1.45 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 1.75 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 2 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 2.25 T 30 x 30 x 3 1.33 2.5 T 30 x 30 x 3.5 1.55 1.25 T 30 x 30 x 3.5 1.55 1.5 T 30 x 30 x 3.5 1.55 1.75 T 35 x 35 x 4 2.07 2 T 35 x 35 x 4 2.07 2.25 T 35 x 35 x 4 2.07 2.5 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 0.75 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 1 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 1.2 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 1.5 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 1.75 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 2 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 2.25 L 25 X 25 X 2.5 0.93 2.5 L 25 X 25 X 3 1.11 1.2 L 25 X 25 X 3 1.11 1.5 L 25 X 25 X 3 1.11 2
  5. 5. Waved-edge Y-Posts are made for South Africa market .Posts are made of high-tensile steel with green paint coatingand customized holes specifications .Available weight:2.0kg/m ELECTRIC FENCE Designed and produced for electro fencing, and made of high tensile spring steel with plastic insulator on the top. Package:50 each per carton in bundles of 10. Rib-Back U Channel Posts are of excellent tensile strength, it is widely used as strong end post of various trellis systems and road sign post . Standard style is 2.0lbs/ft with customized holes specifications, and length from 3ft to 8ft. Coating: Raw/Hot dipped Galvanized /PVC coated Package: 150pcs/bundle Note: Rib-Back U Channel Posts are made just for special orders upon agreement on our Min Order Q’ty.Our Posts are Strong as how we Support you!
  6. 6. We make it to your desires ! Trellis SteelsIn vineyard and orchards, fruits cannot be grown satisfactorily without some form of support. There are multiple reasons fortraining vines onto a trellis, including maximizing light interception, reducing labor cost, avoiding delayed bearing, minimizingdisease pressure and developing a strong, straight trunk, making it essential to have suitable methods and materials for thetrellis system. Here below are some parts we can make for your choices, or if you are interested, please contact us discussingwith us further our capabilities and your needs, we are eager to help you. P romotion-2010 The stout stake are made of high tensile steel, with the curved edge shape, it comes out outstanding tensile strength for types of end posts or line posts in trellis system. Customized slot pattern will make it easy for wire attach. Should you have any other types of needs, please contact us for further discussing. The cross arms unit are essential in trellis systems for supporting wire and vine, Our amazing expertise on moulding and tooling enable us to carry out whatever cross arms to fit your trellis system designs. We produce your designs to your satisfaction. Should you have any interests , just send us your inquiry! We will make it. Earth anchors are needed to hold down your trellis end posts. Helix/in Length/ft   Dia/in  Wt/ea    Pieces/bdl 4 2.5 0.625 3.2 200 6 3 0.75 5.5 200 8 3 0.75 6.25 200 6 4 0.75 8.1 200 8 4 0.75 9 200 For any other types of earth anchors, please contact us further discussion .
  7. 7. In trellising systems, many small items are designed for wire attach, tension releasing...etc Feel free to let us know if you are interested in any items as below, or if you like, please contact us for any other typesof hardware or accessaries... P rLine Wire Strainer In Wire Vise Wire Clamp om ot io n- 20 10 Hay-style Wire Strainer Crimp Sleeve Wire Dropper Wire Tensioner Staples Row Number 1” 6” Sod Staple Also named as Ground Staple, are generally used to secure and anchor landscape fabric, drip irrigation tubing and ground coverings. Lengths and width could be made to customized specifications. Hog Ring Hog rings could be used in countless applications such as nursery, cages fencing, erosion control... Other types of staples and pins could be made upon special orders.
  8. 8. Wire Fence P romotion-2010Designed for the most rugged ranch conditions,deters stock from rubbingagainst the fence.Sharp tight spaced barbs are fixed in spacing;Heavy Zinc coating greatly extend the life of a barbed wire fencing even under foul weather;Reverse twist design delivers maximum strength against breakage and provide tough pressureresistance and also make it easy straight while drawn on fencing. .P romotion-2010Hinge Joint Field Fence are designed specifically for wildlife protection. it is a kindof woven mesh fencing which is produced with high tensile strength hot-dippedgalvanized steel wire. The weaving process makes the fabrics more flexible anduniversally without perforating or expanding operations. It can be easily fabricatedinto different shapes and designs, the opening can be square ,rectangular or spacing.Field Fence is effectiveness as a visual barrier for the animals, at the same time, itstoughness and flexibility against animals fierce crashing, it is an ideal fencing materialfor grasslands husbandry and stock farm. 6"
  9. 9. Welded wire mesh service as guards in buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and iron wire mesh fences in agriculture; Welded Iron wire mesh also service in horticulture industry as guards for trees and plants. Wire Dia Opening Size Mesh Size 2.3mm 25mmx25mm 2.0mx1.2m 3.5mm 50mmx50mm 2.0mx1.2m 3.5mm 50mmx50mm 3.0mx1.2m 3.5mm 75mmx50mm 2.025mx1.2m 3.5mm 75mmx50mm 3mx1.2m 3.5mm 100mmx100mm 2x1.2m Also Available: 1) Temporary fence panels infilled with welded mesh or chain wire mesh. 2) Welded Wire Fence Panel : Suitable product for constructing animal cages, enclosure works, fabricating of wire containers and baskets, grills, partitions, machine protection fences, gratings and other construction applications. Opening Size Roll Size Wire Dia LengthxWidth LengthxWidth ga mm inch inch ft inch 2.50 2.00 4.00 100.00 55.00 2.50 4.00 4.00 100.00 55.00 2.50 6.00 6.00 100.00 55.00 2.50 2.00 4.00 100.00 47.00 12.5ga 2.50 4.00 4.00 100.00 47.00 2.50 6.00 6.00 100.00 47.00 2.50 2.00 4.00 100.00 39.00 2.50 4.00 4.00 100.00 39.00 2.50 6.00 6.00 100.00 39.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 100.00 55.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 100.00 55.00 2.00 6.00 6.00 100.00 55.00 14ga 2.00 2.00 4.00 100.00 47.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 100.00 47.00 2.00 6.00 6.00 100.00 47.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 100.00 39.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 100.00 39.00 2.00 6.00 6.00 100.00 39.00We carry any gates made of pipe or mesh ,Should you have any needs of steel gates, Please contact us furtherdiscussing. Mesh infill gate Mesh N stay gate Pipe gateO ur Wire fence ;Your Wise choice !
  10. 10. A comprehensive range of galvanized or black steel tie wires are available to suit all needs of tying barbed wire, wire netting,chain wire, hinged joint etc to strainer wire, trellis wire or garden wire.Wire materials for straight cut wire can be bright ironwire, annealed wire,electric galvanized wire,PVC coated iron wire or painted iron wire.Our fence wires are produced using top quality feed wire and packaged to custom requirements from handypacking to large coils of 800kg per coil. Hot Dipped Galvanized Standard Galv:50-75g/m2 Heavy Galv:260-290g/m2 Tensile Strength Medium Tensile:750-1000Mpa High Tensile:1000-14000Mpa Wire Dia and Tensile Strength and Galvanizing Coil Length4.00mm standard galvanized soft 50m3.15mm standard galvanized soft 750m2.50mm standard galvanized medium tensile 1500m2.50mm heavy galvanized medium tensile 1500m2.50mm standard galvanized high tensile 1500m2.50mm heavy galvanized high tensile 1500mHandy fence coils3.00mm standard galvanized soft 250m2.50mm standard galvanized medium tensile 300m Wire Dia Break Strength(lbs) Tensile Strength (Gauge) (Inches) Soft High Tensile Soft High Tensile 9 0.148 860 2925 70000 170000 10 0.135 787 2433 70000 170000 11 0.121 690 1935 70000 170000 12 0.106 529 1500 70000 170000 12.5 0.099 462 1309 70000 170000 13 0.092 399 1130 70000 170000 14 0.08 352 903 70000 170000>
  11. 11. Agricultural Hoop HouseWe carry components for agricultural hoop houses and greenhouse with your customized designs, and welcomeany of your interested inquiries on the items listed as below, or if you have any other needs that you would like usto make.We hope to provide one-stop source for all aspects of Hoop House or Greenhouse construction and use. Standard Materials We Supply Hoop House Platforms (SCH40) Hoop Tubings 33mmx1.5mm(2.0mm) T-BarAnchor 8ft 7ft 6ft 5ft 32 30 28 24 16 14 12 8 24"
  12. 12. Steel Anchor Platforms The hoop houses are generally made of low cost temporary steel structures with which for low maintenance, and rust free. Our steel anchor platforms are made of galvanized steel tubes with "horns" on top that insert into the hoop tubing; The top “U” is fully welded into the post with extra Zn-tek coating around the welding parts which comes out with ultra high strength and corrosion-proof. Hoop TubingsWe provide a variety of corrosion-resistant tubing and pipingfor hoop usage, which we produce to your specifications onbending or curving for the steel structure of your hoop houseor greenhouse.Our standard tubes for greenhouse are:33mmx1.5mm or33mmx2.0mm;and popular lengths are:12ft/16f/18ft/24ft/28ft/30ft/32ftOur custom-bulit unparalleled Zn-tek coated tubes are idealfor any agricultural business.Whether you need standard tubing and pipes, or your companyneeds custom specifications, contact us today further discussing. What we offer Helps the Growth!