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Tissue Culture Project Presentation


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Operationalisation of Tissue Culture Lab.& Farm by Greentech Agri-Sector Pvt.Ltd.

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Tissue Culture Project Presentation

  1. 1. Operationalization of Tissue Culture Lab and Farm at Chauntra and Commercial production of Economic plants through PublicPrivate Partnership between DRDA Mandi,CSIR-IHBT Palampur and GreenTech Agri-Sector Pvt. Ltd. Nerchowk, Mandi, Himanchal Pradesh Rajender Thakur Managing Director GreenTech Agri-Sector Pvt.Ltd,NH-21,Lunapani,Mandi,(HP)-175008 Website:, Phone No.+911905-242201,Mobile No.+9198160-80580
  2. 2. A. No. Country Area Hec. Yield Metric Production 1000 tons/hectare 1000 Metric tons 1. New 12 43 527 Zealand 2. Italy 60 33.9 2052 3. Chile 36 30.1 1083 4. France 78 29.8 2323 5. United 162 24.9 4021 States 6. China 2047 9.9 20286 7. India 247 5.5 1367
  3. 3. Apple Rejuvenation ProjectTo replace old and senile plantations with new high-yielding varieties a project worthRs 85-crore is implemented by Dept. of Hort. From 2011 for five yearsTo avoid mono-culturing of commercial varieties without pollinating varieties andincrease sustainability Horticulture Department has made it mandatory to plant at least 33per cent pollinators in every orchardThere is a target to cover 5,000 ha area under this project in five years for benefitingabout 10,000 growersOld orchards had 250-300 plants/ ha whereas under the rejuvenation project high-densityplantations with a density of 700-800 plants/ ha would be raisedOut of the total 96,000 ha under apple in the state, 13 per cent required rejuvenation12,700 ha of old orchards planted before 1965 and the maximum senile orchards, spreadover 6,325 ha in district Shimla of which 2,500 ha have been covered under the project andin district Kullu out of 3,212 ha of aged plantations 1,250 ha will be rejuvenated
  4. 4. Contd.. To opt this technology there should not be clean felling of old orchards upto the establishment of new plants For rejuvenation of these orchards highly productive semi-dwarf spurs varieties grafted on new rootstocks , which required much less space, can be inter-planted in the existing orchards Good plants can be retained and extend their productive life through grafting A number of self-pollinating varieties which also have commercial value like top red, gale gala, fuji and Vance gracious etc. can be planted Such a huge demand can be fulfilled in targeted period only through tissue cultured plants
  5. 5. Demand for Tissue Culture raised plants is growing rapidly in the state asfarmers are aware about the quality of planting material.Although planting material is produced under different Govt. schemessuch as RKVY & NVIUVC, in agricultural Department and HMNEH(HTM) & RKVY in horticulture DepartmentTo achieve the huge demand of planting material for farmers, Govt.schemes like Apple Rejuvenation Project, ATMA, JICA Various ruraldevelopment agencies such as DRDA, DDP, HPMHWP, etc, who purchaseTissue Culture raised plantsForest department also purchase endangered medicinal plants, highquality bamboo and chandan plants for its scheme of Jan Jan Sanjivani /Sanja Van Sanjivani yojna.
  6. 6. Latest lab technology developed by various state level and national level institutionslike IHBT, CSK HPKV Palampur, Dr.YS Parmar University of Horticulture andForestry, Nauni Solan, IARI and ICAR Institute on micro propagation of economicplants, commercial crop production and post harvest management shall be adoptedand implemented in the projectThe plants produced through this technology will be provided to farmers atreasonable ratesOn farm demonstrations in colaboration with DRDA at their farms in Dist. Mandiwill be layedTraining programmes will be conducted for cultivation, postharvest managementand marketing
  7. 7. Plan of action S. No. Month Activity Remarks 1. Jan. 2012 Signing of lease agreement with DRDA DRDA & Green Tech Joint committee of 2. Jan. 2012 Appointment of manpower DRDA, IHBT & Green Tech 3. Jan. 2012 Submission of budget proposal Green Tech 4. Jan. 2012 Functioning of Lab by Green tech Green Tech 5. Jan. 2012 Opening of separate bank account Green Tech 6. Jan. 2012 Starting of Krishi Samridhi a farmer magazine Green Tech 7. Feb. 2012 Agreement for transfer of technology Green Tech & IHBT 8. Feb. 2012 Selection of mother stock for commercial production Green Tech & IHBT 9. Feb. 2012 Cutting of trees DRDA 10. Feb. 2012 Submission of proposal to DRDA Mandi for the creation Green Tech of necessary infrastructure 11. Feb. 2012 Procumbent of seed, planting material for flower nursery Green Tech 12. Feb. 2012 Proposal of bank loan Green Tech 13. Feb. 2012 Establishment of office related infrastructure Green Tech
  8. 8. Contd.. 14. Feb. 2012 Installation of water purification and firefighting system DRDA 15. Feb. 2012 Setup of sale out let cum watch man hut DRDA 16. March 2012 Starting of sale center for Agri-Horti forestry inputs Green Tech 17. March 2012 Creation of water storage facility DRDA 18. March 2012 Installation of mist propagation chamber DRDA 19. March 2012 Installation of automatic irrigation system DRDA 20. March 2012 Installation of cold store DRDA 21. March 2012 Generator set DRDA 22. April 2012 Functioning of conference cum training hall. DRDA 23. April 2012 Inauguration of Tissue Culture lab and farm DRDA, Green Tech & IHBT 24. June 2012 Establishment of scientist cum working staff hostel DRDA 25. July 2012 Contract farming for hardening of plants Green Tech 26. Sep. 2012 Demonstration and training to SHGS on commercial crops Green Tech 27. Oct. 2012 Tie up with national & international agencies for of technology Green Tech 28 Nov.2012 Training of farmer and extension worker Green Tech & DRDA
  9. 9. S. No. Name Designation Qualification Experience 1. Sh. Rajender C.E.O. M.Sc. Agri. Prop. Cum MD, Green Tech Agri. Sector Pvt. Thakur Ltd. Ner-chowk Distt. Mandi (H.P) 2. Sh. D.S. Manager TCL & B.Sc. (Agri.) Ex-Project Officer NCUI New Delhi (10 year) Verma Farm Horti. Farm manager in Green Tech 3. Priyanka Sood Scientist Ph.D. Biotech. Senior Research Fellow in the CSIR – IHBT (Trainee) Palampur (3 years) 4. Kalpana Lab Technician M.Sc. Biotech. Practical experience in Plant Tissue Culture Thakur (Trainee) Technique 5. Vandna Operator B.Sc. (Non Med.) 20 days Tissue Culture training at IHBT Thakur (Trainee) Palampur through Green (2011) 6. Roshani Devi Lab cum office 10+2 -Do- helper 7. Diwan C. Office Incharge B.Sc. (N.M), & Working as a Office Incharge in Green Tech Agri. Bhardwaj DCA Sector Pvt. Ltd. 8. Ranjeet Singh Trained hort. 10+2 & diploma Self employed in gardening gardener in gardening 9. Surjeet Singh Security Guard 10th DRDA (10 years) 10. Bhim Singh Nursery 10th DRDA (10 years) experience of nursery growing supervisor and flower cultivation. 11. Gajropa Office Attendant 10th DRDA (10 years) cum cleaner
  10. 10. Funds request DRDA for creating basic infrastructure Mist propagation chamber -10 lac Working staff hostel -15 lac Cold store facility -10 lac Sale counter -03 lac Electricity generator unit -05 lac Water purification unit -02 lac Fire fighting equipments -02 lac Training cum conference hall-03 lac Total-50 lacs  GreenTech for operational expenses  Soft loan from DRDA Mandi -25lac  Loa with CC limit from PNB-100 lac  NHB, DBT, HMNEH and state government agencies for their on going projects-to be proposed  Total-125 lacs
  11. 11. Objectives Past objectives of DRDA Project: Multiplication of high value planting material of medicinal plants, aromatic plants, flowers and orchids. Training of local people in their cultivation and harvesting. Organization of SHGs of local farmers for cultivation, harvesting and marketing of produce. Cultivation of alternate high value crops. Creating basic infrastructure. Processing of selective plants for value addition. Marketing of primary as well as processed products Cumulative objectives of GreenTech: Mass propagation of quality flowers, potato, medicinal and fruit plants of commercial importance by adopting latest tissue culture techniques for enhancing production, productivity and availability. To create wealth for farming community by providing quality planting material and related inputs along with latest cultivation techniques for commercial crop production, post harvest management and marketing to end users. To link public schemes related with agriculture, horticulture, forestry, watershed and rural development by providing technical knowhow and consultancy services to farmer groups and government agencies at their doorsteps
  12. 12. Present & Future strategies Present Status Lab & Farm area-4000sqm Tissue cultured plants production capacity-1.25 million plants/annum Greenhouses-1000sqm Nethouse-800sqm Mother plants maintained-4500 Boundary wall under construction Proposal for removal of Safeda plants under consideration. Sale outlet cum watchman hut under consideration.  Future Plan  Installation of mist propagation chamber.  Installation of cold store facility  Creation of water storage and automatic irrigation system.  Creation of residential facility for working staff.  Installation of electricity generator, water purification and fire fighting systems  Farms for demonstration and secondary hardening of tissue cultured plants.  Tie up with MNCs for cultivation, post harvest management and marketing to
  13. 13. Plan of action This Project is under PPP mode between DRDA Mandi (will create necessary infrastructure), CSIR-IHBT and other national level institutes ( will provide technology) and Green Tech (will manage operational and management issues of tissue culture lab and farms After signing lease agreement with DRDA Mandi, Greentech will adopt the best available technologies in the world for micro propagation of flowers, potato, medicinal and fruit plants in the world Mist propagation chamber, water storage and automatic irrigation system, electricity generation and water purification unit and fire fighting unit will be installed by DRDA at Tissue culture lab and farm Chauntra Residential facility for working staff and sale cum watchmen hut will be created by DRDA Mandi In the first year Apple rootstock and Potato tubers will be produced through micropropagation, In the second year carnation, lilium, chrysanthemum, pomegranate, kiwi will be started In third year onward new introduction of blueberries, blackberries, seabuckthorn, yam and avocado will be done along with propagation of endangered medicinal plants to explore new market potential.
  14. 14. Chronology of Tissue Culture lab and Farm development :
  15. 15. About DRDA MandiDRDA Mandi implement and monitor all rural development programmes to provide guaranteedwage employment to the needy persons in rural areas, who are willing to do unskilled manual workIn 2002 Government of India has approved a Project entitled, “Rural Development throughDiversification in Agriculture” under SGSY (Special Projects) Component with total budget of Rs.1385.32 lacsThis project included subsidy of Rs.1204.00 lacs, and Rs. 181.32 lacs as loan component out of which,an expenditure of Rs. 873.30 lacs has been incurred up to March, 2011Under ‘Cultivation of Medicinal plants, Aromatic plants, Flowers and Orchids components of thisproject, 10 Poly houses cum demonstration farm were established in different location of DistrictMandi along with one tissue culture laboratory at Chauntra with technical support of CSIR-IHBTThe tissue culture laboratory was inaugurated by the Hon’able PWD and Revenue Minister ThakurGulab Singh on dated 8th Jan. 2003The objective of this lab is to propagate disease free high quality planting material through tissueCulture technique and make them available to the farmers of adjoining areas and state for thepopularization of high value commercial crops such as flowers & orchids, medicinal and aromaticplants, for better return in the competitive market and thus to raise their socio-economic status
  16. 16. About IHBT PalampurThe institute of Himalayan Bio-resources Technology is situated at Palampur, Dist.KangraIts mandate is to provide R&D services in this region leading to value added plants,products and processes for social, industrial and environmental benefits and hasimpeccable record of setting up such tissue culture labs for other state departments ofHimachal/ Haryana and training of the personnel there offs
  17. 17. The Government is focusing on crop diversification bysifting from traditional to high value commercial croppingsystem such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, medicinal &aromatic plants along with adoption of new technologieslike a tissue culture to increase the production,productivity and qualityThe present Government of Himachal Pradesh hasmade tremendous efforts in making farming morelucrative for employment generation with public privatesector partnershipOn the basis of this objective DRDA Mandi started aproject on agriculture diversification & started TissueCulture Lab facility at Chauntra in colaboration withIHBT Palampur, a CSIR organization for technologytransfer and agri-professional private concern M/S Greentech Agri. Sector Pvt. Ltd.
  18. 18. About Green Tech Agri. Sector Pvt. LtdAgri-professional private limited company established in March 2009Situated at Lunapani on NH-21, Balh valley, Dist. Mandi, Himachal PradeshDeal with greenhouses, irrigation, biotechnology and consultancy.It has three divisions- Greenhouse & Irrigation, Biotechnology & Agri- inputs, andTechnology transfer ( Krishi Samridhi) & consultancyGreenhouse & Irrigation- Ner chowk, Dist. Mandi, Himachal PradeshBiotechnology & Agri- inputs- Chauntra near Joginder Nagar, Dist. Mandi, Himachal PradeshTechnology transfer ( Krishi Samridhi) & consultancy- Ner chowk, Dist. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
  19. 19. Backward linkages DRDA Mandi  GreenTech Mandi Introduction of new crops of flowers,  Introduce high quality planting material aromatic & medicinal plants of flowers,fruits and medicinal plants. To provide training, inputs and planting  To provide complete package of inputs material along with technical knowhow. To develop greenhouse facilities and  To provide trainings to farmer groups on related infrastructure at the farmers cultivation,post harvest management and level marketing of produce.
  20. 20. Forward Linkages DRDA Mandi  GreenTech Mandi Creation of cold store  Collaboration with national and Creation of transportation facilities like international retail companies for refrigerated vans cultivation, postharvest management and Collection cum processing centre marketing  Introduction of exotic crop like To identify new markets for the sale of produce blueberries, black berries, yams and avocado To link with various central sponsored  To provide advance trainings to agri- schemes professionals and farmers.