Rules of Procedure 2


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Rules of Procedure in session 8

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Rules of Procedure 2

  1. 1. Security Council Rules of Procedure to be continued...
  2. 2. Quorum Roll Call substantive Adopting the voting Agenda Opening no points Speeches Informal Debate Formal Debate Caucus ppp’s ppp’s no points po (to move back to po formal, requires consenus) pc pc
  3. 3. Points Point of Personal Privilege Point of Clarification Point of Order
  4. 4. Motions Over-rule the Chair Suspend the Meeting Adjourn the Meeting Closing the Debate
  5. 5. Motions Voting VOTING IS SACRED!
  6. 6. Voting: 9 to pass Procedural - yes or no Substantive - yes or no or abstain
  7. 7. Motions Expel an observer Declaring member party to the conflict
  8. 8. DOUBLE VETO When a delegation wants to make a procedural vote into a substantive vote in order to VETO it
  9. 9. - Expel an observer - Declaring member = procedural voting party to the conflict --> make it substantive
  10. 10. Raise motion e.g expel and observer any points pertaining? Raise a motion to challenge Is this vote a the nature of the vote procedural (substantive) vote? 1 YES Abstain NO (VETO) YES Vote on expelling 2 observer NO (VETO) --> FAILS (substantive) Abstain
  11. 11. Resolution Written working paper Draft Resolution Reaches the Chair
  12. 12. Chair announces they received a draft resolution (formal debate) read it out twice Open floor for amendments for a period of ....
  13. 13. Amendments? When you want to: modify/delete/add something to the resolution modify= changing something in the clause delete= taking off the whole clause add= adding a new clause
  14. 14. Format From: la la land Type: modify Clause: 4 Line: 76 Clause before: Allocates NATO funds to be given to the CCDCOE as a step to maintain security in the region; Clause after: Allocates NATO funds to be given to the CCDCOE as a step to maintain security and peace in the region;
  15. 15. Continue Formal Debate Time elapses: NO amendments allowed to be taken!
  16. 16. Motions 1- Close Debate: voting on amendments, then draft resolution(s) and closing the topic. 2- Vote on Draft Resolution: voting on the amendments, then draft resolution(s) and returning to the topic. 3- Vote on amendments: only voting on the amendments, return to topic.
  18. 18. Motion to close VOTE: debate procedurally Amendments read out: most destructive- least destructive NO Friendly Sponsors asked for objections? YES Unfriendly VOTE: substantive YES Abstain NO
  19. 19. Voting on Draft Resolution Motions: 1- Vote by Roll Call: automatically adopted 2- Vote Clause by Clause: vote on each clause seperately (DO NOT DO BOTH TOGETHER!)
  20. 20. Voting on Draft Resolution 3- Add name to sponsors list: “Sponsors, are there any objections?” 4- Remove name from sponsors list: if less than 5, need to add name, if you don’t want the resolution to be dropped..
  21. 21. Voting on Draft Resolution - Vote on draft resolution depending on the motions passed - 9 votes to pass: substantively - If draft resolution passes- becomes RESOLUTION!
  22. 22. Receive D.Resolution and read Amendments written and given Close Vote on Vote on motions Debate resolution amendments Amendments read and voted upon: sponsors Roll Call Add name motions Vote on Clause by resolution Remove name Clause
  23. 23. Debate is closed..