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Keynote, The Networked Grid 2010

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Linda Jackman - Oracle

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> The Networked Grid Software and Applications Keynote
  2. 2. The Smart Grid and Revolutionary Change •  There is no “smart grid in-a-box” •  Changes the way utilities operate their business –  Real time management of the Distribution Network –  Real time management of Metering and Measurement –  Real time management of Customers •  Utilities need to think about their application portfolio in a different way… operational applications need to become enterprise applications
  3. 3. Digital Information •  Est. 700% increase in data •  What to keep, what to discard •  Where is it required across the organization •  Interoperability of applications to avoid data duplication •  Overarching authority for key systems Source: EPRI - IntelliGrid 3
  4. 4. Standards •  Can we afford to wait •  Consider base principles and move forward –  Open architecture –  Interoperability •  Understand the enterprise value of data •  Drive a enterprise architecture based on CIM Oracle Confidential
  5. 5. Innovations – Emerging applications MICROGRID •  Monitor substation load •  Monitor DER assets •  Issue dispatch commands •  Monitor and Track Responses •  Store and Analyze data Oracle Confidential
  6. 6. Innovations – Emerging applications EV SUPERVISORY SYSTEM •  Monitoring Vehicle and Battery Information •  Control the Supply of Electricity •  Control the Supply of Electricity •  Real time pricing & Load Information Oracle Confidential
  7. 7. Innovations – Emerging applications SPATIAL ANALYTICS •  Rich land base with Oracle Spatial MapViewer •  Spatial mashup of utility assets (Wires/Pipes: Switches/Breakers/Valves: Transformers/Pumps) •  Add Event Status and other events (Outages, Calls, weather, lightning, traffic, asset performance and risk management)
  8. 8. Rethinking today’s applications MOBILE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Boundary-less scheduling to allow for crew optimization Dynamic real time scheduling to get more done with same resources Adoption of feature rich and lower cost technologies Leak. Spa rk .
  9. 9. Governance must be resolved… •  Smart Grid is bringing IT IT Operational Technology (OT) and OT closer together CIO who owns this? •  Smart Grid establishes a Enterprise Enterprise Vertical Centralized Distributed 3rd silo within the utility - CT   resource   Geographic   Supervisory   Programmable info system control and Logic Controllers planning (GIS) data •  Smart Grid systems   (ERP) Human   Outage acquisition (SCADA)   (PLC) Advanced increasingly use modern IT resources management (OMS)   Energy mgmt. Protection Relays platforms, security, and Enterprise system   (EMS)   Substation asset Integration protocols management (EAM)   Automatic generation   Sensors: e.g. PQ Monitors and control •  The lack of a successful IT/   Customer information (AGC)   Fault Indicators Telecoms OT governance impedes (CIS)   Distribution   Energy Asset Analysis   Meters (DAA) performance trading & risk management   Customer Gateways (ETRM) •  Impact on security and compliance Corporate IT network Control network(s) Source: Gartner 9
  10. 10. Oracle Confidential